Welcome to our portal for community and creativity surrounding the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada, with an interest in the far-flung year-round events that keep our flames lit all year long. We are a volunteer-run collective of West Coast Burners and are not affiliated with the official Burning Man organization, which can be found at This site is presented for educational purposes and we hope that you enjoy the words, music, videos, advice, perspective and enthusiasm we share with the rest of the world through this "Virtual Theme Camp"! Top photo by Neil Girling.

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Home of over 145 FREE dBMcasts from resident DJs Playaduster, Edubious and Kaya Rainface and special guests galore. Discover the realms of Bass Chakra Therapy, Whomp Massive, DreamDome, Kung Fu Jedi and more creative bass genre explorations.
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Our ongoing record on the latest and greatest in Burning Man news, views, art, music, viral videos, gossip, innuendo and survival tips. The dBMblog also charts our various voyages to Black Rock City over the years and shares what we've learned and experienced.
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A Wild West round-up. The cutting edge of participatory art. A psychedelic gathering of extraterrestrials, dissident poets, nudists, healers and modern primitives. A post-apocalyptic BBQ in the far reaches of the Nevada desert. Burning Man is all of this and more. So very much more.
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Playa Portraits Project

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Over six Burns, I have brought a collection of old picture frames to the playa and shot portraits of all you beautiful Burners…..

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