Sacred Bass Sessions + tea = LOVE


Reposting this from our friends over at Sacred Bass Sessions:

The Sacred Bass Sessions crew is thrilled to be partnering with the
SynchroniciTEA House to help facilitate some informal ambient/downtempo sets at Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival! We've got some of our favorite producers and bass wizards dropping in to conjure up some vibes ~ these sessions will be spontaneous and the musicians are encouraged to jam with the mood of the teahouse, getting as experimental / chill / weird as they want to (you can catch their more "traditional sets" on stages throughout the weekend)!

If you've attended a Sacred Bass Session before, you likely enjoyed some delicious tea and loving, grounding vibes at the SynchroniciTEA House ~ they're excited to be a part of Cascadia for the second year in a row, offering a communiTEA space for relaxation and inspiration, daily yoga and playshop offerings, lighting design by Acorn Productions and most importantly, FREE TEA FOR THE PEOPLE!

This 3-minute video tells the story of the SynchroniciTEA House, from Burning Man to SBS to Photosynthesis, and hopefully will inspire you to make a tithing towards their efforts of serving enlightened infusions for festival-goers at gatherings around the NW this summer: http://www.gofundme.com/synchronicitea

Here's a new mix from DJ Playaduster + Kaya Rainfall of
Destination Burning Man created for SynchroniciTEA House, featuring exquisite sacred bass music from Subaqueous, Erothyme, GUDA, The Polish Ambassador, BioLumigen, Soulacybin, David Starfire, Goopsteppa, Beatfarmer & ancient oolong codes from teamasters around the planet (free download) :

Hope to see you at Cascadia!