SynchroniciTEA House : enchanted elixirs for the masses

Get Found is a collective of friends with roots in the Pacific Northwest that stretch down the West Coast: Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia, Portland, Sebastopol and San Francisco. We came together at Burning Man 2009 through a series of serendipitous events and have spent every summer since sharing in adventures, creative work and community building. In 2011, we came together 30-strong to create the SynchroniciTEA House at Burning Man, a respite from the desert sun that offered loungey vibes, music and performance, a place to recharge and connect over endless flowing infusions and elixirs. Our special love is for oolong tea, and we have a supplier in Taiwan who sends us the most choice leaf available; we also serve pu’ers, herbal blends and more.  


After the successful Burning Man experiment, the teahouse was reconfigured to be mobile and began making appearances at gatherings like Sacred Bass Sessions in Bellingham, Pranaforce Yoga’s “Dream it Real” events in Seattle and the 2014 Photosynthesis Festival. Through our experiences, we have learned that it is rewarding to show up and be in service to the community.

As we look forward to Summer 2015, we want to take the SynchroniciTEA House to the next level for the people ~ we have plans for a bigger, bolder teahouse structure, space and amplification for playshops and performances, daily yoga and healing arts offerings and even more exquisite tea sourced from around the planet, with even more potent high frequency infusions.

SynchroniciTEA House is more than just a teahouse: it is a hub of creative community, engagement and exploration. It is a vessel that facilitates Get Found’s desire to contribute to the emerging transformational festival culture and serve others. Each cup of tea is infused with love consciousness and a seed of the high frequency shifts needed to support new ways of sustainable living on the planet.

We have never asked for money for our tea service over the years ~ all are welcomed in, all are given a seat and a steamy cup of tea.  Our patrons leave with the magic warmth of tea in their hearts and a sense of belonging to something greater. This year, we have sketched out a dream budget of $4000 to fund our next-level vision.

Will you help us help the well-being of our community by making a donation, however large or small, to the SynchroniciTEA House today?


Help fund a movement that is much greater than all of us, a movement that is rising from the ground up, like steam off a hot cup of Oolong, unstoppable. May we see you at our table this summer, and may we soon share a cup of tea!