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Podcast Cafe open for bidness!

Join DJ Playaduster's alter egos DJ Fundi & DJ Christafari at the new home of the Podcast Cafe, now featuring three different podcast channels with three different flavors for your listening pleasure: the Podcast Cafe, the Live Archive and Radio Free Fundi. The website just launched, and it'd be in your best interest to go have a look around and subscribe to all three streams of free-flowing intergalactic musical mixes:

(If you want a shortcut to subscribing to the Podcast Cafe via iTunes,
click right here.)

See you at the cafe!
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Burning Man 2007 : Film is Truth

Scene from "Center Camp Circumbulation" * photo by moontroll

Burning Man 2007 movies now showing at the dBM Films page!

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get disoriented

New podcast from DJ Playaduster, wildcrafted from audio field recordings taken live from Black Rock City 2007, available for download or stream over at the Podcast page!click for more…

Bassnectar in Bellingham, Nov. 17

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Hekter's 2007 Green Man report

In an attempt to catch a bit of the cosmic whirlwind and bottle it up like a dusty tincture, Hekter has produced a lengthy stream-of-consciousness report from his experience at Burning Man 2007...
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Best Burning Video of 2007

new post-playa podcast posted!

DJ Edubious has posted a new mix over on the podcast page -- it is the first musical response to what went down on the playa this summer, and it complete the groove trilogy Edubious started with Light It Up and furthered with Burn It Down. Listen carefully for the drifting observations of Hekter and Moontroll recorded from deep within their Burning experiences....dig it!


My written words rarely matches my spoken in enthusiasm and color, but in this case one word sums up my journey to Middle Earth: "magic". A place where reality meets a twisted fate of truth, space, and freedom. My soul and inner child had no idea how much magic I was missing in my life...click for more…

Saturday Sunrise at the Temple

Moontroll's second movie, built from video footage, photos and audio field recordings gathered on-playa at Burning Man 2007, is complete and ready for your eyeballs!

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Hey Broke Dudes!

Hello hello...here I am at my day job, going through the robotic motions, while my thoughts drift elsewhere.  The whole desert affair has tunneled its way into the lobe, and there it is.  I can't stop thinking about it!  click for more…


Life's been a whirlwind for the Three Broke Dudes upon returning to the Default World. There was barely time to process our experiences in the desert before we got swooped up by the flow of our routines...

This blog is gonna be pretty quiet through the winter. This whole website is due for an overhaul to reflect the fact that we did indeed make it to Burning Man this year, along with Bellingham's kick-ass Boogie Universal crew and the ill-fated Boogie Pyramid. Did I mention that it collapsed in the first giant dust storm on Thursday? Turned out to be but a simple wrinkle in our plans: we rolled up the wreckage, set it to the side, dug some sand out of our ear holes and partied on. Took the Boogie out underneath the stars, and we're probably all the better for it.

Did I mention that the Three Broke Dudes became the Four? So many tales to tell...

While there might not be moment to moment updates and reports as during the months and weeks leading up to the Burn, we are working with the raw materials that we collected on the playa -- photos, audio field recordings, video, stories, sand, soulsauce reductions -- and plan on sharing what we craft with our friends, fellow Boogiers and Burners and random wanderers to this here website. In other words, Edubious, moontroll and Hekter will be writing stories, making movies and slideshows, mixing podcasts and the like over the dark nights of winter and posting them here and there across the digital spectrum at destinationburningman.com. This blog will make note as to when something is new, and tell you where to find it too (right now, there is a short docudrama film that moontroll made to give respects to the dust storms and double rainbow being hosted on
YouTube right here; he's hard at work on another film following the rise and fall of the Boogie Pyramid and Edubious is halfway done mixing up his musical response to his first Burn in podcast form...stay tuned.)

We also invite you to share your creations, memories and tall tales from the Green Man on this website. Contact us at [email protected] with your ideas, links to your Burning stuff, hallucinations, music mixes, whatever...

Stay in touch!

dust storms & rainbows

moontroll's short film celebrating the extreme weather events of Burning Man 2007 now showing!

This is the movie I made from scraps of film footage and fotos and playa field recordings from the Green Man. I just got a new video editing program and this was my first time playing around with it. Right now it is being hosted at YouTube, though I plan on posting a higher resolution version over on the Films section of this site soon -- it is much more impressive and enjoyable to watch it at full screen with decent res & sound.

If you like it, please share your feedback in the dBm comments feed.


Back Home

sweet photo by Ramona Mayhem

The Three Broke Dudes have each made it safely back from Burning Man!

As you might have noticed, we haven't updated the dBM blog much since getting back -- I've received a number of emails from readers following the journey asking, "Well, Three Broke Dudes, how did it go?!? What happened with the Boogie Pyramid? Did you see the Man burn early?" etc. etc.

Well, it has been a rough transition for each of us fitting back in to our lives here at home. We're still processing the experience & trying to integrate some of the lessons in to our day-to-day. So, be patient. The storytelling will come. But we're gonna need some time....

Moontroll's Return

Great to see everybody announcing their returns back home -- all safe & sound, if not whacked out, dusty and scrambling for a foothold in this default world...

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Hekter's Return

Hey der Boogiers..

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Edubious' Return

What's up Brothers and Sisters!

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Going, going....

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Imminent Intersections

I am superstoked to find out my long-lost soulbrother Eric "Hendy" Henderson of Driggs, Idaho fame is making his virgin voyage to the playa this year! Eric was one of my closet friends in Jackson Hole -- we met the first week I moved there at a potluck on Saddle Butte and were housemates out in lovely Kelly during the summer of '07 -- but we lost the commuication connection over the past few years and I was wondering when I'd ever catch up with him again. With Burning Man juju rolling thick and juicy in the planetary atmosphere, it is no surprise that I received a spontaneous email from him last week and the good word that he is bound for Black Rock City in a matter of days. Damn, I can't wait to roll with you H! See you soon--and get ready for the ride of your life!

I just now got a voicemail from Torsten, and though it was cryptic -- "I'm at Rim. I'm going in. OH MY GOD IT'S FULL OF STARS!" was all he said -- I believe the call was made just before he lost cell reception as he rolled on to the playa outside of Gerlach, Nevada...(here he is in full glory in '04)--

Torsten, Edub and I haven't hung out together since maybe 2001 or 2002, as seen in this photo from the archives. All of that will change in a few days....

And here's a photo from 2003 of the Jackson Hole man-crew, featuring the soon-to-be playa-reunited Torsten (middle), Scotty/Hekter (far right) and me/moontroll/DJ Playaduster (singing)--wish Andy & Ben were onboard the Black Rock City Express too--

I'm also giddy to get my dirty hands on Troy -- 40 spankings on his 40th birthday next Monday night in the Boogie Pyramid!-- he's traveling all the way from Thailand to be a part of the glorious madness. Here we are in Bellingham a few years back when we first met after he won a Tom Robbins contest at the newspaper I was editing --

But will there be also be a sighting of The Maestro and his magikal selection of bikes? Only the playa knows....

Travelers. Gatherings. Family. Playa. Magic!

Safety Third : A Public Service Announcement

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I'm screwed

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So the Boogie Universal crew was unanimous in our resolve to keep plugging away on the Boogie Pyramid project and get it in shape so it is a worthy addition to Black Rock City. We're gonna be on the Esplanade and 9:00, and we want to be proud of our contribution. The first erection of the Pyramid revealed several structural flaws, which Erik, Chad, Robin and I got to fixin' last night in a work party that went until dark. We added some "bonus cables, restrung a few seams, incorporated more stakes to pull out the bottom and other nips and tucks, and finally got to raise it half-way to see how it looked in Version 2.0. It was promising, and I feel less anxiety regarding the status of our dream project.

We've got two more work parties scheduled and hope lots of fellow campers will be there to further the makeover work.

I think it is going to work out excellently, just like Erik predicted.

Playa update from Torsten

"I'm out of here in a couple days for the dusty of dusties..."

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Nappy Dugout

The Boogie Pyramid has some issues with the sag....click for more…

Edub speaks : 9 days til departure

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"Burning Book"

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Hekter's back in---

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First Erection : Massive Mast

So, the erection of the mast was a smashing success today...

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Universal Freek Delight & Pyramid Parties

Here's the rough outline of entertainment and general freekiness/geekiness scheduled for the Boogie Pyramid -- come check out the Boogie Universal vibe at 9:00 & Espanade!

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Burning Boogie Rising : Update (32 days, 1 hour, 1 minute & 17 seconds until the Burn)

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Edub built some cool furniture...

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Boogie Pyramid Fundraiser July 27

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Leavenworth Lids in effect

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Boogie on the Esplanade?

I hope you're sitting down, 'cause I got some HUGE news!!!!!!!!!!!click for more…

Black Rock City street names

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Boogie Pyramid work party #1

We've got the first wave of our materials for building the Pyramid!

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Glowtus Lounge

All right kids... our visions are solidifying right in front of our eyes.  I've been battering my brain about trying to figure out how to create the pedal powered lotus lounge art bike (you know, this year is all about keeping it green) and look at what craigslist delivered to my cyberstep...

...a golden ray of light, with wheels, steering wheel and the best part - there is a trailer that attaches to the mothership with room for two more pedalers..... hee hhe he eh....can you see it now...smell the scorched playa wind....crunchy grit in the molars..... pedaling around BRC with DJ Playaduster and Edubious flowing out of the elevated sound fort and flabbergasting the masses.  This is beautiful!   The frame for the glotus lounge (glowing cause it will be black light powered my friends) has already been built for us... all we have to do is "accessorize" the unit.

This is where all you cyberfriends enter.... you know your parents/kids/grandparents/friends garages are full of much needed "accessories" for our mobile sound system.  Even if we could borrow, with oaths of solemn integrity, some of these items (especially the **    ** items) for a week it would sure help keep our tires inflated.  We have agents from Whitehorn to Selkirk.... oops sorry about the code there.... all over western Washington and a few undercovers hiding out in the Spokompton/Panhandle of Idaho.  If your in Washington, Idaho or Western Montana then dig it out and we'll come pick it up if we can use it :)  Keep posted for updates on the Glotus Lounge and it's destination to burning man.  The bike/trailer combo is costing $500 (after much barter debauchery) so if you just feel like dropping a dime in our piggy bank then that is always relished too!  Gotta go..... gotta find a welder!
Scotty "Hekter" Gonzallass
List of materials needed/wanted for Glotus Lounge:

**Stereo System/ I-Pod compatible**
**Golf cart sized trailer**
**Generator (1,500 - 2,000 watt)**  borrow one?? Honda is best.
Black lights (2-4) with ballasts
Primer/Paint - black light reflective
Deep cycle battery/cable to lights/stereo
El wire

Materials for lotusing it out:
White fabric
Shapeable poles
Someone who can sew
and an RV to take it all in... just kidding... well
not really.

Contact us if you can help out with any of these items: [email protected]


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Hamsters Unite!

Our Boogie/Burninghamsters camp got together for the first time on Monday...click for more…

Burning Cartography

Here's an amazing hand-drawn map of Black Rock City 2005 by Lisa Hoffman.

and here's a map of Black Rock City 2006: Hope and Fear done in "Acid Deco" style.

I found both via the website
info gargoyle. The guy who wrote the posts is very serious about his cartography -- it is the gift that he brings to the community: "This year, I'm seeing more and more people come together with their interest in cartography than ever before. The sponsored mapping group, PlayaInfo is also expanding their geographic reach by supporting a GPSDrive friendsd server so that participants with art cars can broadcast their location to the main map. Seems like a perfect fit for cyborgs and technomads alike!"

He's got an interesting slideshow too
right over here.

"There are countless ways to participate and contribute and be a part of this thing"

(photo by veo_)

So I couldn't pass up the good deal. I went ahead and bought us a 15,000 watt generator AND a 6,000 watt generator. I think we'll be pretty well covered for anything we want to do...click for more…

Green Man icon

Found this unofficial icon on Flickr in the Green Man 2007 pool

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pyramid power

We had another meeting on Thursday and voted to continue onward with the current design for the pyramid...click for more…

eric pulls shit together

Hey guys, today I'm experimenting with toxins...click for more…

the Boogie Universal DJ Temple

a sneak peek at one component of our camp

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Things We Need: Hekter prepares the first list

Large black plastic and 2x4's for gray water pit. (10X10' should be sufficient for 3ish folks)
Large squeegee for moving graywater around (maximize evaporation) Tie long stick to squeegee.
Crate for standing on in shower.
Solar shower (2 would be nice)
50 gallon drum to hold shower/dish/misc water.
Personal containers for drinking water (around 2 gallons per person per day)
How many cases of Schmidt?
Outfits - look for fauz fir on ebay or craigslist so we can make fuzzy bunny outfits.
Try to find animal ears that are on a headpiece (like the bunny ears in the ski photos) cause if we could give out ears with picture frames.... ooh la la!!
Picture Frames - Think of a easy and cheap way to find materials (driftwood for you coasters and river wood for my inland self) to make our own frames. (they are expensive to buy!)
Stilts - would like to make tree outfits and walk around on stilts (Entish I know)  Maybe I can find some birch bark to make it work.
Generator - I'm on it but look for a Honda 2000i generator. (retail for $1,000 so look for better deals).
Body Lotions - I know vinegar helps to neutralize the playa and fine ladies would give lil' squirtdowns of pure freshness last year.
Material for covering domes. Parachute or something cheaper.
Solar fans?? would help keep domes from stagnating.
Long boards and ski ropes. (so much fun to hook onto an art car and surf the long board!)
I do have some leftover windsurf sails if we wanted to integrate them somehow.
Home stereo system for mobile sound system (great finds on craigslist) ie-(http://spokane.craigslist.org/ele/301444322.html cheap good speakers?
Rethinking Milk of Amnesia cause anything dairy or soy based may rot quickly. Another drink we could make?
Brewin' ideas ;)

chatter on the road to the Green Man

On May 8, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Hekter wrote:

I've looked into rv's from the reno area and they are really expensive... seems like the cheapest ones are 2,500 - 3,000 for the week.  Here is a good link.  Sounds too expensive for me ($1,000 each) but I'll look into renting from other areas, although then the gas price is a big factor.
The other option is to try and rent my bro's rv from him although I'm not sure how road worthy it is.  Sure would suck to be broken down before even getting to the burn.  Any family members of yours have RV's?  Maybe we need to put a little tidbit on our site asking for rv donations or borrowments?
Chris- what is the link so I can upload bm photos?  I would like to put some time into the site this week :)
Hekter Updater

Thanks for the update Hekter!  I hear you, bro.  I figured the price for an RV would be pretty steep, but I think we can get it for cheaper.  I'm trying to connect with a private party to see if we can get a better deal.  Check out your brother's rig and find out if its road worthy.  If it is, that's probably the best deal we'll find - no doubt!  I want to put the RV on the wish list on our site.

I think that we can fall back on the dome option it an RV doesn't come through.  We should have the money and the resources to pimp one of those out pretty well.  If we don't have an RV (or if we do) I can get a box trailer from 
Gary that is lockable and sealed so we have some extra hauling capacity.

I haven't sent out a link to the site to my contacts yet.  I feel like we need to give it a little infusion of some fresh musings and give it a "Grand Re-Launching."  If we all send out shout at the same time, we can create bigger cosmic ripples and wash some new people to our cause.  You feel me?

I will try to write a little something on the DJ Fundi / Sunnyland meltdown and send a few pics from the Cottage Groove mix session.  Outside of that, I'll get to work a new podcast for the peeps.  Maybe re-visit one of the mixes from the Cottage Groove session...

Christian, I need to get those dates for Pyramid construction ASAP.  My calendar is filling up waaaaay too fast.  Lemme know so I can show.  Hope you had a soul-filling excursion into the North Cascade wilds.  Pics?

"It's all about the Burn now, from here on out..."
~ Edub 

Sunnyland Soundsytem Meltdown

“Fundi down!  I repeat, Fundi is down!”  What?! click for more…

blueprints for the Lotus Lounge

Hashing out some ideas for the mobile soundsystem, sketchin' out some dream designs...

I tried to flesh out some early designs for the Lotus Lounge, a bicycle-powered mobile soundsystem that we intend to build and then bring to Black Rock City in '07. IF skills and money were no option, we'd build something beautiful, an 8 foot-tall lotus flower, heavy with bass nectar, who's petals could unfold at random points across the playa and deliver sweet music.

These plans clearly show a bird's-eye perspective as well as two views from the side. You can see the three-bike pyramidal-platform design, and the mighty lotus sprouting up the middle. The front of the vehicle has an large oversize tire and is steered by the Mad Hatter. There is an insulated under-compartment beneath the lotus designed to hold and keep cold hundreds of cans of ice-cold Schmidtties. Whent he flower is open, speakers rise above the desert floor and play downward towards the people, creating a "sound cone," an audial effect scientifically explained in the sketch on the far right.

Also of interest is the note expressing a wish to have the whole sound rig powered by the sun.

Let's bear in mind that the three broke dudes have little to no engineering experience between the three of them, nor do they have any money. So what are thh chances of the Lotus Lounge ever actually roaming the dark, techno-filled nights of BM, bringing juicy music, real music, to the masses? Much of it depends on how this blog performs, if we can shake a few dollars out of the heavens...

another playakart idea....

Hey Scotty & E -- whatchoo think about stylin' something like this on playa?

don't think it would stand up to the dust storms very well...but damn we'd be PIMPIN'!

BurningHamster Brainstorm I

A local Burner group has begun loose planning for an encampment/art project/installation/community event on playa in 2007. Stay tuned...click for more…

solar golf carts & more

MicroMoog Laboratories of Portland, Oregon are serving the three broke dudes as a consultant in the early stages of playa transportation-visualization. Their motto is "Keep the Dream Alive" and the hypervisionary dRF has got some fine ideas on how we might go mobile with our desert soundsystem....click for more…

Edub climbs aboard

Hey E -- Remember that website we talked about creating, the one that might help us raise the necessary fundage for our Green Man adventure? You know I ain't no webmaster or mad coder, but I was able to cobble something together over the past week, and it went live tonight.click for more…

first podcast good for the gettin'

One of the primary missions of the three broke dudes is to share the groove with the masses on playa this year. DJ Edubious and DJ Fundi have begun work on crafting musical mixes, which they hope to spread across Black Rock City on a mobile soundsystem unit. You can listen to a sneak preview of their first DJ set over at the Podcast page.

Here we go

Greetings and salutations. Today is the first day of our website and blog that will track the adventures of three broke dudes with a dream and a desire to burn. We are talking about Burning Man, of course, and our burning desire to make it to the cosmic gathering this summer in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.