Evolution II : Burning Man 2009, and a brief farewell

Moontroll has cooked up one more final video presentation featuring photographs, videos and music from Burning Man 2009 : Evolution. Soudtrack features tracks from Bassnectar, Bluetech, Mimosa & Collie Budz and Random Rab, and the photos are from over a dozen different sources found around the internets.

You can view the full collection of 2009 BM videos on
our video page or by visiting Moontroll's Vimeo album.

Hope you dig on it and it stirs up some personal excitement for Black Rock City 2010!

Another look at Burning Man 2009 from Moontroll, featuring photos from over a dozen sources found across the internets (see closing credits for full disclosure!) Music by Bassnectar, Bluetech, Mimosa & Collie Budz and Random Rab.

More videos, musical mixes, photos, stories and more at http://www.destinationburningman.com.

Viva la Black Rock City!

Things will be pretty quiet here on the dBM blog until the spring or early summer when we start gearing up for the next pilgrimage to the playa. We'll continue to regularly post musical mixes on our dBM podcast page, including a forthcoming serial from DJ Edubious, more installments in DJ Playaduster's Wobble Chronicles series designed to help listeners tap in to the raw power of their bass chakras and stellar sets from a wide variety of Guest DJs.

Y'all take care and thanks for the encouragement and support over the years. Drop us a line anytime at [email protected]

Love, the dBM crew

DJ Grapenuts presents "Hektervision : Glacial Facial at Burning Man 2009"

HektorVision Presents: Glacial Facial pt.1 from Grapenuts on Vimeo.

EVOLUTION & Camp Get Found : Burning Man 2009

This is a multimedia piece I made with photos, videos and music from several different sources, including the amazing time-lapse photography of Ben Wiggins and burn footage from Mr. Nightshade and John Chavez. It is intended as a scrapbook or time capsule to celebrate Burning Man 2009 and the beautiful people I camped and spent the week with (Go Team Love!!). Soundtrack is provided by Random Rab, ill.Gates, Welder, Nosaj Thing, Ezekiel Honig and Shpongle.

Feel free to download a copy (link below video on the right) and share it with others. Consider leaving a comment if you like this too. Spread the playa love!

Lots more videos, photos, podcasts and burning blogging at my website www.destinationburningman.com.

Moontroll has finished posting the last of his video shorts, and now offers this longer, more comprehensive half-hour-long epic that seeks to preserve and celebrate the people, places, sounds, sights and scenarios of Burning Man 2009. We recommend you download your own copy from the Vimeo page -- look for the link beneath the video on the right-hand side -- and play it on as big of a screen, with as loud of a soundsystem, as possible. It's long, so get comfy and make sure you are in the irght frame of mind to take this experience in! Hope you enjoy it -- leave a comment on Vimeo with your reactions. Peace, love and playa!

More Burning Man video shorts from Moontroll

Moontroll has spun out two more video shorts from photos and videos gathered on the playa at Burning Man 2009 by himself and co-conspirator Edubious. Both of them capture moments in time at the beautiful and evocative temple (does it have a name?) -- they are like short stories, little windows to look through to be transported, year-round, back to that special time and place. Comments on Vimeo are much appreciated.

Videos and photos celebrating the temple -- and its fiery demise -- at Burning Man 2009.

Another video short by Moontroll; original photos and videos by Moontroll and Edubious.

More at www.destinationburningman.com

A video short by Moontroll; photos and video by Moontroll, except for fire photos by Edubious. Music by Mickey Hart and Boxcutter.


View or download the previous video shorts by subscribing to dBMcasts or by visiting http://vimeo.com/album/53765.

Ritual, twisting logic, release, transformation, giving, synchronicity : A report from Burning Man

The Man: Humanity in Transformation
Story and photo by Eric Francis Coppolino

Editor's note: We read a lot of online media stories about Burning Man, most of them following the same sensational, overused storylines, most of them failing to capture the true soul of the gathering. This one from Chronogram magazine is a wonderful exception, and manages to hit on several themes we can relate to. It ruminate on the collective powers that get raised on the playa and positions the gathering in relation to mainstream society in an authentic and insightful way. The author knows what he's talking about, though we may not follow all of the astrological references, and we're thankful to read somebody else's thoughtful interpretation of Burning Man. (We bold-faced ideas that are especially meaningful to us.)

I spent a week in early September at something called Burning Man, a kind of festival in the Nevada desert held each Labor Day. The event takes its name from the burning of a giant neon and wooden effigy of a man, which is burned on Saturday night as 40,000 people gather around and watch. The photo above is the Man, which has become something of a cultural icon, now more than 20 years in circulation. Burning Man traces its history back to 1986, when the founder, Larry Harvey, burned an effigy of a man on San Francisco’s Baker Beach. The event was moved to the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada several years later and is now the annual meeting place of a far-reaching, extremely energetic subculture.

Astrology is about symbolism, and in this article I’d like to look at a few of the messages of the fire ceremony that’s at the center of this elaborate, creative project called Burning Man. I think for most people who participate, the theme is so intuitive, they don’t really think about it much. You get the message in the creative fire that surrounds the symbol; it comes across as real world. Given the freedom and the safe space to do so, women strip to the waist and walk around in public. Many guys wear skirts and tutus. Everything is connected to a concept, an idea, a game of twisting logic around into something sensible in a different way.

In effect, Burning Man grants many people permission to be who they are, and, in the absence of concrete knowledge, to test out some ideas of who they might be; and not have to worry too much about the legacy of who they were yesterday...

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Defining Moments, 2009

This Burn was my third (nonconsecutive) pilgrimage to the playa and the most powerful by far. Seeking a way to ground my energy and emotions upon returning to my homeground in the Pacific Northwest, I headed out to the San Juan Islands last weekend to visit two dear friends at their home on a cliff above the wild shore. I told stories about my experiences at the Burn for hours; a few days later, one of the friends commented "you seem humbled by your Burn this time around." That is a perfect description of my current state: humbled. Also: in awe. thankful. blessed. in love. connected. pregnant with possibilties. floating in a state of grace, not fully existing in this world or that.

"Tell us about one of your defining moments on the playa this year …" is the question John Curley posted on the
Burning Blog last week, and over 75 Burners fresh from their Black Rock City tenure answer with stories that are moving, hilarious, sacred, bittersweet, transformative and heartfelt. I connect to the thread of humility that is braided through the many impressions shared. I feel waves of playa-love pulsing through my newly-reinvigorated heart as I read these personal reflections. I hope you can feel them too, and I invite you to share your own defining moment in the comments at the end of the post.

* * * * * *
One evening early in the week, as the sun was setting, I walked out into the desert alone, behind BRC, where there was no one. I was utterly alone, no other humans near by. I asked my creator what I should do. My creator informed me that I must lose the costume first…and so away it went, layer by layer, and then the jewelry, and necklaces…all of it off, I stood completely naked, bathed in the blazing colors of the setting sun. I walked away from my belongings, and my footprints appeared in the cracks before me, before I stepped into them, the footprints appeared. They were already there, waiting for me to fill them. My body found a rhythm and I intuitively moved in a kind of slow ti-chi-yoga dance, that let my joints crack and free themselves of their restrictions. I have been in several accidents, have broken many bones and have limited range of motion, but I felt freed of all of it. Free of pain, regret, fear…..FREE. With my creator that evening, I found myself once again. A child, an embryo, a man, a woman, all together, all encompassing, a creative being of light….free to BE… as I was gifted this life to be.

Later that evening, a fellow burner gave me a bumper sticker that says ‘Fear is Funny’.

And I have not stopped smiling since.

* * * * * *

I decided to trek to the temple alone on Saturday afternoon after much debauchery. I was delivered into a dust storm on the way, and couldn’t see a single structure or living person at first. Rather than feeling worried it was the most peaceful experience of my life. Later, I would come apon pockets of people and art that would recede into the dust again like apparitions. I finally made it to the temple and cried like a little girl- for me, for loved ones, for everyone there. It was like my soul was wiped clean for the very first time. It was so stunning and surreal.

* * * * * *

Watching the temple burn with friends, we were awestruck when a phenomenal cellist humbly played next to us. We listened for a half hour while he drew all the sorrow, love, yearning and spirit of the temple through his strings, and then moved on. I am so grateful for that beautiful experience.

Also, I got to surrender to the moment many times this year – going with the flow, against my programming and typical behavior or responses, I got to experience immediacy more than I ever have before in 10 years of participating in Burningman. Here’s to playadipity!

* * * * * *

2 years ago I was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Last November, after a year of radiation and chemo I was told I only had ‘weeks or months’ to live. Being at Burning Man again this year was a triumph for me and an affirmation of life. When I put a message on the temple I started to cry because I suddenly realized I had changed from thinking about dieing to thinking about living. That was a moment I will never forget.

* * * * * *

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Burning Man video shorts from Moontroll

"The Life Lessons of Burning Man"

A columnist at the San Francisco Gate recently published a meditation on Burning Man that doesn't suck. It begins: "As I've been lured back to the sweltering, dusty sexed-up madness that is Burning Man again this year -- my sixth time -- by a gaggle of delicious friends, I am hereby reminded of a few hundred truths, half-truths, outright lies and astonishing epiphanies offered up by the world-famous, Christian-feared, beautifully debauched, sensory overloaded, impossible-to-describe art-survivalist-camping-rave megaspectacle now underway in the remote Nevada desert. If you've ever wondered at the appeal, the urge, the drive to attend such a thing, if you've heard wisps of the mythology and the mystery and the epic weirdness or even seen a few pictures and wondered, you know, WTF, maybe these tidbits can help..."

Read the entire article, alongside many other first-hand reports and interpretations, on the
"What is Burning Man?" page in our "About" section. Alright then.

"5 Things Cities Can Learn from Burning Man" by Time.com

We did it!

Camp dBM evolved in to Camp Get Found when we moved our home to 3:30 & Lineage. Here's our one family portrait we managed, moments before launching ourselves out in to Burn Night. Torsten left early and was missed; Gabriella and Sugar Cube are our special guests. Many, many more stories to come. For now, decompression back in the Default World. Viva la Team Love!!! xoxoxoxo

UPDATE: We have a Flickr pool for Get Lost at

Over & out!

"Yer goin' where? To do what?"

Photo by John Curley; The Man 8/26/2009.

Some last thoughts before leaving for Burning Man 2009

Camp dBM location : Because of our (hopeful) partnership with another larger camp that we're drawing power from, we ended up involuntarily situated at the far edge of Black Rock City -- 2:15ish and Lineage, or on the perimeter out by walk-in camping. AKA, the Boonies, or as Torsten called it, The Frontier. This is exciting for several reasons. First of all, I wonder: what the hell goes on way out there??? I've camped near Center Camp and the Deep End (accidentally) and on the Esplanade, and so have always been, for better or for worse, close in to the downtown BRC action. What will it be like on the Frontier? Will there be periods of peace and tranquility? Does anybody wander by out there? What's it like trying to get around on bikes from way out there? And just what exactly are those walk-in campers up to? With all of these questions unanswerable until we strike camp and find out, I am psyched to be getting a new perspective on the city. I can't fathom that there's a "bad spot" to camp -- except for a few camps I wouldn't care to be next to -- only different spots, providing for different perspectives. Sounds like a good way to keep the Burn fresh! Secondly, which leads me to...

2.) the natural vibes of the
Black Rock Desert. I expect the Frontier positioning, with our camp facing outward towards open playa and the hills, to allow me, for the first time, to try and discern some aspect of the natural vibrations of this special place. I typically move through the world attuned to the natural world around me, noticing the birds and plants, reading the landscape. Down at Burning Man, this hasn't really been a part of my experience -- in part because there doesn't seem to be anything living for several miles, as well as because the humanoid stimuli is so overpowering! Imagine bird-watching during Carnival or Mardi Gras, netting butterflies on the Las Vegas strip, Id'ing fungi in Alice's Wonderland. Not likely. I do remember, in 2007, taking a personal timeout one night and biking out to the trash fence on the edge of Deep Playa, sitting down and gazing out at the desert. I felt an electric charge when I slowed down and focused on the vastness of open space out there, how far the playa stretched on to the horizon, how incomprehensibly vast the cosmos above was and how many stars it held. I think that it is the only time I've dialed in to the natural powers of the Black Rock, and I look forward to making more of an effort to do so this year. Another way to keep it fresh.

Speaking of nature...

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Black Rock City rising, like a mirage in the desert

Photos from John Curley via the Burning Blog. I'm still packing, streaming BMIR, trying to stay calm and collected (for a few more hours at least)....

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dBMcasts Compendium: load up yer iPod for the road!

Well friends, it is time to let go of those plans and packing ideas you haven't gotten to yet, embrace what you have prepared, load up your jalopy and start heading north/south/east/west towards Black Rock City. One last task before you hit the pavement: download a bunch of dBM podcasts to stoke out yer iPod for the road trip (and arrive with fresh toonz for your camp/art car)!

Destination Burning Man has been posting tracks here since early 2007 -- original musical mixes inspired by the playa from DJs Playaduster, Edubious and, as of this week, Grapenuts; guest DJ sets; field recordings from BRC, interviews and inspired babble and other bits of digital ephemera, always set to a head-bobbin' groove. Sometimes, the message behind the music has taken more than one mix to tell and so multi-part epics have been necessary. Here's a guide to some of our favorites epics, trilogies and otherwise.

Don't ask questions. Just download and git em on to yer iPod or burn to CD and begin full immersion. Let the creative mixologists of dBM provide you with your swervy soundtrack to Burning Man 2009: EVOLUTION!

For best results, click here to subscribe to dBMcasts via iTunes and download the mixes you want from there, while simultaneously setting yerself up for new episodes to automatically be delivered to you when they're posted.

DJ Playaduster's Hearts of Flame trilogy -- August 2006

"And then there's the music, and the dancing.... Sounds come at you from all sides at all times, different rhythms and grooves colliding with the cadences of storytelling and the hushed tones of sacred ceremonies. It is an aural orgy. You are bombarded with so much music that it soon feels like it might all be seeping inside of you, changing you irrevocably. This podcast tribute series attempts to recreate some sense of this nighttime wandering and sound-safaring. A wide variety of musical tastes coexist On Playa, and a brand-new style of music emerges from the midnight mashups and cryptic cross-pollinizations that occur as the glorious and chaotic sounds of Burning Man float towards the starry sky."

Part one "Ignition", part two "Combustion" and part three "Renewal"

DJs Playaduster+Edubious Burnal Equinox set-- February 2007

"One of our best hopes then is to dream up, then build, a portable sound system that is capable of moving across the playa pumping out our most adventurous musical offerings as an alternative to the ever-present pulse of rave music. We want to bring the funk. We want to lay down the reggae dub. We want to spin the jazz, the world beat, the cajun and the calypso. Two of our alter egos, DJ Playaduster and DJ Edubious, have much experience in crafting musical podcast mixes, we used to host a jazz/groove radio show out in Wyoming (of all places), and we believe we can put both our experience and our vast archives to good use. So, we're moving forward on the assembly of musical mixes, and here is the very first test run available for your listening pleasure."

Part one "It's All About the Burn Now" and part two "Towards the Burn".

DJ Edubious' Virginal Fire Trilogy -- Pre- and Post-Burn 2007

Part one "Light It Up", part two "Burn It Down" and part three "Afterburn".

DJ Playaduster's Green Man trilogy -- Fall 2007

"How to keep the flame alit? How to burn all year? How to reintegrate the lessons and the love in to the Default World? These are the questions the Four Broke Dudes confronted as they stepped back in to their former lives in the Northwest. This is a set of music deeply influenced by the nighttime environment of Black Rock City. It is a mix made up exclusively from DJ Playaduster's nocturnal field recordings -- bits and pieces of the sound environment that pulses each night on the playa, blended together, overlapped, cut-up and reassembled."

Part one "Disorientation", part two "Reorientation: Hyper-Primbly's Marsupial Thumbdrive" and part three "Reintegration".

DJs Playaduster + Edubious' Darwinian Experimentations -- June/July 2009

"Starting to think ahead to Burning Man 2009 a bit -- can't help it. Time to start slowly crafting well-seasoned playlists of tracks that we want to bring down to the playa to share with the people. Here's a sneak peek in to some of our favorite musical goodies acquired over the past few months that are helping us to begin visualizing the next incarnation of Black Rock City. The vibe kind of swerves all over the place as lots of styles and theories are ingested in to the whole. Sources vary widely. Hope you dig it and it tickles the insides of your ears."

"Darwin's Weird Beard" and "Darwin's Furrowed Brow"

DJs Playaduster's Tangled Path Trilogy -- 2008-2009

"The stories that this podcast shares take place over a year-and-a-half, on and off the playa, between friends meeting and separating again along the road. The routes that spring forth from the Burning Man Experience truly form a Tangled Path. Part one surveys the many loose ends of that path, tangling and untangling again; in part two, we'll together move towards Convergence and Burning Man 2009 : Evolution."

"Loose Ends" and "Convergence"

Other non-multi-part dBMcasts of worthy note:

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Hot Links for BRC '09

Photo by John Curley; Center Camp 2009.

Required reading: The 2009 Survival Guide. The Evolution theme. First-time's Guide. FAQ. The Ten Principles. 2009 Honorarium Art Installations. An audio art tour of the playa.

Building Black Rock City, including Center Camp and Temple construction and the landing of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. An awesome interactive map to this year's theme camps.

The Arctic Monkey's
Completely Unofficial Burning Man Guide & Packing List. Matt's guide to photography at Burning Man. Stoke-enhancing playa videos. Downloadable soundtracks for playa explorations. Da'Bomb's Best of Burncast reports and BurncastTV episodes on Vimeo, including an emotional tribute to Burners Who Have Passed On. The "Go Bag."

Rideshare. Driving directions. Black Rock City weather forecast. 24-7 Live Gerlach webcam. And BMIR 94.5 FM should start broadcasting any day now.

3G cell phone service on the playa?

on-playa WHOMP schedule. Disorient's new Art Car Wash (and the return of Dex!). Unverified Sound Camp DJ programmes at Root Society and Opulent Temple, Simpler Times (The Do-Lab + Cirque Bezerk=SICKNESS), Basscamp, Bootie, False Profit, Rock Bottom, Space Cowboys, Shift Camp and Disorient. PleasureSean's Playa Party Guide. Or, skip all the preceding links and take it straight to Rockstar Librarian's essential 4-page schedule of DJs and dance parties at Burning Man 2009.

The Onion is reporting that nobody made it to Burning Man this year.

Love and dust, moontroll --
see you in a few days!

PS. Apparently, some people take drugs at Burning Man. That what
some blogger claims anyway:

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Camp dBM registration #9

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.009
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Anneka          

Default World livelihood: massage practitioner / circus performer
Hobbies:  circus.  and making purdy things with ruffles.  and functional things with pockets.  and ruffles.
Side-projects:  uh... circus.
Favorite foods:  sushi.  fresh fruits.  cookies.  Anneka wraps
Favorite drinks:  home-made fizzy lemonade, coconut water
Favorite musics:  this question is too hard.  i just can't choose favorites.
Currently reading:  Italo Calvino,
Invisible Cities
General outlook on life:  roll with it
How many burns? (list years):  2005, 2008, 2009 (pending)
Favorite BRC memories:
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Camp dBM VIP registration #2

Registration for Camp dBM : VIP.002
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Hende aka snowcone

Default World livelihood: ski guide, farmer and chef

Hobbies: spicy curry, magical moments, djembe and more music

Side-projects: on the farm (chefing up food grown within 25 miles of victor, I-daho) raising up a nearly 6 year old fella capricorn, and healing broken neck

Favorite foods: steamed sweet chili fish, kelly, wyoming pancakes, elk tenderloin and heaps of veggies

Favorite drinks: maker’s mark and snowcones

Favorite musics: roots

Currently reading: powder mag. and peace like a river

General outlook on life: click for more…

Camp dBM VIP registration #1

Registration for Camp dBM : VIP.001
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Ramona Mayhem

Default World Livelihood: Bohemian Mama of two (denali & the henster) & currently Gypsy.  Soon:  Natural Foods Industry in some shape or form, growing community gardens with little people, and/or some form of social work.  Hopefully getting my TESL in Thailand this winter and teaching Engirisu.  (heh)

Hobbies: Photography, Music, HOOPING!!!, Gardening, Nutrition, Organic FOOD!!!, Kayaking, Reading without falling asleep, Volkswagens, Sleeping in without missing the sunshine or being late, Kicking your ass at Quartto.....(lots more, and not necessarily in that order)

Side-projects: Bouldering without falling off, Freckles, Learning how to be a great Aromatherapist and Herbalist, Writing a Children's Book about House Elves, perfecting the grapefruit marguerita, volunteering at all kindz of festivals, camping in the North Cascades, shit, I have too many to list and need to be somewhere in an hour!

Favorite foods: (*Organic*) Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, Salad Greens, Kale, Green Curry and Tom Kah Gai, Spices including but not limited to exotic sea salts & peppers, having a hot sauce collection.  (I like Tapatio and El Pato better than Tobasco)

Favorite drinks:
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Camp dBM registration #8

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.008
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Torsten

Default World livelihood: teacher, bike through red lights and advocate of smiling

Hobbies: Sewing, Kiteboarding, Kayaking, welding, stenciling, dancing, eating chocolate

Side-projects: getting it all down before i die

Favorite foods: yummy ones

Favorite drinks: wet ones that are usually cold

Favorite musics: do you hear that?  Me too.

Currently reading: Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link, or about to start, its waiting for me at the Library.  Gotta love that pre teen

General outlook on life: threading the line from dark to light.

How many burns? (list years):2K , 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007

Favorite BRC memories:
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Camp dBM registration #7

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.007
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Will aka Orbit

Default World livelihood: Math Professor

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Biking, Surfing, Diabolo, Dancing, Music

Side-projects: KW3230

Favorite foods: Chocolate, Pad Kee Mao, Grilled Salmon and Breakfast

Favorite drinks: Chocolate, Twilight Ale, Bourbon, Coconut Juice

Favorite musics: Digable Planets, Metalica, eDIT, Nightmares On Wax, Michael Franti, Chopin, etc., etc.

Currently reading: The Way of the Superior Man

General outlook on life:
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Camp dBM registration #6

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.006
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Moontroll / DJ Playaduster

Default World livelihood: communications coordinator for environmental nonprofit org, freelance writer, educator

Hobbies: many! including blogging and podcasting, dragonfly studies, kite flying, long walks, continually improving my homefries preparations, sea kayaking, landscape gardening, doodling...


Favorite foods: french fries, thai noodles, wood-fired pizza, ben & jerry's, grilled cheese, crunchy things, salmon chowder

Favorite drinks: blueberry mojitos, Deschutes Brewery grogs, tequilla, coffee, jaegerbombs, smoothies, oolong tea from Taiwan

Favorite musics: freek folk, glitch, dub, ambient/downtempo, bluegrass, jazz, Dead, whomp, classical Indian, funk, soul, hip-hop, drone and most everything from Mali. (A musical mix of recent favorite sounds is
right here.)

Currently reading: Dale Pendell's The Gifts of Burning Man, Rick Bass' The Wild Marsh, Tove Jansson' s The Summer Book, Kabat-Zinn's Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness.

General outlook on life: Choose your own adventure! But take responsibility for what you manifest.

How many burns? (list years):
2004: The Vault of Heaven & 2007: The Green Man.

Favorite BRC memories: 2008 burns (the man + Crude Awakening) from the Jackson Junk with my brothers,
sunrises at the temple, The Party Formerly Known as the Prince Party in the Boogie Pyramid, deep-playa cruising on bike, dancing to DISORIENT DJs, discovering Bassnectar and the Glitch Mob for the first time, Hekter's dusty-chap playa side-shuffle and fuckleberry pickle sauce session!

Least-favorite BRC memories: my very first dust storm was rather surprising -- I remember frantically wondering "what the fuck am I doing here?!?"

Playa garb you feel most yourself in:
pig-tailed purple wig

What 3 items from your BRC funbox is most essential?
kite, soundstick and picture frames

If you had a superpower, what would it be? to soar above the land like a raven!

Top 3 favorite Michael Jackson songs?
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Ramona Mayhem's tips on playa diet, health and hygiene

"So what do you eat out there?  Do people sell food?  Are there free showers?"

Ha Ha Ha.  Er....Um...No.

Me?  Fourth year.  Using the same list since 2006 with minor changes each year to suit my whims and appetites.

For those who haven't had playafied grilled cheese sandwiches or dusty lemon drops, let me edumacate you with some tips on the finer points of the playa diet, health, and hygeine. 

Tip #1:  Radical Self Reliance.  Read the Burningman.com site "cover to cover"--not only is it eye candy and a plethora of information, there are so many checklists on there you can essentially tailor any one of them to suit your own needs.

Tip #2:  Bring more water than you think you need (average 2 gallons per day)--not only will someone thank you for providing them with much needed hydration in BRC, you might even enjoy a shower once or twice.  Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT ever refuse H20 on playa.  Piss Clear=no drear(y) moments in the medic tent with an IV drip.  If you like bubbly water, buy it before Lakeview (Bend or Bigger) because it isn't a hot (cool?) commodity in Lakeview.  I.E. you'll be lucky to find seltzer in a can in the "mixers" aisle next to the empty shelves that formerly held water by the individual gallons.

Tip #3:  Trader Joe is your best friend.  EVER.  TJ's is focused largely on flavorful, ready to go meals.  Not all of them are a hit.  Not all of them are a miss.  And trust me, some of them are just plain ole damn YUMMY!  I consider myself a situational omnivore (after all, Bacon is a four legged fruit!)  No lips, no hips for me, thanks.  Though sometimes I eat turkey.  A default wonder with having carnivorous children.  Hell, last weekend I was at a Black Rock Ranger Silkscreening party and had two bites of bloody steak.  It reminded me of my childhood.  I didn't get even get a stomach ache.  SO.  Here is an incomplete list of recommendations for the Trader Joe fan:

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Building BRC

Black Rock City is springing to life from the prehistoric sands of Lake Lahontan right now in anticipation of Burning Man 2009: Evolution!!! Here is a photograph of the Man's platform, constructed in a style similar to 2008's "Belgian Waffle." John Curley is on the scene, posting stories and photos about building BRC. Shit is blowing up!!!
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18 days

Camp dBM gathered last weekend at the Samish Island Zendo, halfway between Bellingham and Seattle, to set up some of our camp infrastructure and go over all kinds of details for establishing our encampment on the outer perimeter of Black Rock City in less than two weeks-- we went over our plans for travel and BRC rendezvous, food and booze, rebar and tennis balls and nuts and bolts, furniture and soundsystem, medicinal potions and lotions and other essentials. (Ramona, we need a hoop infusion!!!)

Most gratifyingly, we obtained and then set up a structure destined to become our dBM dome -- the Stereo Sauna -- which took the most work. We also sussed out the giant center pole and army parachute that we intend to cover the entire camp with beneath a balmy shade-- we didn't erect it entirely -- that shit is
heavy -- but we confirmed the missing structural elements we need to obtain to make that happen (Update: G'nutz took care of it today!). We also put together several Playatech furniture pieces that will ultralounge out our dBM dome and envisioned what else we would need -- lighting, DJ station, bar, hammocks, furriness -- to make the space very inviting and chilltastic.

Grapenuts drew us a map of where we'll be located at
2:15 and Lineage (perimeter), an address determined by our loose partnership with the Get Lost temple-builders camp (we're drawing power from them -- literally). So, we're about as far in the boonies as one can be, and all of us are pretty excited about it. For me, having spent one year near Center Camp and another on the Esplanade, I'm curious about the going-ons out there on the fringes of the experimental city, not to mention the opportunities to commune with the natural forces of the Black Rock Desert that I've only dabbled in. Make a note of it -- 2:15 and Lineage (perimeter)-- and come visit us on the playa! Bring some beer and bacon, and let us massage your inner earhole sanctums with delectable musical selections. (If we're not in that location, who knows what happened, but we'll register our location at the Center Camp computer registry thingamajig and you can find us that way.)

So far, so good. No emergencies or crises or panics or even concerns, really-- maybe that will come later, but maybe not. Things are feeling smooooooth and many pieces have fallen in to place over the past week, including new campmates (see the rest of the
dBM blog for official camp registrations -- more are in queue.) Getting all our shit down to the remote northwestern corner of Nevada is proving to be the most complicated as we're all on different timelines and coming from various angles -- Seattle, Taos, San Francisco -- but I think we've got it worked out. We're a faith-based oranization. Believe!

Lil' Fox believes

Of course, some aspects of Camp dBM, as humble and simple as it is, will go awry -- the unexpected will grace us with unknown challenges and unforeseen possibilities -- so we cultivate a posture of flexibility and spontaneity, and are ready to laugh at ourselves too, sticking together and enjoying the ride, wherever it takes us...

Click below for many more photos of Camp dBM preparations at the Zendo...

click for more…

Camp dBM registration #5

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.005
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Scotty/Shantidas

Default World livelihood: Raft guide

Hobbies: Writing, photography, backpacking, mountain biking, digeridoo

Side-projects: Energy work, Yoga teaching, writing and photography,

Favorite foods: Herb salads, gumbo, medium rare steak, burnt bacon, huevos rancheros over medium christmas, kim chi, sashimi, vanilla ice cream, tiramisu and any vessel for garlic or butter.

Favorite drinks: Water, coffee, earl grey with cream and sugar, hoppy beer and wine you can eat with a fork

Favorite musics: Funk, bluegrass, exotica, electronica (world and mystical sounds), '80s new wave, skate punk, Irish and what comes out when I pick up an instrument. Ironically, when I'm alone I spend most of the time in silence.

Currently reading: Return of the Bird Tribes

General outlook on life: burn bright and light your way

How many burns? (list years): '04 and soon '09

Favorite BRC memories:
click for more…

20 days

My people! Are any of you having as much trouble focusing on 'default world' obligations as I am? My mind and spirit are at the threshold of the Portal waiting for the green light to go Home. In the meantime, my body is held up and directed by the remaining faculties and autopilot systems that keep the blood moving and the air flowing. I am being tested in my practice to stay Present. I guess that's why it's called a "practice". Needless to say, I'm getting my workout.

In the past week, many necessary details have fallen into place and camp dBM is creeping ever closer to manifesting on the playa. I easily convinced my business partner that we need to purchase a PA for our upcoming gig and for future performances, so this week I will picking up a bumpin' ass soundsystem to hype up the dBM dome (it's a tax right off, of course :o)!
Grapnutz got the green light from Erik - the mastermind behind 2007's Boogie Universal Pyramid Project -- to "take whatever Boogie gear is in his garage" Really!!!??? Aaaah yeah! click for more…

Camp dBM registration #4

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.004
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Robin

Default World Livelihood: Shleping Organic Food

Hobbies: Puppy upkeep, Cello, Water Play, Scuba, Art, Making Oneself Scarce.

Side Projects: Searching for Logistically Sound way to Pursue Higher Purpose.

Favorite Foods: Mixing Temperatures and Textures. Salt. 

 Drinks: Tequila in hot and self-abandon; Hoppy Beer in times of rest; Good Whiskey always. 

 Music: Loving Zoe Keating ->> electromixology of cello. That which gets into my core and compels my body to respond. 

Currently Reading: The Ape That Spoke; Language and the Evolution of the Human Mind, John McCrone
Beyond God the Father, Mary Daly
The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan
Rereading: The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis
If on a winter's night a traveller, Italo Calvino

Just Finished: All God's Children: The Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence, Fox Butterfield

General Outlook on Life: Hard. But not really. Blessed. 

Burnt?: 2006 Self-awareness/ Self-dillusion
2007 Self-healing/ Loss / Acceptance
2008 Family/ Self-Affirming
2009 ... 

Favorite BRC Memories: 

Gifted playa name on trampoline, reveling in the sunrise, pink bandana, leather boots. Grace. 2006.
Meeting my future partner for sunrise Mimosas at the Temple, biking to the airport, hammocks, stinky feet, air flight. 2007. 
Ocean glistening wale fins at the end of night, feel of cold metal on my cheek, crying at the sight of my love for the assembled family. 2008.  

Least Favorite:

the cold crows nest.
not feeling welcome. 

Playa garb most comfortable in: 

Red mohawk, lace up boots, furry rabbit coat, inflatable penis key, 80s Prom dresses. 

What three items are essential in your funbox?:
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Moze’s Top Ten ART PROJECTS And Then Some

dBM editor's note: this is a rebroadcasting of an excellent post on the Art of Burning Man 2009 from the Burning Blog. Worth sharing here to fire up yer stoke!
It has been said that the culmination of evolution is procreation.
I say it is the process of working your ass off for months in your grimy, stinking sweltering warehouse, breathing the pulverized metal of so many grinders or the pine diaper stink of wet sawdust and every day burning, bashing, smashing, or otherwise breaking your body upon the wheel with a precarious group of batshit crazy artist friends to build something you know will be the
I say it is spending the last of your paltry paychecks or foraging dumpsters or crawling all over junk yards for supplies and that
MISSING LINK to bring your ART TO LIFE and it is the toil and exhaustion of back breaking work, as you are covered with grime, stressed out and sweaty, wondering if you’re going to finish the thing in time, then, when it looks like you won’t pull it off, actually “finishing” and then loading up and driving out to the godforsaken desert to work another week in the dust and the heat that would kill any sane HOMINID.
It really is about
SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and the playa will devour you alive if you lose your focus, but if you’re lucky to finish building your masterpiece sometime around when the floodgates open and Black Rock City fills up with the ART CURIOUS who are searching for YOUR ART TO BLOW THEIR MINDS, you will be able to sit back and watch with wonder what you have wrought and realize…
IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.. . and what’ll we do next year…
Those of you who

This year we jump aboard the merry ship HMS LARRY HARVEY to sail to Lake Lahontan where OUR FEARLESS LEADER has decreed that in 2009 our dry lake bed will become the GALAPAGOS of ART, and this year’s EVOLUTION THEME just tickles my PHENOTYPE so much I’m hoping to catch some HOT ALLELE on ALLELE action as we all swim to the bone dry end of the GENE POOL.
Now, I am just a lowly blogger, and not a member of the mighty ORG, so getting your
LINKAGE all DISEQUILLIBRIUMED over perceived COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION is futile. I don’t know much about ART, but I know what catches my eye, and let me tell you, we have 160+ projects this year, many of them DANGEROUS, but if CONTROL OF FIRE is a turning point in HUMAN EVOLUTION, I’d say we’re pretty evolved in Black Rock City, if you catch my GENETIC DRIFT.
So, if you can put down your faux fur leg warmers, fairy wings, EL wire, body glitter and ThemeCamp planning maps for a few minutes, I give to you …

1. Raygun Gothic Rocketship by Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor, David Shulman and John Manyjohns. They’ve been flying around outer space since 1944 and just returned to earth to make repairs and they’re planning on departing again September 4th from Black Rock City where a 500 foot perimeter will be set up to ensure the safety of Black Rock City citizens. Their plasma drive engine, high tensile titanium alloys and lighter weight and gadgetry will be on display all week, “But be careful … it’s all fun and games until someone stumbles into the electric fence surrounding the gantry…”
Seriously, this group of mad scientists don’t just make ART, they live it. They were behind the Steampunk Treehouse from 07 and Goes Around Comes Around, the steam power carousel from 2006 and they’re not only artists and geniuses, but they’re really nice people. If Gee-Gnome is whimsical, this installation is downright in your face retro insanity and well worth the tour.
I highly recommend listening to their
Audio Art tour in the Installations section of the Burning Man site.click for more…

Camp dBM registration #3

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.003
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Paul/GrapeNuts

Default World livelihood: Musician-Teacher-Designer-Hustler

Hobbies: Building stuff, playing music, scouring the internets for cool stuff, traveling, dancing, cooking, eating, drinking, laughing


Favorite foods: Quesadillas, sushi, seafood, fresh veggies, ice cream, donuts, BLT sandwiches…

Favorite drinks: Chocolate malts, Patron, g&t’s, mojitos, red wine, fresh grapefruit juice

Favorite musics: Everything that’s NOT on Clear Channel radio stations

Currently reading: Terry Pratchett, anything by Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, I was shaped by Daniel Quinn and Carlos Castaneda and I guess Stephen King; he started me reading

General outlook on life: Let it roll like water off my back

How many burns? (list years): 1997, 2005, 2007, 2008

Favorite BRC memories: My amazing mushroom adventure last year

Least-favorite BRC memories: Blowing a clutch cable with a very grumpy (ex)girlfriend during exodus 2 years ago

Playa garb you feel most yourself in: Rice Patty Hat, Big Sunglasses, Tight Grandma Polyester Pants, Bright Tennis Shoes & Utility Belt

What 3 items from your BRC funbox is most essential? flask, chapstick, led flashlight

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Intergalactic time travel

Top 3 favorite Michael Jackson songs? The first 8 bars of “Billie Jean”, The vocoder break in “PYT”, and the “Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Makosa” break at the end of “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'"

What is pent-up inside of you waiting for the right opportunity to come out? My true potential

Your one wish for humanity: Don’t take yourself so damn seriously

Hopes for BM '09? everything

Fears for BM '09? nothing

Arts & Crafts for the Playa

We've got it together...right?  The looks and verbal affirmations from Grapenutz and Playaduster say so, but I still wonder, "What am I/are we missing?"  

There is only 37 days
 until the Man burns.  Until he burns!  We will have been on playa for almost 8 days by that time.  I've got...no WE'VE got to get our shit together!

But I'm cool.  


Trusting in the our collective ability to harness and direct the Pure Power of Potential, I know we'll have more than we need when we are on the playa.  But who's gonna take care of.....

Camp dBM converged this week for a throw-back summer camp arts and crafts experience at Dancing Dog Clayworks to create some unique gifts for the playa. The 20 or so Burning Man Evolution pendants will be but one of our gifts for the BRC community (music, of course being another).

During our convergence we got crafty and did some planning for the upcoming journey to the Portal and beyond.

A few preliminary sketches and plaster to carve

DJ Playaduster is already sportin' his playa goggles

Grapenutz prepares his crafting surface.  Every piece he made was a one of a kind.

After our art barn session, we bolted to Lake Padden where we took a long awaited swim (it was over 90 degrees that day) and rendezvous'd with Lil Fox and Robin, the newest Camp dBM members.  The vibes were smooth, some plans were discussed, but mostly we shared our excitement about the fast approaching Burn. 

So, all of us here at Camp dBM are getting it together.  Yeah.  I'm starting to pack already.  Not so much to be sure that I have time to get everything that might be desired, but also because I'm am stoked  to step through the Portal.  Soon come.

I hope I can dance with you in Black Rock City!

Onward, towards the Burn.

~ Edubious

Map of Black Rock City

For full-sized BRC map, click here. Where you gonna be this year?

Airing out the Fun Boxxx

I made some progress on readying myself for Burning Man last weekend by exploring the totality of my fun boxxx: taking inventory, airing things out, making a list of what is lacking. It gave me a much-needed sense of accomplishment, albeit a tiny accomplishment. I enjoyed reconnecting with old bits of costumage, still slightly dusty, that brought back memories of Burns gone by -- the original magenta wig with pig tails and ripped-up sun dress from '04, the purple sari, sequined tuxedo shirt and fuzzy vest-hat combo from '07, the American Dream suspenders from the aborted '08 mission. Things were in pretty good shape overall, I have to say, though I think my favorite pair of aviator goggles are rusted out beyond repair and will have to fill a symbolic role in '09.

I like how the selection of wigs looks like a family of muppets ready for a night on the town.

I also uncovered some ephemera like unused glow sticks (do they go bad?), a map of Oregon and Nevada, past gift-swag, walkie-talkies (never used), earplugs, a What Where When BRC guide, batteries & film, etc. etc.

After taking stock of my fun boxxx status, I could see that I was going to need to work some freshness in to the mix, and so spent an entire day in Seattle visiting various thrift stores in the U-District. Most of what I picked up will need to remain confidential until I am on-playa transmorgifying in to DJ Playaduster. But you may enjoy a sneak peek of some of the new styles, such as my rasta rainbow of knee-high socks...

click for more…

Camp dBM registration #2

Registration for Camp dBM for Camp dBM : 00.002
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Kelly/Lil' Fox

Default World livelihood: bellingham

Hobbies: drawing, biking, swimming, reading, loving

Side-projects: trying to keep up on the art making

Favorite foods: asparagus, cheeses, all fruits, sandwhiches :]

Favorite drinks: cola & lemonade

Favorite musics: funk

Currently reading: kite runner

General outlook on life: most positive

How many burns? (list years): one: 2008

Favorite BRC memories: the people i met

Least-favorite BRC memories: maybe the 12-hour windstorm when we first arrived, i thought that the entire time would be this way. and it was not!

Playa garb you feel most yourself in: wigs

What 3 items from your BRC funbox is most essential?
click for more…

Camp dBM registration #1

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.001
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION
Name, playa or otherwise: Edub/Edubious/Doobsauce/The Most Dubious E

Default World livelihood:
Hookin’ up people and makin’ em function (Facilitator/Trainer/Organizational Development Consultant)

Drumming, skateboarding (downhill & bowls), snowboarding and gardening, tinkering with anything that electronically manipulates music and sound

Building bridges, constant self-improvement,

Favorite foods:
Bacon (of course), BBQ Ribs and my Mom’s apple pie

Favorite drinks:
1) Water (give thanks!),
2) Beer (There was a time when I’d preface this with the word “good”, but recently my taste and appreciation of…lesser beers has grown),
3) Good coffee (I
am from Seattle)
4) Grey Goose Mandarin and tonic w/ a twist of orange

Favorite musics:
reggae-glitch-acousto-pop-break beat-rock-a-folky-electro-funk-house-dubstepped-up/down/mid tempo-groovalicious-punk-hip hop

Currently reading:
The Shadow Rising
by Robert Jordan from The Wheel of Time series (right now I’m on book 4 of 11 – reading the whole series again for the 4th or 5th time)

The Big Leap: Taking Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks

Way of the Superior Man by David Deida (ongoing)

General outlook on life:
I am so fucking blessed! I can create whatever the fuck I want to and anything that is in my life that I don’t like is on me – I created that too. The Universe is abundant and will provide you with all that you need and desire. It’s all good, even when it isn’t. Death is inevitable so live your life so that when death comes you can embrace it (hopefully without fear or regret).

Burnt? Yes, 2007 was my virgin Burn

Favorite BRC memories:
***The Purple Palace with Torsten, Fundi, Hekter, Calamity and Jocelyn – OMG!!! what was in that water bottle??? Are we going to tip this thing over? We’re rocking so fucking hard!!!

***The Purple Prince Party @ the Boogie Pyramid – Go Playaduster, go!! WTF??!! Where did all these zombies come from? Prince is bringin’ em’ back from the dead with ‘I Would Die For You’ Hyphee fo sho’!!

Least-favorite BRC memories:
***Whatever sound camp that was across from Boogie Universal with their heinous fucking music blasting out of speakers that were pointed straight at our camp. That was THE WORST music I heard on the playa – no doubt!

***Sunrise wake up at about 10 am – everyday - after partying all night. No more tent sleeping for me if I can help it.

Playa garb you feel most yourself in:
sleeveless shirt, vest or jacket/ long flowing robe or jacket with a deep hood / a skirt or ¾ length pants / comfortable boots

What 3 items from your BRC funbox is most essential?
1) Googles
2) Purple velvet sleeveless trench
3) Tabi boots

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
The “kung fu jump”

Top 3 favorite Michael Jackson songs?
1) Smooth Criminal
2) Billy Jean
3) They Don’t Care About Us

What is pent-up inside of you waiting for the right opportunity to come out?
That is a surprise for you and me. In the immortal words of my favorite author, Robert Jordan, “wait and find out…”

Your one wish for humanity: An explosion of LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS

Hopes for BM '09?
1) A solid camp of brothers and sisters who are open to the moment to moment experience of possibility.
2) To tap into the Pure Power of Potential even further to manifest a truly transformative experience for me and those around me
3) To stay healthy and safe
4) To dance my fucking ass off to new music that will take me to the edges of what is currently being done

Fears for BM 09?

1) Reintegration into the Default World
2) Loosing some cherished part of myself as I explore the boundaries of my current being

Introducing Camp dBM

We've been keeping the good word under wraps for the past month or so, to see how our concepts would solidify into actual plans. But now, with exactly 50 days until the Burn, we're confident enough to announce some news: Destination Burning Man will be representing on the playa this year with a camp made up of all your friends here at www.destinationburningman.com, offering a cozy dBM dome for music, dance parties, soirees and fuzzy lounging!

This here website -- hosting the dBM blog, musical mixes distributed via podcasts, videos from the playa, burn reports and interpretations, links to the Burning Man universe, photo collections and Burner profiles -- began on April the first, 2007, to document the voyage of "three broke dudes with a dream and a desire to burn" to Burning Man 2007. Originally envisioned as a way to raise funds for our visions, it soon morphed, along with our evolving plans, in to a record of
Boogie Universal's Pyramid Project. Our crew grew to something like 40 people, and we committed to the creation of an esplanade theme camp, with many logistics and hours upon hours of labor involved. A goodly portion of that story can be found here, here, here, here and here.

The principals behind Destination Burning Man --
DJ Playaduster/moontroll and DJ Edubious -- took 2008 off from the Burn (not necessarily by choice -- it is a long and unpleasant story) -- but have held tickets for Burning Man 2009 since the first day they went on sale last winter. They knew that their co-conspirators Hekter McElliott and Ramona Mayhem would likewise be traveling to Black Rock City too, creating their own parallel plans that would allow the four to join forces on the playa and raise some holy ruckus together.

With open minds and hearts, and the experiences of creating an epic burn together in 2007, moontroll and the Most Dubious E began whispering visions of a smaller, more intimate camp to be erected back towards the fringes of the city with an elevated state of comfort, a vigorous sense of adventure and soulful seeking and a mission to bring the dBM groove -- a deep groove that encompasses more diverse musical ideas than is typically found in the loudest sound camps -- to the people.

It was a natural fit then when DJ Grapenuts, a leading creative and musical force from the Boogie Universal camp, stepped forward with similar ideals for his 4th Burn -- comfort, music, dance parties, freedom, adventure, independence, pushing boundaries. And with the inclusion of G'nutz came....the RV (more on that later).

An initial summit at the Samish Island Zendo brought forth a rush of ideas for camp construction, amenities, playa art installations and hijinks, along with rough sketches visualizing the dBM dome. It was agreed that creating a simple environment in which the DJs Playaduster, Edubious and Grapenuts could plug in laptops, fire up a sound system and mix music for friends, new and old, was essential. Spinning sets from their overflowing vaults of grooves -- funk, salsa, reggae, raga, dub, breaks, soul, downtempo, cumbia, glitch, ambient, etc. -- became the organizing principle behind the mission.

It was likewise agreed that the dream camp included other friends that they either knew or hoped would be in BRC too -- Camp dBM would not emulate Club Exclusivo but instead be open to fellow merry-makers and rabble-rousers, dreamers, musicians, circus performers, healers, artists and seekers. Each of the original three have passed on the whisper on to a few friends that they could envision spending a very intense and edgy week with in the desert, with positive results at the end of the double-rainbow.

Torsten (playa name not registered) of San Francisco, with seven burns under his belt, knew what kind of experience he sought and thus eagerly jumped at the opportunity to merge with Camp dBM. His last burn was in 2007; while moontroll, G'nutz and Edubious were erecting the Boogie Pyramid at 9 o'clock and Esplanade, Torsten was working like a monkey on the epic Crude Awakening installation on Open Playa. Needless to say, he too was looking to gear down in 2009 and experiment with a smaller, tightly-knit camp existing on the fringes. It was also suggested to Torsten that he might know of some fellow Bay Area Burners, carefully selected, that might add good ju-ju to Camp dBM.

There are rumors that Grapenuts has found two more friends enthusiastic to join the camp -- including a childhood chum and rumored Burning Man virgin -- and there is secretive campaigning going on for another brother in Taos, New Mexico, underemployed and newly single, to commit to the amorphous tribe, a tribe that is slowly but perfectly converging intentions, mapping out possibilities, and counting down the weeks and days until the Man burns...

Over the next 50 days, Camp dBM intends to chronicle with some regularity the evolution of their journey to Black Rock City. First step: this dBM blog will begin to introduce each camp member, starting with a spicy dose of Doobsauce. Check back frequently and get yo'self ready to rumble!

Burning Man iPhone app

I found a very cool new iPhone app featuring sumptuous photos from the playa, plus a how-to playa photography guide, links collection and other swag, made by Seattle's own Matt Freedman and available at www.monkfishlabs.com. It'll costya $3.99, but then you'll have the playa in your pocket for any time you need a quick escape!

Are you ready to Evolve?

Thoughts on the
forthcoming Burn from www.examiner.com:

"For this year's theme, Burners are asked to contemplate three questions: What are we as human beings?  Where have we come from? And how may we adapt to meet an ever-changing world? There is perhaps no better moment in time to ask these. We stand at a unique epoch, amidst a world in turmoil that is transforming literally before our eyes. How will humans evolve to meet the challenges of a world besieged by war, overpopulation, economic depression, climate change, and over-consumption, yet one that has never been more consciously aware and interconnected? A world daunted by convergent crises, yet equipped with tools and ideas unimaginable to generations past? Will we find a collective pathway out of the morass, or will we end up our own worst enemies and seal our own fate?

For Burners and the vast culture they have spawned, the key to surfing the apocalypse (from the greek meaning "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is creativity and community, and the endless ways that each are continuously reinvented...."

here.click for more…

Adam Lambert : Bringing the Burn to mainstream America

On Jun 10, 2009, at 9:38 AM, moontroll wrote:
Subject: "I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen."

I don't know this guy, never even seen "American Idol" once, but can appreciate his awakening at the Burn:
NY Daily News.

* * * * * * * * *

On Jun 10, 2009, at 10:09 AM, Edub wrote:
Subject: Re: "I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen."

"Drug fueled"  Yeah, that's there, but we all know there is more to the Burn than that!  Through portal we come face to face with the Pure Power of Potential.  How we choose to harness it - on the playa and in the default world, is up to us.  In the immortal words of Master Yoda, "Choose, but choose wisely."

Onward toward the Burn.  May the Force (i.e. the Pure Power of Potential) be with us.

~ Master Doobsauce

* * * * * * * * * click for more…

Hekter's Field Report

Of the two DMV's I have been in contact with this last week, BM's DMV Hotties win my award for "Fuck Yeah!".  California's DMV.... not so much! I will always choose a name "Purple Koosh" over "Bonnie" and BM's questionnaire is much more dynamic and flirtatious. 

So.... the "Glacial Facial" has the green light to be built!  This will be a completely solar powered electric iceberg.... really - no generator.  And yes there will be loud music, led lighting, miscellaneous mojito materials and a giant trailer.  Wolfie & I (my solar bear partner) will be putting in some late night hours in the upcoming month in order to get the rig ready for Reggae Rising in late July. The electric 4-wheeler has been bought by Reggae's land owner and fortunately, he is into our mission.  We build this for him and in return we take it to the burn for the betterment of all.

Nightime Polar bear suit is in the mail... daytime version will be handcrafted out of scraps. Just a fuzzy banana hammock really... maybe some matching smittens?  

Single White Polar Bear Male seeks HWP penguins & arctic foxes!  Looking for a place to chill. Maybe I'll get online dating going with this shit? 

Portable assault unit, silent but friendly, misting machines, commercial spray gun... I'm getting all wet just thinking about it.  Hope UR2 ;)

~ Hekter McElliott

The Fuse is Lit

With less than 100 days until the Burn -- 92 days, 1 hour and 43 minutes to be exact -- I wonder to myself how I am preparing myself for that explosion of madness, creativity and life-loving fun that awaits me.

Last weekend, one of my alter-egos was called upon to DJ a party up in the mountains, following up a concert that was the world-wide debut of a husband-wife musical duo known as The Raven and the Hawk (and they each performed solo too, as Violet Modestly and Alexander Beetroot). Since I was pretty tired from the work week, I couldn't make it, but my alter-ego showed up in fine form, even though DJ he had to borrow a wig.
click for more…

BM09 art installations announced

From the Burning Man newsletter "Jack Rabbit Speaks," a preview of the playa-to-be:

Every year Burning Man allocates a percentage of its revenue from
ticket sales to funding select art projects that are collaborative,
community-oriented and interactive. We do this in order to support
the Burning Man art community, and to facilitate the creation of
outstanding art for Black Rock City... In 2009, a
percentage of your hard-earned ticket money helped to fund the
following art installations, for all Burning Man participants to enjoy.

click for more…

Riding the Evolutionary Wave

The world spins hectic and has commanded that my focus be on things other than the Burn. But, as we cross the threshold of the Burnal Equinox my thoughts begin to descend toward this year's Burn. Feedback from the global Burner's network that has tuned into Radio dBM reminds me that our tribe is tuned in and listening. There is a collective momentum that builds toward our convergence on the Playa. Jack Rabbit speaks and reminds me that the wheels are turning - have been turning - to manifest Evolution in 2009.

The connecting thread is CHANGE. The BM offices are moving; Fourth Corner Soundsystem - the primary location of the dBM studios has passed to new hands and the Skagit Island Zendo has emerged as the new command central; Hekter has departed to an undisclosed southern location to cultivate new possibilities for global broadcasting; Ramona Mayhem is lost in the backwoods of the Southern Cascades but somehow continues to be the keeper and director of Camp Mystic; Cottage Groove Studios and DJ Edubious (your's truly) has been silent (until Burnal Equinox Evolution) for nearly a year and many are wondering if the plug has been pulled permanently... Don't bet on it!
click for more…

Towards Evolution

I've got my magic Willy Wonka-meets-Charles Darwin golden ticket that will allow me passage through the portal at the end of August. We are poised somewhere right around the Burnal Equinox, which means that we are sitting at the other end of the Gregorian calendar in relation to The Burn. Balanced, if you will. And I know you will. That means that all the Burners in all the different corners of the world have exactly six months to prepare for the journey and the gathering.

Six months doesn't seem like a lot of time to reach readiness status, depending on how you look at it, or more accurately, depending on how big your dreams and schemes are for 2009.

It also seems like a fucklong time to have to wait. Granted, I need plenty of time to physically, mentally and spiritually prepare for my trip to Burning Man -- this will be my third pilgrimage in six years -- but late August seems impossibly far away right now. Just last week, I woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground. Nothing is blooming, the Skagit flats are dull and muddy. Nights are cold. Big, dark clouds full of rain blow in off the Salish Sea. It is very difficult to daydream myself to a place of desert sun, dry winds and warm nights. Visualize sunburns -- it’s harder than you might think.

I have no choice but to patiently wait, and to savor the wait, the build-up, the gathering of energy.

As for how much time I need to get my project together, that is as undetermined as the project itself.

I haven’t had a chance to dig in to dreaming up a new experiment with Ramona Mayhem or Hekter McElliot -- haven’t seen much of either this past year as both have taken up temporary residences far away from Bellingham -- but with Edub, who lives just down the road in Seattle, I’ve had several chances to brainstorm, blowing on the embers, bringing up a little flame.
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Hekter McElliott in Hawaii

Hekter done and gone headed off for the islands of Hawaii this winter, and he came across a bunch of Burners. Fancy that! Here's the latest from Hektervision...

The Source Festival, Maui 2009 from Hekter McElliot on Vimeo.

Mystic Garden Festival, Maui 2009 from Hekter McElliot on Vimeo.
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special delivery!!!

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dBM worldwide

International visitors in the month of February, so far. Spreadin' the flames.......

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major archival discovery!

Settling down to try to finish my 5 month Dubcast revival project, I reached up and grabbed the basket on the corner of my desk, seeking a flame to Light It Up. In this moment, I'm pondering where I will find (what I think will be) the last track of this epic attempt at an Edubious Compilations revival. But what do I see nestled beneath this basket but a paper CD envelope covered with sparkly dinosaur and sea animal stickers... Inside said envelope is a data CD prepared by one Mr. Hekter McElliot Chapman for a the lovely 4th Broke Dude, Miss Ramona Mayhem.

Now I recall the Labcabin Convergence on Lummi Island when Hekter bestowed upon me this gift for Miss Mayhem. Through the haze of smoke and the glow of our fellow gnome companion (who has no name as far as I know....BTW - Have you seen Hyper Primbly?) it was agreed that I would most likely be seeing Ramona before he would, so I should pass on this gift of carefully selected bits and bytes. Unfortunately/fortunately, I have not connect with Ramona in the months since so said disk is still in my possession. The awesomeness of my inability to connect with Ramona and my lame turnaround for passing of a specially prepared gift is that upon finding that disk this evening, I discovered the lost audio files of the Prophet (aka
Hekter McElliot, aka Johnny Buckskin)!!!! These mythical audio recordings date back to Black Rock City, circa 2008 and are in pristine condition! Well archived, titled and organized in a folder titled, 'Yovanda McHekerton 2.0 bm 2008.'

This, my friends, is a momentous find that will most certainly clarify the as yet unverified first hand reports that have so far emerged from BRC.

Stay tuned to dBM Evolutionary Radio as we unveil these lost recordings to the world.

~ Professor. E. Dubious, B. UaC, dBM Radio Archivist
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