In the Dust

One of the more cinematic playa videos we’ve seen...a real joy to watch, striking a fine balance between the sacred and the ridiculousness of Burning Man!

Dust to Dust: A BRC timelapse

Haiku SpaceBalls by Rachel

Rachel & Martha in Deep Playa

Playa reflection:
You are what you’re looking for
Strings of blue balloons

Mountain silhouette
Melts into the Magic Hour--
It’s going to get weird

Not Star Wars, Space Balls
Warp speed wobble whomp Jedis
Furry Chewbaccas

Pillows, teeth, and wires
Pod of laughing ladies lounge
In shark’s lucky mouth

Expand not escape
Mandala birthing itself
Neon rose blossoms

Tent turned up to broil
My heart is a crispy orb
Long past the sunrise

There are so many
Doors to open, Doors to close
I can’t stop laughing

Sweaty beer, string cheese
Here is the Triple Truth, Ruth:
Hops, dusty love, protein

Tabula Rasa
Big boat nets a little fish
By the Robot-Heart

Beauty of Release
Dances itself alive on
Prehistoric fish

Dealing with Post Playa Depression (Burning Man I Love You)


Post playa depres­sion is a very real thing, espe­cially after your first burn.  A lot of peo­ple expe­ri­ence it, I know I did!  It’s a nat­ural prob­lem after return­ing from the best week of your entire LIFE!!!  Tran­si­tion­ing back into the real-world and pro­cess­ing all the amaz­ing things you expe­ri­enced can be an over­whelm­ing process.  There are SO many incred­i­ble things we expe­ri­enced in our lit­tle city for that full week that it is impos­si­ble that you are not wired dif­fer­ently now!
You may be ques­tion­ing your job, your cowork­ers, maybe your friends, the fact that you have to drive your car now instead of your bicy­cle and are stuck in traf­fic.  The lack of wide open, end­less, lib­er­at­ing spaces… Even your appetite might have changed, you may not be crav­ing sugar as much, or the tele­vi­sion, or Face­book, etc!
Direct that new­found energy to make life more awesome
Don’t worry my friend! You can use this energy to make pow­er­ful changes that will make your default world more like Black Rock City.  This is not the time to just go back to the way things were but to inte­grate the lessons you learned and make pro­gres­sive changes in your life!
This is why, for exam­ple, I ride my bicy­cle as much as I can, all the time.  It con­nects my spirit to the care­free and time­less way of life at burn­ing man com­bined with healthy exer­cise. So one thing you can do is…
ride your bicy­cle a lot more often! Inte­grate it with errands or work or ride around the park or any­thing you like.
Say hello / good morn­ing / good evening to strangers even if they don’t want to look at you or respond like most peo­ple in the city.  Even if they stare depress­ingly at the side­walk as they pass you… it’s okay, say hello to them any­way, it will make you feel good inside and maybe remind them to look up once in a while.
Smile and wave at the dri­ver stuck at the red light next to you! Who cares if they get con­fused and won­der why you would do such a crazy thing. Smil­ing is awe­some and that will lift their spir­its and raise the vibra­tion of the sit­u­a­tion.  Who knows, they might just smile and wave back.
:le gasp:
Take that “risk” of inter­act­ing with peo­ple like you did at the burn.  Maybe it’s time you finally start that con­ver­sa­tion with your neigh­bor of 10 years.
If you real­ize you hate being an office drone then maybe it’s time to look for a new job! What is it your really want to do?  Brain-storm.  Look for open­ings in the dif­fer­ent depart­ments that you could trans­fer to
within your cur­rent com­pany.  Maybe there are some new oppor­tu­ni­ties there you may enjoy more and learn new things.
Hate hear­ing the
TV? Then leave it off! Or bet­ter yet, save some money and can­cel your cable ser­vice. :-p
Do you real­ize now you have too many use­less mate­r­ial pos­ses­sions and can’t stand the clut­ter?  Start that cleans­ing process by sell­ing your stuff on craigslist and get some money for it while free­ing up your space!
Hav­ing prob­lems with your non-burner friends?click for more…

thoughts on decompression

This was posted on the Seattle BMan listserv -- had to share it!

"You can always spot the folks who are on the road home from Burning Man: Filthy, reeking, bug-eyed, sporting dusty tails, broken top hats and crusty corsets, reveling in simple things like ice cream sandwiches, porcelain toilets....rambling about room service...and that was just that one guy. And when you get home, you can immediately spot a driveway where folks have unloaded a car that's been to Burning Man. A week later, walking down the street, you'll notice a backpack with a tell-tale washed-out look to it. A month later, at a party or on the bus or at the bank, it really doesn't matter, you'll notice that the creases of that woman's boots over there still have playa in them. And you smile. You've almost got the playa out of everything, too, but bits of it stick around forever, resisting q-tips and toothbrushes and expensive bills from the auto detailer who said he never wanted to see you again.

Anything that goes to the playa is never the same again. Including you. It's persistent. It sticks with you. That's not a bad thing, really. It helps us remember. And it helps to be around folks who remember, during the decompression season 'n' all."

Get Found Got Found

Well, yes, we’re all back from Burning Man, safe, mostly sound, cleaning up the last of our dusty sundries. Get Found ended up getting found -- waaaaaayyyyyy found -- on the corner of 8:30 & Initiation. Fittingly. We erected our SynchroniciTEA House & Juju Parlor and served tea to the masses all week long. Did you find us? Did you enjoy some oolong or kumbacha or dreamtime tea with us? Sure hope so! All in all, our camp and our teahouse were so much more than even our grandest dreams. And so now, we clean, and we collect ourselves, and we communicate so as to help each other with the processing and reintegration.

We’ll have more to say about Rites of Passage soon, I’m sure, so stay tuned (or share with us your own stories via email or in the comments.) I’ll leave you with a few of our best group shots from the playa...

First pulse of Foundlings on-playa, Sunday 6:30 pm

Inside the SynchroniciTEA House

White Wednesday

Burn night 2011

Burn night, lit by the 11:11 activation fires

Media coverage of the 2011 Burn

Most corporate media outlets attempting to write about BM fail miserably. Slate has done all right this week in their 5-part series by Seth Stevenson: http://slate.me/rlIsdY. "The plan was for us to meet up with a large camp of people who'd be providing us shelter and food for the week. But as we pulled into the encampment...we couldn't find our group. And the sun was setting. We gave up, parked the car, and began to wander around. And this is when my brain melted a little...."

‎Part 2 of Slate's report on BM:
http://slate.me/r52fK2: “I’ve never personally had the urge to just hang out with my wang out, and that hadn't changed since I'd gotten to Burning Man. But late one night I biked deep into the desert, turned off my headlamp, and removed some clothes...let it be said: Reader, I shirtcocked. And I sort of liked it."

‎Part 4 in the Slate series on BM: http://slate.me/n9Arn9: “On Saturday night, the man burns. This moment means different things to different people. The transit of the human spirit. The exultation of pagan ritual. The simple, ancient joy of fire. The culmination of a 150-hour party. Whatever its meaning, it is spectacular—a colossal, billowing inferno, with explosions and face-searing heat blasts, and people cheering and dancing and stripping all their clothes off. At this point, stuff gets crazy."

Final installment in Slate series on BM: http://slate.me/n2be8K: “Whenever strangers at Burning Man briefly chat and then part ways, they bid each other farewell by brightly saying, "Enjoy your burn!" It occurred to me—as I thought about the desert dust that was the only thing here before this week started, and will be the only thing here when we've left—life is really just a burn writ large. We emerge from nothingness. We join together to create beautiful, temporary relationships, full of kindness and joy and love. And then we disappear again. Dust to dust."

‎”Silicon Valley has a long history with Burning Man that became most notable in the late 1990s when the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, began going. The first Google Doodle...was an “out of office” message they left on the homepage when they went to the festival in 1998. It showed the Google name with a drawing of a stick figure “burning man...Legend has it that Eric Schmidt won the job as CEO after showing up at Page and Brin’s camp at Burning Man."

"As the anti-establishment arts festival and survival project disappears piece by piece from the white sands of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, participants and organizers say Burning Man -- which just had its largest week in its 25-year history -- is going through some growing pains as plans to expand its size and scope moving forward over the next year." http://reut.rs/pX8iB2

"A circular temporary city plan built around the spectacle of art, music and dance: I wish all cities had such a spirit of utopia by being built around human interaction, community and participation.” : RIP, Rod Garrett, designer of our beloved Black Rock City: http://nyti.ms/n8cxWP.

Burning Man in the Age of Rick Perry: Revelation, Pluralism, and Moral Imperative

We cannot know his legendary head  with eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso  is still suffused with brilliance from inside,  like a lamp, in which his gaze, now turned to low, gleams in all its power… You must change your life. —Excerpt from Rilke, “Archaic Torso of Apollo” 

At this moment, over 50,000 people from around the world are gathered, again, in a temporary city in Nevada’s Black Rock desert. By now, I suspect most RD readers have heard of Burning Man, though the nature of this temporary city—please don’t call it a festival—remains elusive. Some call it a Temporary Autonomous Zone devoted to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. Others call it a utopian experiment in commerce-free living. Others, well, others call it a festival.

Like any pilgrimage site, Burning Man is less a destination than a pretext for the journey. These days, of course, flying into Reno isn’t so hard—but actually opening up to whatever Black Rock City has to offer… that journey can be arduous. If you go looking for a festival with sex and drugs and dance music, that is all you will find. But if you pause to wonder why there’s a temple in the middle of it, why people come back year after year even if they don’t do drugs, or, for that matter, how it is that the art, community, and culture of Black Rock City is constructed without a Them putting on entertainments for Us, much more can be received.

Generally speaking, those who intend to be open in this way come away changed by the experience. I’ve been to dozens of “festivals,” and some of them have been very cool. But they didn’t inspire me to change my life. Burning Man did, when I first went to it in 2001. What it presents are ways of being that most of us never imagine. It’s possible to be like this, it says, to live so richly and creatively and expressively and sensuously, to be this in love with life. And once one has really seen that such a life is possible, one cannot go back to how one was.

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"Some Ways Seemingly More Round About & Mysterious Than Others"

"All of us, all of us, all of us trying to save our immortal souls, some ways seemingly more round about and mysterious than others. We are having a good time here. But hope all will be revealed soon." 

-- Raymond Carver

Scenes from the Playa!

Photos taken by a friend of a friend already there...we leave tomorrow!

Torsten's playa bike

Bay Area-based honorary Get Founder Torsten was recently featured in an online article about playa bikes:

TORSTEN HASSELMANN (12 years at Burning Man)
Origin of bike:
I built and welded it and myself out of the town dump when I lived in Wyoming. Among other things the handlebars used to be a shopping cart frame.
Accessories: Minimal, just the bike here, though I used to enjoy EL (electroluminescent) wire so I put some on the bars for lighting back in 2004 and still use it to not get run over.
Advice for last minute bike builders: Start earlier next time and make it fun for everybody.
Tips for riding on the Playa: Keep it upright.
Most important in a Burner bike: Hopefully it’s not just fun for you, but brightens other peoples’ experience as well.

More profiles at http://www.7x7.com/fitness-outdoors/burner-bike-diy-tips-playa-pros

Soundtracks for the journey home

While everyone is scurrying about like crazy getting ready to hit the road for Rites of Passage, here’s a reminder that there are dozens of free, kick-ass, basstastic musical mixes ready to be downloaded to your iPod for soundtracks for the journey home! Visit our dBMcast webpage for recent offerings from DJ Playaduster, DJ Edubious, DJ Fundiduster and lots of Guest DJs like Eskmo, Opiuo, Bassnectar, Random Rab, Ooah, David Starfire, Ana Sia and others. Radio dBM has created 2011-specific mixes too, including Pathways to the Portal, The Larry Harvey Dub Experience, Rites of Bassage, and Bass Cadet.

Reposting this crucial information on dBMcasts from years past...

From 2010: Are you in need of some last minute musical mix madness to download on to your pod for the road trip to Black Rock City? dBM has just what you need to make your journey most enjoyable to all 5 senses. You can find...an introduction to Bass Chakra Therapy here, and Bassnectar Maxxximum 1 & 2 here and here. The most recent offering is DJ Playaduster's LOVETROPOLIS mix, featuring his camp mates with Get Found, Larry Harvey and a whopping dose of whomp -- download it right about here. And don't forget about Whompadelic 2: Revenge of the GlitchStrap (here) and Through the Portal (here).

And many of these same playa-friendly music mixes can also be streamed and downloaded from
DJ Playaduster's SoundCloud page and DJ Edubious' Soundcloud page.

From 2009: Well friends, it is time to let go of those plans and packing ideas you haven't gotten to yet, embrace what you have prepared, load up your jalopy and start heading north/south/east/west towards Black Rock City. One last task before you hit the pavement: download a bunch of dBM podcasts to stoke out yer iPod for the road trip (and arrive with fresh toonz for your camp/art car)!

Destination Burning Man has been posting tracks here since early 2007 -- original musical mixes inspired by the playa from DJs Playaduster, Edubious and, as of this week, Grapenuts; guest DJ sets; field recordings from BRC, interviews and inspired babble and other bits of digital ephemera, always set to a head-bobbin' groove. Sometimes, the message behind the music has taken more than one mix to tell and so multi-part epics have been necessary. Here's a guide to some of our favorites epics, trilogies and otherwise.

Don't ask questions. Just download and git em on to yer iPod or burn to CD and begin full immersion. Let the creative mixologists of dBM provide you with your swervy soundtrack to Burning Man 2009: EVOLUTION!

For best results, click here to subscribe to dBMcasts via iTunes and download the mixes you want from there, while simultaneously setting yerself up for new episodes to automatically be delivered to you when they're posted.

DJ Playaduster's Hearts of Flame trilogy -- August 2006

"And then there's the music, and the dancing.... Sounds come at you from all sides at all times, different rhythms and grooves colliding with the cadences of storytelling and the hushed tones of sacred ceremonies. It is an aural orgy. You are bombarded with so much music that it soon feels like it might all be seeping inside of you, changing you irrevocably. This podcast tribute series attempts to recreate some sense of this nighttime wandering and sound-safaring. A wide variety of musical tastes coexist On Playa, and a brand-new style of music emerges from the midnight mashups and cryptic cross-pollinizations that occur as the glorious and chaotic sounds of Burning Man float towards the starry sky."

Part one "Ignition", part two "Combustion" and part three "Renewal"

DJs Playaduster+Edubious Burnal Equinox set-- February 2007

"One of our best hopes then is to dream up, then build, a portable sound system that is capable of moving across the playa pumping out our most adventurous musical offerings as an alternative to the ever-present pulse of rave music. We want to bring the funk. We want to lay down the reggae dub. We want to spin the jazz, the world beat, the cajun and the calypso. Two of our alter egos, DJ Playaduster and DJ Edubious, have much experience in crafting musical podcast mixes, we used to host a jazz/groove radio show out in Wyoming (of all places), and we believe we can put both our experience and our vast archives to good use. So, we're moving forward on the assembly of musical mixes, and here is the very first test run available for your listening pleasure."

Part one "It's All About the Burn Now" and part two "Towards the Burn".

DJ Edubious' Virginal Fire Trilogy -- Pre- and Post-Burn 2007

Part one "Light It Up", part two "Burn It Down" and part three "Afterburn".

DJ Playaduster's Green Man trilogy -- Fall 2007

"How to keep the flame alit? How to burn all year? How to reintegrate the lessons and the love in to the Default World? These are the questions the Four Broke Dudes confronted as they stepped back in to their former lives in the Northwest. This is a set of music deeply influenced by the nighttime environment of Black Rock City. It is a mix made up exclusively from DJ Playaduster's nocturnal field recordings -- bits and pieces of the sound environment that pulses each night on the playa, blended together, overlapped, cut-up and reassembled."

Part one "Disorientation", part two "Reorientation: Hyper-Primbly's Marsupial Thumbdrive" and part three "Reintegration".

DJs Playaduster + Edubious' Darwinian Experimentations -- June/July 2009

"Starting to think ahead to Burning Man 2009 a bit -- can't help it. Time to start slowly crafting well-seasoned playlists of tracks that we want to bring down to the playa to share with the people. Here's a sneak peek in to some of our favorite musical goodies acquired over the past few months that are helping us to begin visualizing the next incarnation of Black Rock City. The vibe kind of swerves all over the place as lots of styles and theories are ingested in to the whole. Sources vary widely. Hope you dig it and it tickles the insides of your ears."

"Darwin's Weird Beard" and "Darwin's Furrowed Brow"

DJs Playaduster's Tangled Path Trilogy -- 2008-2009

"The stories that this podcast shares take place over a year-and-a-half, on and off the playa, between friends meeting and separating again along the road. The routes that spring forth from the Burning Man Experience truly form a Tangled Path. Part one surveys the many loose ends of that path, tangling and untangling again; in part two, we'll together move towards Convergence and Burning Man 2009 : Evolution."

"Loose Ends" and "Convergence"

Other non-multi-part dBMcasts of worthy note:

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Get Found 3.0.7: Scotty G & Kat

Name (playa or otherwise): “Scotty G”
Years Burned: ‘04, 09, 10
Where is Home Right Now?: Taos, New Mexico
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life: Enjoy! If you don’t like it, create something you do like.
Favorite Memories from Burns of Yesteryear: “The Night,” the Get Found origin, moshing to the Vandals, doing energy work, center camp magic, being one of the first to show up on the playa and one of the last ones to leave last year and sunrises on temple burn mornings.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: It is possible to live in an almost constant stream of synchronicity.
Top 5 Playa Essentials: Hat, sun block, water, bike and night lighting.
Best Tip for Playa Virgins: Let it go. So much easier said than done, but so liberating. Also, embrace the dust.
Personal Role/Character on the Playa: This year I think my role will be a grounder and space holder.
Most Looking Forward To: Getting more time to go around during the day and learn about ways that people are expanding their minds and cultivating their visions. Also, more climbing, bouncing, dancing and overall movement.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Expand, not escape.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Have gone by many but to those who know me well, Kathryn
Years burned: 0
Where is home right now?: Bellingham, although I have many
General outlook/philosophy on life: At the risk of sounding cliche... "Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed"
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Seeing my brother and Christian in PDX after they got back. I cherish those memories....
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I imagine that I will find something there that I isn't possible to find anywhere else
Top 5 Playa essentials: Don't know yet, but drawn by many things... the sky, the barrenness, the creation of something I can't imagine out of nothing, the ability to take emotional risks in an environment in which it is safe, and my wonderful brother
Best tip for Playa virgins: Ring the bell like you never have and never will again. :) That's my plan...
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Well... there's a lot of things I thought of, but now that I stop and reflect, my answer at this point would be premature. I think one of the reasons I'm drawn to going is to find this out....
Most looking forward to: The openness in both people and nature, and the rawness... again in both people in nature.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: To allow myself to be.....

Get Found 3.0.6: Maketa & Hartz

Name (playa or otherwise)  Maketa, Edub, Edubious
Years Burned:  This will be my third burn.  Priors:  2007 Green Man | 2009 Evolution
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life:  We are absolutely the creators of our reality - individually and collectively. Intention is the weaving of Universal energies that create the tapestry of one's life.  hat you focus on expands. Your words create your world.
Top 5 Playa Essentials:  tabi boots, drum, solid community, camera, soundstick
Favorite Memories from Burns of Yesteryear:  Rocking the Purple Palace w/ Moontroll, Torsten, Pomme Frites and dosing everyone around us;  Team Love and unbreakable tractor beams with Suga Cube, Moontroll, Scotty G, Rachel, Leah and Atlas; chillin' in the soundproof-red light-mirrored box in deep playa;  full Glitch Mob at Enthion Village; freak circus and Bassnectar at Cirque Berzerk, and on and on and on and on.....
Personal Role/Character on the Playa:  warrior and king - deeper reflections of my strongest archtypes
Something I learned about myself on playa that I didn't know before: That I like wearing eye makeup and face paint
Intentions for the 2001 Burn: Deep connection with my partner Rey; deep service to the Get Found Tribe known and unknown; to play and laugh in new ways; to drum and share rhythm and music in community. 

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise)  Hartz / Sarah
Years Burned:  this is my first!
Where is home?: Chez Verite in Seattle and there's always part of me in the West Bank
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life:  ancestor knowing and honoring, cultivating growth and depth, foundation in community and connection, universal energy and stepping into the flow
Top 5 Playa Essentials:  boots, a scarf and trust trust trust
Best Tip for Playa Virgins: dream about it
Personal Role/Character on the Playa:  favorite new role is the super heroine/hero, I usually listen and ground before I 'enter' and I'm trying to move beyond that
Intentions for the 2001 Burn: opening/unfolding/unfurling of heart wings

Getting Found in the Default World

It has been a busy couple of months in the Pacific Northwest for Camp Get Found as we prepare for our 3rd year together on the playa. We’ve always been a small camp with a population hovering around 20, and this year is no different: 11 Get Found alumni and 9 new Foundling initiates (with 7 playa virgins in the mix) -- you can read more about who is Getting Found this year in our ongoing camp registrations. This year, our campers come also exclusively from homebases in western Washington & Oregon -- our Colorado, California and New Mexico friends are either not going or camping in other configurations.

So last spring, as the deadline for theme camp application approached and we had not had any conversations about what we were going to do in 2011,
Hannah Tangerine (I think) came up with the idea of creating a tea house for the people. “We could call it SynchroniciTEA, serve brews and elixirs, and help cultivate meaningful coincidences,” she suggested. “How about throw ‘and JuJu Parlor” in there for good measure?” I added. A concept was born.

In the months and weeks since, we put out the word to alumni and new friends alike and, by July, had our camp roster pretty well finalized. This gave us nearly two months to get to know each other, to communicate, brainstorm, share ideas, host gatherings and begin to divvy up tasks -- the work that it would take to Get Found once more in Black Rock City -- this time with a teahouse in tow.

Maketa and
J-Rey threw themselves in to the SynchroniciTEA concept and began designing, buying materials and constructing the prototype. Tina took on teahouse interior visions, helping to imagine a soothing space full of intentionality and spirit by way of lights, colors, art. Rachel dove in to some playatech furniture building, Tangerine began organizing the group kitchen and Moontroll worked on herding cats, keeping communication and logistics flowing, painting signs, buying tea and teapots and getting the Boogie parachute ready for its 4th burn. Colby is building a sink and generator mufflers. Dana spraypainted bamboo designs on teahouse walls. Everybody shared surplus hugs and bacon.

emerged from his recent touring with March Fourth just in time to step in as our pragmatic camp foreman, and in short order busted out our greywater evaporation system, jigsawed a lightbox sign, worked on parachute repairs and rebar advisement and also helped think through systems like electrical, showers and transport.

Our first major gathering was in Bellingham over a weekend in July, and consisted of a Friday night meet-and-greet social, which led in to a dance party (of course) which led in to a slumber party which led in to a potluck brunch which led, finally, to a long and detailed meeting scoping out the details of camp, some of the logistics, some of the concerns/questions and figuring out who was doing what. A follow-up gathering was held in August in Seattle, in which the primary goal of raising the teahouse structure for the first time was accomplished (to great joy and excitement) along with several other small projects, all featuring the surprise guest appearance of GF alum Scotty G. fresh from Taos.

So we’re less than 2 weeks out before we all hit the road, eastward towards the Black Rock Desert.... with a few more things to finish up & tinker on before we go. Many have moved in to personal prep now and are living, breathing and dreaming the Burn round the clock. Without receiving official placement from BMorg, we don’t know exactly where we’ll end up in BRC,
but if yer meant to find us, it will be a meeting of great synchroniciTEA!

Here are a few scenes of Get Found pre-playa gatherings, work parties and funraising....

Our first official meeting, at the Purple Palace in Bellingham, WA -- we managed to get nearly 3/4 of the camp in the same place at the same time! After some chattering & swilling, we soon dudded up to head out for a birthday party complete with a treehouse, yummy keg & food, drum circle and DJ Grapenuts.

More photos by Tina and moontroll after the jump.....
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Get Found 3.0.5: Rachel & Dana

Name (playa or otherwise): Rachel...perhaps this will be the year my playa name Gets Found?!...
Years Burned: This will be my 4th
Where is Home Right Now?: Olympia, WA
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life: Desiderata, baby!
Favorite Memories from Burns of Yesteryear: Violin serenade in the Tunnel of Love, Carcass Wash with Ramona Mayhem, Dr. Megavolt, eating pancakes off embers of the Man, excursion on the Naughty Bus, solo missions, going to the Temple for the first time, hot chocolate, aural soundscapes, being floored by a desert mermaid, Team Love, serving up bevs at Center Camp Cafe, meeting my little green friend...
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I LOVE TUACA
Top 5 Playa Essentials: all purpose playa-cup, lip balm, goggles, baby wipes, belt with pockets
Best Tip for Playa Virgins: Read the Survival Guide. Drink lots of water....The rest is an Adventure
Personal Role/Character on the Playa: Hmmm....by the end of the week, when layers unpeel & I am being truly who I am, I have more magic to share.
Most Looking Forward To: Get Found Co-Creation, Exploration, Lamplighting, Giving and Receiving lots of Hugs, Riding my New Playa Bike out into the deep, Art!!!, the Power of Whimsy, Laughter, and Dancing like my Vagina is on Fire - yeow!!
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Open Heart, Open Mind. Let myself Expand. Getting dusty with Get Found. Celebrate being Alive!

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Dana
Years burned: virginal
Where is home right now?: West Seattle and primarily in my heart
General outlook/philosophy on life: believe in yourself, trust what the universe shows you, listen, love freely, laugh, create space for life’s gifts
Top 5 Playa essentials: connection, freedom, decision maker boots, lip gloss, comfy pillow
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Gifter of Deep Hugs
Most looking forward to: soaking in the sense of community, creating an environment of trust and joy, creativity sparks, expression, the unexpected and the unknown, growth
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: to open my mind and heart to new territory, be present, laugh, enjoy the dust, let it flow!

dBMcast feedback

One of the best parts of creating this website and the Burning Man content it features -- videos, dBMcasts, essays, photos, blog updates -- is receiving feedback from the community. Edubious and myself put a lot of time, energy, money and passion in to our dBM creations, and with the click of a button, send it out in to the world. We don’t know where our music or videos will end up, who will stumble upon them and how they get felt. But over the years, we’ve received quite a few moving stories from Burners around the world, people who have taken the time to send us a note of gratitude or tell their tale -- most heartwarming messages often include a description of how they ended up listening to one of our mixes, where and when, or most importantly, what it meant to them.

We’d love to hear from you and know what you get out of this site and its creative offerings:
[email protected]. And now’s as good a time as any to remind folks that we appreciate donations from the community, which we use to maintain destinationburningman.com and increase its offerings. Emails are one way to support us, and funds are another. There’s a Paypal link in the sidebar if you’re feeling generous. We’ll probably end up spending it on the SynchroniciTea House at Burning Man this month, so know your tithing is going to a worthy cause!

So here are a few of the awesomest emails we’ve received in the past few weeks. Thanks!
DJ Playaduster

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that some Burners really enjoyed your "Loveness Got Found Part 2" while watching the sunset over the Keys last night (Islamorada, to be exact). We loved the overlaid voices and the giggles that only come on the playa. Got us even more excited about this year.

downloaded the track from Soundcloud on a lark, did not listen to it before we popped it on, absolutely wonderful, the timing with the sunset made it absolutely magical.

Thanks again!
J. Trash
Monomythia 2011

I stumbled onto your podcasts after last years burn and I cant explain how much the music, videos and adventure y'all share have transformed and fueled my life. Im an illustration student here in SF, heres a link to some of  the artwork ive done while listening to your casts on repeat: http://misterambportfolio.blogspot.com. THANK YOU for all you’ve done and I eagerly await every new podcast. Im the volunteer coordinator for L--- so I'll see you out at the Burn.

L-- VC

DbM crew,

I stumbled across your podcast, then site, blog, related materiel and am hooked.  Your combination of amazing tracks with fun and insightful commentary is my brand of perfect!  I can't get enough.  This will be my second burn and want to visit the temple of tea and hopefully meet the masters.  Do you know where you'll be on the playa?  Looking forward to another amazing burn and hopefully connecting with you.  Keep up the perfect podcasts, they really set the tone as I prepare and plan.  Love it!

Hasta la pasta,

dBM – I am writing to let you know that your podcasts & videos fill me with so much joy. I am preparing for my 4th journey to the desert this year, and the soundtrack for my preparation has been your music and energy. Awesome stuff, my friends.
Thank you.


We are all to brink of crazy as the Opening day approaches!  I am returning a response to let you know that every day I'm not on the playa, you keep me there in SPIRIT because of the cool mixes that I enjoy ( and share and annoy friends) every other day of the year in anticipation of hardship, dust and  ultimate bliss for 7 days of the year.  Thank You for your continued efforts and I hope to one day cross paths there or at home area with you groovy cats!
Kevin and The Zappa Dust Tribe= usually around 3:30 & 4:00- in the first 5-8 layers.  We will be cruising the ZOOT Retro Rocketship this year!

My boyfriend introduced me to your podcast this past weekend.  Well done!!! They are my new favorite crush & the latest addition to the soundtrack of my life. Thanks for the inspiration!  See you on the playa!  : )

I am from Indianapolis, first-time burner and found your podcast in my quest get ideas of what the playa will be like, costumes I should plan, etc. I'm searching the Internets and absorbing all things Burning! :-)

Thanks for all the podcast and content, much love to you for putting that all together.

Get Found 3.0.4: moontroll & Gabriella

Name (playa or otherwise): moontroll, DJ Playaduster
Years burned: This will be my fifth burn in 8 years. First: 2004, Vault of Heaven.
Where is home right now?: As of March, I have been dwelling in a purple house surrounded by tall trees on the outskirts of Bellingham with my new Tangerine-flavored family.
General outlook/philosophy on life: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. -- Dr. Suess
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Wingin it my first Burn, unprepared with Torsten. Building the Boogie Pyramid in '07 with Boogie Universal and the following adventures & mishaps on the Esplanade. The Party Formerly Known as the Prince Party I conducted in aforementioned pyramid. Team Love tractor beam explorations and Getting Found on perimeter in 09. Sunrise on open playa with Abraxas sipping mimosas on the Glacial Facial in 10. Discovering Whomp & Bass Chakra Therapy at Cirque Bezerk & Entheon; dancing to DISORIENT's micro-nerf beats by myself in deep playa; Crude Awakening and Bliss Dance. Falling in love with TanjaLove.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: The power of setting focused intentions, aka The Pure Power of Potential.
Top 5 Playa essentials: Goggles, vitamins/herbs/bee pollen, purple pig tails & tutu, comfortable/functional bike, camera/soundstick.
Best tip for Playa virgins: No expectations, no agenda, no drama. Keep it simple & light!
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Playa Portraits facilitator.
Most looking forward to: Getting found. Again. Biking deep playa at night. Stumbling on to random funky dance parties in unlikely places. Absorbing all of the amazing kaleidoscopeness of Center Camp. Spending more time in the Healer villages. Serving oolong in the SynchroniciTEA House & Juju Parlor. Grounding at the Temple, checking in.....
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Deeper personal explorations (beneath the psyche, on the backside of ego), deeper soul connection with my Tangerine lover, deeper collective love & authenticity with the tribe.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Gabriella, GabrieBella, GLORIA, Love Angel
Years burned: Going on my 7th... I think
Where is home right now?: Oh boy.... right now? Or now? Hmm... oh, you mean now? I'm in Portland as I type this.
General outlook/philosophy on life: Follow your heart and trust that all is as it should be.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Dancing alone to the best sunrise set ever, Drunk Kissing Angel Day, riding the Orgasmatron, singing and dancing around a fire til sunrise, building the temple in '09, sex in a hammock, becoming a hug angel, being awed by what humans can create.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I'm sexy and I'm really good with a framing nailer!
Top 5 Playa essentials: Open mind, goggles, sun hat, comfortable boots, blinky lights
Best tip for Playa virgins: Stay hydrated and spend at least one day or night off on your own solo adventure.
Favorite personal role/character on playa: MYSELF.... to the nth power!
Most looking forward to: Being awed by what humans can create.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Getting found, sharing love, hugs, music, and lots and lots of laughter!

Playa Tips from Halycon

DJ Edubious looks back, part 1

So I'm takin' it back.  

How far we goin' back?  

Way back.  

It goes a little somethin' like this.

Destination Burning Man was born in 2007 from
the Green Man. A way to hype up the party for anyone who would listen - our party and theirs.  Podcasts for the people. The stories of an evolving idea that turned into a plan to get to Burning Man. Music mixed with our mysterious, and often confusing, creative revelations captured in the hazy moments when no was paying attention. "What did he say?" Exactly. Keep listening. It's all in there.

'Light It Up'
'Burn It Down'
DJ Edubious 2007

I can measure my musical evolution by these two mixes.  They highlight the funky, groovin, beats that I was rockin' before I experienced Burning Man - Prince, Up, Bustle & Out, Farid, Groove Armada, Ammoncontact, Michael Franti, Miguel Migs. The musings of DJ Playaduster peppered with Burncast samples carry the story - t
he creation of the Boogie Pyramid and setting intentions for our pole position on the 9:00 keyhole on the Esplanade. The flow is never interrupted by a heavy, teeth rattling bass drop or glitched out wobble. Just good, clean, funky beats here.

Keep listening.

Sun.  Dust Storms.  The Man Burns.  Exodus.  Default World.  Reintegration.  Reorientation.  

The music that we experienced that year on playa changed it all. We saw Bassnectar slay the crowd at Cirque Berserk; The Glitch Mob blew our minds - 4 guys on laptops at Enthion Village; Freq Nasty was exactly that;  and the
DIS[orient] mobile unit rewired our musical synapses with deep bass in deep playa.

Coming home to my stereo sauna, the music didn't feel, quite right anymore.  

The story told by Moontroll and I is accompanied by the ever present sounds of Black Rock City. Field recorders capturing our attempts to make sense of what was happening all around us. THIS is Burning Man (at least how experienced it). The music and the madness. The syncronicity and the profane beauty. The grimy beats, the low bass, the laser sounds. This is
After Burn. An early precursor to recent bass heavy dBM mixes like Kung Fu Jedi and Bass Cadet.  It all started here.

Keep listening.

~ Edubious

Get Found 3.0.3: Colby & Leah

Name (playa or otherwise): Colby Rae Jackson, Miss Leah Webb calls me Peter Pan
Years burned: Virgin
Where is home right now?: Edmonds is where I am for today. I grew up in Republic Wa. As of late always undecided, my boxes reside in Arizona, I've been in and out of Los Angeles the last 4 years.  
General outlook/philosophy on life: Chin Up, Cheer Up. Be, your best self. Become, everything you can. Believe, in everyone, everything and yourself. Love. Use your voice, stand up in what you believe.  
Top 5 Playa essentials: Forgiving. Becoming. Blossoming. Truth. Freedom. 
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Childlike innocence. love. smile. laugh. give. build. teach. learn. dance. scream. being me.
Most looking forward to: Being with all of you. sharing. singing. dancing. meditate. creating. community. 
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Be impeccable with my word. Do not take anything personally. Do not assume. Always do my best. 

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Leah, Heilanilou, Pele Kit'N, Kanti Devi (aka Cunty Diva)...still awaiting official playa name...
Years burned: 2009, 2010
Where is home right now?: Home is where the heart is, literally above my feet on a ship in Alaska, but in essence I will always be an island girl of Hawaii.
General outlook/philosophy on life:  "The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”-- Eleanor Roosevelt. With more intention than a leaf in the wind and less security than an old oak, finding harmonious reflection and ideals in an evolving environment.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: laughter, soul-sister space, double rainbow recharge, tractor beam throwdowns, robot heart sunrise, fire, lightning, magic, bliss.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before:  finding and defining personal boundaries is not restrictive but safely refining.
Top 5 Playa essentials: community, freedom, reflection, expression and evening gowns.
Best tip for Playa virgins: basics of survival...buddy up with open heart exploration, awareness of your journey and where you can share your gift, yourself.
Favorite personal role/character on playa:  Suppose I prefer observation and organizing just as much as adventurous exploration and inspiration !
Most looking forward to: Experiencing our Get Found Tribe, expanding and contracting with the breath of universe!
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Setting them, crossing thresholds, holding space, organic evolution, finding resonation with more beings seeking to GET EVN! Elevatin' Vibration Nation...never underestimate the power of a small group of likeminded people!

A response to Burning Man selling out by Halycon

WOW! Burning Man is
sold out this year for the first time ever. Hard to believe. And crazy to be witnessing the panic on the interwebs as people who didn’t take care of their ticket needs are scrambling to find one. Burning Man’s Facebook wall & ePlaya are crazed with pleas for tickets and arguments about whether or not Burning Man has somehow “sold out” by selling out. I don’t see the logic in this at all, nor in the claims that Burning Man is now an “exclusive club” or shouldn’t have closed gates at all. Whatever. Tickets have been on sale in plentitude for over 6 months now, and the BMorg has been warning people monthly through Jackrabbit Speaks that the event will likely sell out for just as long. The huge frenzy for tickets on the day they went on sale in January, when the first two tiers of less-expensive sold out in a record 24 hours, was a clear sign that demand was going to be off the charts this year. So. So?

As someone posted on the BM wall, in response to some of the whining going on about “exclusivity”: “Burning Man is not a playground for the rich now...it is a playground for the organized.”

Halycon sums it up nicely at the end of this video: “If you want to go to Burning Man, keep picturing yourself going to Burning Man...If you are meant to be there this year, then you will be there.”

Lastly, this blog post is well worth reading for thoughts on abundance vs. scarcity:
http://blog.burningman.com/2011/07/participate/abundanceorscarcity/. I like this:

Reaching the attendance limit for ticket sales is not an existential threat to Burning Man, but it is an existential crisis.  It forces both the organization and its attendees to ask:  who are we, and what do we value?
Does Burning Man become an organization with a closed gate – or does it become something else? Right now I don’t get the impression that it knows.  All options are … theoretically … on the table.  What do we do? My advice, for what it’s worth:  believe in abundance.”
The majority of Camp Get Found has had their tickets for many months now and we’ve long moved on to camp planning, coordinating and building, though I know of at least 3 Foundlings in search of their Golden Ticket.....here’s hoping that the universe provides for them.

Get Found 3.0.2: Tangerine & Daisy MayBe

Name (playa or otherwise): Tangerine
Years burned: Rites of Passage will be my 2nd Burn
Where is home right now?:  Bellingham, Washington!  Yep, I finally made it home. 
General outlook/philosophy on life: Follow your heart.  Be true to yourself.  Serve and love others.  Shine on.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear:  Meeting/loving the Moontroll, finding family, Mimosas on the Glacial Facial, Suzy Bedspread, Gabriella's beauty, The Night the Man Fell, reading Maketa's note and knowing I found a brother before I even met him, Bagels and Lox, meeting a wheelchair friend and spending the night Getting Found, becoming a butterfly, Palace of Mirrors with Rachel...
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before:  I am worthy to be loved, and I have value and a whole bunch of treasures to share.  
Top 5 Playa essentials: lip gloss, sparkles, good scents, stomper boots, and lots of lights for my bike
Best tip for Playa virgins:  No expectations.  You just gotta be, gotta be, gotta be.
Favorite personal role/character on playa:  Hi!  I’m Tangerine!    I’m slightly woodsy, and I playfully prowl around like a joyous woodland creature.  I like snuzzling, schnoozling, and being giddy.  I mind my manners and find reverence when it serves me, but you can find me climbing big things, dancing wildy, laughing loudly, and hunting Moontrolls most of the time.
Most looking forward to:  Holding hands with all my lovelies, DANCING into the sunrise, dusty hugs, synchronicity, going deeper, spending time with all the friends not on playa last year, serendipitous encounters with magical people, spreading the LOVE.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn:  Illuminate and fortify Self.  Settle in to this body.  Be free to be Me.  Fall in love.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Daisy MayBe
Years burned: 2007 (and regional burns for the past 5 years)
Where is home right now?: Bellingham, WA
General outlook/philosophy on life: Radical acceptance, compassion, and love for all beings: human, animal, and otherwise! 
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Riding my bike across the playa at dusk feeling the deepest sense of universal alignment, full moon rising, and finding myself at the Temple for a time of contemplation, reverence, and release. Definitely a spiritual highlight on my life journey thus far. 
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: Ask me in person, as the details are rather (ahem) intimate. :)
Top 5 Playa essentials: Fake fur coat, sun or cowboy hat, Critical Massive/Regional Burner necklaces, breezy bright dresses, close-toed shoes.
Best tip for Playa virgins: Embrace dust and grime. 
Favorite personal role/character on playa: I enjoy providing positivity and good vibes during projects, and working as a team to accomplish camp tasks.  I also can be very affectionate, and in the past have enjoyed participating in snuggly times with campmates. 
Most looking forward to: Being part of a family, having a cozy tea-infused home base, and exploring the playa together!
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Be present and don't complain. :)


Get Found 3.0.1: Tina & Jessie Rey

Name (playa or otherwise): Tina Praseuth, "Issa" - Beloved Cup of Tea
Years burned: Rites of Passage will be my 2nd
Where is home right now?: Mercer Island, WA - Came into being in Nongkhai, Thailand "Savannh, City of the Heavens"
General outlook/philosophy on life: Everything is a *choice*. In order to fully step into our power, we must realize, practice and vibrate intentionally in this deep understanding. Life is a gift and a dance we create with Universe. Our journey goes to wherever we choose it to be. Being in the flow. Knowing what your purpose is and living your purpose with passion & authenticity. Om.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Riding out on my bike alone to greet the sunrise. Sitting in a bird nest on the outskirts of the playa, watching the man burn from afar in quiet observance...
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I discovered a hidden jewel within myself. Coming to an awareness that I have been here before… I knew that my life was meant to change and I changed it.
Top 5 Playa essentials: 1) Body paint 2) Incense 3) Candles 4) Tea 5) Moon energy
Best tip for Playa virgins: Be open, receptive and free. The experience of the Burn becomes whatever you make of it. Have an intention without holding onto it too tightly and allow Universe to flow for the rest of it! Dance, Create, Play, Love and Shine your Light!
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Pixie Love Duster, sprinkler of love, inspiration and creativity.
Most looking forward to: Connecting deeply to the feminine energies of this tribe! Drum circles > expressing my newly discovered inner rhythm with this group. Yoga and meditation in the desert. Creating sacred space with this group, and sealing that connection and intention through tea and ceremony.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: To further evolve & clarify the vision I have been creating for myself. To connect fully with this spiritual tribe (who I have traveled with for many lives) & deepen the understanding of our connections & synchronistic paths. To combine our collective intentions and manifest the magical co-creation of this "art" that we have been powerfully preparing for the past year. To step fully into my power and rise in my vibrational frequency in order to pass through the veil into the new world.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): JRey
Years burned: Virgin
Where is home right now?:Gardenlife Sanctuary, Seattle, WA
General outlook/philosophy on life: optimistic Earth based evolution of consciousness.
Top 5 Playa essentials: I think: electrolytes/wet wipes/gifts to offer/face paints/shade
Favorite personal role/character on playa: grounding/healing/trickster
Most looking forward to: deep connection/dream weaving/wish making/hearts being blown open all around
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: To be witness to and participant in the ultimate dream weaving, miracle manifesting, wish granting community where consensus reality holds no power over the population.  To step out of the boxes that I and others create around me and truly shine, not just for the time on the playa, but to utilize the playa as a training ground for all of life. To be glorious witness and facilitator of the unfolding of the true potential of my partner, my self and my friends. Boo-ya.

SynchroniciTEA House & JuJu Parlor rising!

Well, with less than 50 days until the Man burns, production is just getting underway on the Get Found SyncroniciTEA House and JuJu Parlor. What? You haven't heard about his yet?!! Well, let me fill you in.

The centerpiece of this year's Camp Get Found will be a beautiful and welcoming tea house and ju ju parlor. It will be a place for all things creative, reverent and irreverent! We shall be serving thirsty city dwellers a plethora of different teas - each accompanied by it's own unique ritual. Among our tribe are tea connoisseurs of many styles. We currently awaiting a shipment of the finest oolong from a secret source in Taiwan. We also have an insider relationship with Zen Dog, a local Seattle tea master and importer. We will also be serving up chai teas, special blended herbal teas, medicinal teas and more! You will be able to sip your tea in the comfort and sereniTEA of the SyncroniciTEA house.

The tea house will be an octagonal space that is about 365 square feet. It will be capped with a easy to spot, baby blue parachute and protected from the wind by white tarpaulin walls. The tea house design is based on the tried and true shade structure design that dBM has used every year on the playa. The parachute will be supported by a center mast and pulled out over the guy wires that are used to hold it upright. The walls will be supported by posts that are sunk into the play and layed out in an octagonal shape.

The teahouse interior will be beautifully created by the "vibesquad" - a crew of divine ladies from our tribe who have a vision for a sacred and restful space that will encourage connection, reflection, cuddle puddles and ritual. Picture plush carpets, massive piles of cozy pillows, low tables, exquisite art, lanterns, draping fabric in reds and golds, red LED lighting and of course MUSIC! Live music from one of our many tribal troubadours and your favorite dBM casts spinning throughout the day and night. This is the place you want to be!

The garage here at Cottage Groove is beginning to pile of with materials: cables, ratchet straps, rebar, parachutes, rolls of tarp and carpet, rope, posts.....  The build is not far out now, just a few more items to go. The mast heads to the welders to be fabricated within the next week and then it's on! Stay tuned for more updates on the build.  

We hope to be able to serve you.


~ Edubious, SyncroniciTEA House Architect

What Burning Man Means to Me * By Brock Blatter

The Boogie Universal Pyramid Project crew at Green Man 2007 (Brock on far right)

This is a lengthy bit that I posted on the eplaya, the burning man bulletin board. It was in response to some troll who posted a question like "isn't it all just about sex?" hoping for someone to either agree or disagree so he could argue with them. I didn't take him seriously but started to write something about what the playa (and eplaya) mean to me, and this is what came out.

The playa is the place we've been told about since we were five - a place created by wishing. If you wish hard enough, believe strongly enough, you'll find what you need on the playa. You may not find what you want, but you can find what you need. As with 'manifesting', wishing is a creative force when it spurs action. We wish out loud, we wish by working and creating. People who are wishing and believing and creating so hard tend to bring the best of themselves. Nearly everyone on the playa is too busy having fun and creating their favorite reality to bother being hateful. We mostly leave behind the day-to-day crap that leaves us feeling dragged down and pecked to death by ducks. We shine.
That means, of course, that we don't all shine in the same way. Some people like to be tough bastards. Some people like to work their asses off building things. Some people like to take drugs. Some people like to have sex. Some people like to groove on the infinity of possibility. Some people like to engage with music. Some people just like to hang out with good people who are also having a good time. Some people go to be amazed by the art.
The eplaya, on the other hand, is a place people go to talk about this other place. Some people are new and have real questions. The regulars here tend to be a bit crusty, helpful to a fault if you show evidence that you have put in some effort already, snarky to an extreme if you just want someone to hold your hand and do everything for you. And snarky in general just for the fun of it. The regulars here hang out and talk to each other ALL YEAR LONG, the average newbie posts a question or two, maybe is asked to stand up for themselves and show themselves as serious, and maybe they get their question answered and maybe they go away scared. Beggars are not treated kindly. I think a general feeling is, if they can't stand the snark they can't stand the playa and we're better off without them. There are enough people out there putting their heart and soul into this other place, the real playa, building it on wishes and dreams, that we don't really need a few more tourists.
But they'll come anyway, some of these tourists, and they'll have fun, they'll have the greatest party ever, they may even get laid. Some of them will have moments of wonder. Three kids I might have written off as frat boys joined me in conversation one night last year. One of them admired my hat so I gave it to him (it had been given to me earlier that night). He was so amazed and thought it was so wonderful to get a gift like that that it made me feel great in turn. I gave it to him because it's just a hat but he turned it into something wonderful for both of us.

Read more meditations and interpretations on Burning Man from the dBM/Get Found crew in our About > What is Burning Man pages!

Halycon's Tips for the Playa v1

Get Found version 3.0!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. With less than 80 days to go before we all hit the road, the Get Found tribe is actively making plans for our next trip to Black Rock City. It will be the third year that the entity and spirit that is Get Found will be manifested on the playa and this year is looking like we’re going to reach a new level of awesomeness and magic. Right now we’ve got about 15 ticketed, committed and fired up, including two virgins. There is another half-dozen that we’re still waiting to hear from, and we expect to be around 20 in total, which is just about perfect. Here is a basic, nuts ’n bolts description we’ve been rallying around of what our playa plans are this year, though it is fair to say that most of the details are waiting to get filled in and the final shape of our camp this year is ultimately a mystery that fate/chance/destiny will decide:

Camp Get Found’s SynchroniciTEA House & Juju Parlor general outline: This year's sleeping shelter will be beneath the big green parachute, as in 2007 & 2009, which rises on a steel mast and supported by guy wires. We'll array our tents on the outer ring of the parachute and park our car's for windbreaks and support. Tent space is limited, with space prioritized for returning Foundlings. Our kitchen will be based on 2010, beneath the carport without a centralized plan but communal-style with shared stoves, prep areas & supplies.

Connected to our living space, facing the road, will be the
SynchroniciTEA House, also made from a mast and parachute but smaller. Inside of the tea house -- which is decorated with art & lighting, wired for sound and lounged out with pillows and rugs -- there will be a serving area from which we'll prepare and serve all kinds of various teas, both herbal infusions and the Camellia sinensis leaf, throughout the week. There will be special brews and brewing events,  music, meditation, massage and performance. The teahouse, and the steamy magic we create inside, is our gift to the community. (R. has a dome she wants to bring as a secondary chill space -- details TBD.)
It is envisioned that we'll procure a panel/moving van for transport of parachutes, masts, furniture, kitchen, sound and other infrastructure items from Washington State to BRC. Do you know of how we can get one for cheap? There may also be room for bikes, etc. A camp tithing will be collected from each Foundling to support parachute & truck rental, transportation and perhaps other shared resources. Also, be prepared to bring extra water, tea pots/cups and tea/herbs, loungey goodies and funky art/lighting to support our teahouse gift.
This year more than ever before, each Foundling is asked to make a substantial contribution to a shared resource, including leadership, costs, materials, time and/or energy. It is envisioned that everyone chooses a role and is pro-active on bringing motivation and resources to share. We want to encourage community and ritual through
active participation, and believe that the Burn begins long before we hit the playa. As always, the camp is a blend of communal gathering, resource sharing and radical self-reliance. Everyone is responsible, ultimately, for their own transportation, tent, food, water, bike, beverages, waste, blinky lights, wigs, etc.
We have applied for theme camp status, which would give us early arrival passes and a pre-chosen BRC address (we requested the 3 o'clock neighborhood). We'll know in early July if we get it or not.
Feel free to suggest any
theme days or nights we may want to play with, or to plan particular Get Found rituals to take place through the week, in and out of camp. Finally, we are hoping for one or more pre-playa gatherings and activations, including July/August camping in the Cascades.

That’s what we’re working with for now, and the next step is coming up with “project areas” and folks volunteering whatever their expertise may be to fill vital roles: power generation, kitchen, transport, shelter, tea house, sound, waste & greywater, vibesquad, etc.

Foundling Leah sums this stage of our journey up best:

I cannot wait to integrate these ideas that we all relate, the intentions of a given state for gathering and to celebrate, a platform of elevation, sensation, vibration, collaboration and divine nation we can create. It's a simple form of presence, defined with interdependence, it's what we bring to the table in whatever form we are able, it's creative and it's energy, it's a lot of you mixed well with me!

As Suzi Starpants sez, PEACE OUT!

Halycon's Tips for the Playa v1

Serving up a mug of SynchroniciTEA!

So Hannah Tangerine and Rose put together our theme camp application last week and, at the high noon deadline today, clicked
send. Nice work ladies!!! While we still have 100+ days to work out the details, this much we know: get ready for The Get Found SynchroniciTEA House and JuJu Parlor at Burning Man 2011!

Looking ahead & Temple 2011

Having just passed the Burnal Equinox, beginning our slow slippery slide down the slope towards Black Rock City 2001 and "Rites of Passage," Burning Man is increasingly on my mind. Daydreams of the desert, the dust, the nights full of flame and tribal family reunion that awaits me causes my pulse to rise and heart to pound. I sent out a message to the rest of Get Found today in an attempt to rally the troops and begin the envisioning and intentioning that will create our next generation camp, though it is still early to get much spark out of folks. Thoughts race through my brain: will we have the parachute or sleep tunnel again this year? will we team up with Chillville and the Glacial Facial again, as in 2010, or strike out on our, as in 2009? where's Hekter gonna end up? Highlove? Starpants? do I need to invest in a new tutu? can I show up several days early again, and stay late, to watch the city rise, shine and then disintegrate again?

Ah, patience young grasshopper. All will reveal itself in time, perfectly in sync with how things need to be.

For now, my burgeoning urges will need to be satiated with this crucial tidbit: the design for the 2011 Temple has been revealed!

It is called "The Temples" and looks to be a worthy successor to a long line of sacred architecture creating introspective spaces:

Check out more sketches, volunteer for build crew, donate money and more at

Here’s a cool pictogram that shows how it will match past temples, both architecturally and dimensionally:

And here’s some temple action from 2007 and 2009, videos by Moontroll:

Sunrise at the Temple of Forgiveness * Burning Man 2007 from moontroll on Vimeo.

Temple Burn at Burning Man 2009 from moontroll on Vimeo.

Black Rock City 2010 Yearbook

The Black Rock City 2010 Yearbook is out -- hooray! This is such a lovely and heartfelt gift to the community each year, and having visited their photo camp for the first time last summer, I can tell you it is a lot of work.

Browse the gallery of all the freaky beautiful amazing Burners, or download a pdf version of the yearbook,
here. Here’s a small sampling of what goodness is in store for you.... <3

Of course, this awesome project reminds me of another awesome project that I have been working on since my first Burn in 2007:
The Playa Portrait Project!

Rites of Passage: Burning Man 2011

The story is told of how the first settlers of our city arrived in the Black Rock Desert. Drawing a line in the ground at the edge of the playa, they were told that once they crossed this line, "Everything will be different." Holding hands, they stepped across it. When present day participants arrive at Burning Man they're met by Greeters. Newcomers are invited to ring a bell and roll about in the dust. On the sixth day of the event, participants encircle Burning Man to witness its destruction. Here, for the very first time, an entire community regards itself. People do this with the reassurance that another Man, an always slightly different Man, will rise anew. At the the end of the event, thousands silently surround a temple dedicated to that strangest and most fearful change of all: the loss of loved ones and our ultimate departure from the world. From first to last, Burning Man has always been a rite of passage.”

Read more musings about the 2011 theme here.

Introducing Moontroll's 2010 Burning Man/Get Found 2010 videos (double-feature!)

Burning Man on CBS News, 2007

We're back....

We have succeeded in upgrading our website software and restoring the past 4 years of blog posts here on dBM. Hooray! Working on this fix, I realized how much good storytelling this dBM blog does of the past several burns: who we camped with, what projects we worked on, hurdles we faced and conquered and the larger Burner culture that informs and inspires us. Glad to have it working again, and with the new software, we’re going to be able to do some cool redesigning and adding new features over the coming months. Thanks for tuning in friends -- join us on our new group page on Facebook, drop us a line at [email protected] and feel free to make a donation to the ongoing development of dBM via Paypal in the sidebar.