Warming up...

Pavilion of the Man 2010 - Rendering by Andrew Johnstone - Design by Rod Garrett and Larry Harvey

A sneak peak at some of the mindblowing installations that you can expect to see in Black Rock City 2010: Metropolis --
the art honorariums have been announced.

interesting post by one of the builders of the 2010 temple for Metropolis, reflecting on how one gets involved with building the temple to begin with. (The crew also has a Facebook page under "temple2010" to track the progress of designing and building this year's temple and a website with some rough sketches and concepts.)

"This structure is not the temple at all. It is only wood turned into walls, an invitation to passersby who stand within them to search for the temple in their own heads. For only there is the temple to be found."

Lastly, an interview from the Public Radio Project
with BM founder Larry Harvey on Black Rock City's gift economy.