Building the Man



Photos by John Curley from the Burning Blog

The Billionaires at Burning Man


"For his 50th birthday, Jim Tananbaum, chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, threw himself an extravagant party at Burning Man, the annual sybaritic arts festival and all-hours rave that attracts 60,000-plus to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada over the week before Labor Day. Tananbaum’s bash went so well, he decided to host an even more elaborate one the following year. In 2014 he’d invite up to 120 people to join him at a camp that would make the Burning Man experience feel something like staying at a pop-up W Hotel. To fund his grand venture, he’d charge $16,500 per head...

For 2014, Tananbaum wanted a camp that was aesthetically novel, ecologically conscious, and exceedingly comfortable. In the spring he and his team sent out a detailed invitation, enticing potential guests with an early vision of the camp, named Caravancicle. Anyone concerned about living in a hot, unforgiving wilderness could rest assured. There would be no roughing it at Caravancicle. Accommodations would consist of a series of cubical tents with carbon fiber skeletons. Each cube would have 9-foot ceilings, comfortable bedding, and air conditioning. The surrounding camp, enclosed by high walls, would be safe and private. Amenities would include a central lounge housed in a geodesic dome, private showers and toilets, solar panels, wireless Internet, and a 24-hour bar. Guests could count on a “full-service” staff, who would among other things help create “handcrafted, artisanal popsicles” to offer passers-by. To help blend in with the Burning Man regulars, who tend to parade around the commons in wild, racy outfits (if anything at all), the camp would include an entire shipping container full of costumes....

For Tananbaum, his improbable journey from the precincts of the East Coast Establishment to the inner circle of one of San Francisco’s great countercultural institutions appeared complete. As it turned out, the honeymoon was short-lived."

"Move over, Google Bus. There's a new symbolic fight over tech money, class, and privilege": http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-05/occupy-burning-man-class-warfare-comes-to-desert-festival

The Temple of Grace

Finally, some images have emerged from the playa to the Default World showing us some of the majesty of David Best's Temple of Grace!


Top photos by Reuters; bottom photo by Michael Holden.

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Blessings, sister Alicia


Woman, 29, killed at Burning Man was hit by fur-covered 'Shagadelica' party bus filled with festival-goers
Associated Press reports:

The 29-year-old artist who was killed at Burning Man on Thursday was struck by a fur-covered party bus, it has emerged.
Alicia Louise Cipicchio, whom friends described as 'sweet, loving and adventurous', was hit by the vehicle carrying festival-goers just after midnight on Thursday and died at the scene. Authorities are now working to determine what led to the accident.

Cipicchio, from Jackson, Wyoming, was hit by a bus known as the 'Shagadelica', according to the Burning Man blog. She may have been riding on the double-decker bus before she fell under the wheels and was run over by it, said Sheila Reitz, dispatch supervisor for the Pershing County Sheriff's Office.

A website for the vehicle describes it as 'the ultimate night club on wheels... featuring a fully equipped DJ booth, an array of multi-beam laser sky projectors and lights, 32,000W of high quality sound, and a full bar'.

It is not known whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident, authorities said. Cars are banned from Burning Man, which has its own transit system with a 5mph speed limit strictly enforced for safety reasons.

Cipicchio worked at a fine art gallery in Jackson Hole and had studied art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, according to her Facebook profile. The page also reveals her love for hiking and shows her grinning alongside family members.

In a profile on couchsurfing.org, she listed her interests as 'nature, art, music, food, culture, philosophy, dancing, laughing' and said her philosophy was: 'Love your neighbor',
SFGate reported.

A friend added on the website: 'Alicia is such a sweet, loving, adventurous, caring spirit. She just radiates wonderful vibes.'
An employee at the gallery where she worked said Cipicchio, who worked in sales and management, was an 'amazing girl, full of life, loved by everybody', the
Reno Gazette Journal reported.

In a statement, Burning Man co-founder Marian Goodell said: 'This is a terrible accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and campmates. Black Rock Rangers and Emergency Services Department staff are providing support to those affected.'

Burning Man - the largest outdoor arts festival in North America - is patrolled by 500 rangers in addition to 95 federal and local law enforcement officers.

This is not the first death at Burning Man, Jim Parrish, Humboldt General Hospital chief executive, said earlier this week. He said that the most recent death at the event was seven years ago when an attendee fell under a trailer.

The shortest route to the hospital is more than 120 miles, but the roads mean it would take six hours to get there, but the hospital does have a helipad for air transport.

The tragedy comes after revelers eventually got through the event gates after being forced to wait outside due to heavy rains on Monday. On Thursday, it emerged that some festival-goers were forced to wait for up to 29 hours to get inside the gates.

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Scenes from Opening Day








Photos by John Curley at the Burning Blog

Burning Man Closed for Rain!

Here's an amazing image from the Burning Man webcam taken this morning, showing the playa somewhat underwater and Black Rock City more or less shutdown. No people, no art cars, no bikes, no nothing but mud puddles and dark clouds! Wowsa. We've been through a couple small rainstorms on the playa over the years, but don't think we've ever seen a scene like this before — hard to recognize this place as the sunbaked, dusty city we know and love.

As a result, Burning Man has officially "closed" for now, which means shutting down the gates and turning everybody waiting in their cars around for....not sure where.


The BRC webcam feed went down in the storm, and then BMIR radio followed soon after; they wrote on Facebook: "BMIR tower just struck by lightning but due to our ace engineer Mark Chang we are properly grounded and the charge safely discharged into the ground. We are still standing!"

Update from the BORG at noon PST:


Black Rock City, August 25, 2014 — Organizers of the annual Burning Man event are asking any participants traveling to the event now to postpone their arrival until at least Tuesday morning. Black Rock City has shut down following rainstorms that left standing water on the playa, leaving it un-drivable.

Nevada Highway Patrol will be directing traffic away from Highway 447 at Wadsworth. Local law enforcement have also begun turning around traffic at the event entrance on Highway 34 northeast of Gerlach. Drivers are being instructed to find a safe location to park until the expected re-opening of the event on Tuesday.

Organizers expect the rain to dissipate and the playa surface to dry out by midday Tuesday and participants will be allowed to enter the event again.


Raising the Man!








Photos by John Curley at the Burning Blog

The Golden Spike


The building of Black Rock City has begun! Here is Makeout Queen driving the Golden Spike in to the playa, a marker from which the entire city is then plotted and built around. Read more on this auspicious moment Burning Blog at http://blog.burningman.com/2014/07/building-brc/the-beginning.

Announcing the theme for Burning Man 2014….


"The Silk Road was the world's first information superhighway."

        —Jeff Greenwald

For countless centuries, travelers along the Silk Route crossed paths in caravansaries, a network of oases and sanctuaries that dotted the 4,000-mile road from Europe to East Asia. These bustling caravan stops offered more than just shelter from the desert wilderness; they were vital centers of cultural exchange, bringing together traders, pilgrims, monks, nomads, traveling entertainers, and wild-eyed adventurers from all points of the compass to share their stories around a common fire. Though fueled by mercantilism, their legacy to us is a grand commerce of ideas — a swirling exchange of languages, legends, technologies, philosophies and art that helped shape nearly every aspect of our modern world.

"Much travel is needed before the raw man is ripened."
        —Proverb of the Caravan of Dreams


This year we will create a caravansary that occupies the crossroads of a dreamland: a bazaar of the bizarre wherein treasures of every sort, from every land and age, flow in and out to be flaunted, lost, exploited and discovered. This is not a tourist destination, but a home for travelers who come here bearing gifts. Amid the twisting and the turnings of its souk, participants will come upon an inexhaustible array of teeming goods and unexpected services. Anyone may pose as 'merchant' here, and anyone may play a 'customer', but nothing in this strange emporium shall have a purchase price — no quid, no pro, no quo — no trade at all will be allowed in this ambiguous arcade. According to a rule of desert hospitality, the only thing of value in this 'marketplace' will be one's interaction with a fellow human being.

"Have the nature of a dervish: then wear a stylish cap."
        —Proverb of the Caravan of Dreams

the Burning Man website.

BRC 2013 Resources

The Man, 8/20/13. By sfslim

I will be updating this page several times as new resources come up….check back for latest info!

Burnermap: “Find Your Friends on the Playa”: https://burnermap.com/map

2013 BRC Music Guide from Rock Star Librarian: http://www.rockstarlibrarian.com

dBMcasts (131 free music mixes suitable for the road & the playa: http://www.destinationburningman.com/stuff/podcasts. dBMcasts on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/moontrolling. Subscribe via iTunes: http://bit.ly/h60Ijk.

BMIR live radio from the playa: http://bmir.org

Current weather conditions: http://blackrockdesert.org/friends/current/conditions and http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/Gerlach+NV+USNV0033:1:US

Gerlach Live Cam: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/travel_info/gerlach_webcam.html

Driving directions from the Pacific Northwest: http://gwally.com/directions

moontroll's Burning Man video collection: https://vimeo.com/channels/moontrollbmvideos

Time to Burn app for Mac: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-to-burn/id362942005?mt=8
for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xtophersd.ttb

Building the Temple of Whollyness

Here's your daily dose of John Curley photo love from the playa — today featuring the raising of the Temple of Whollyness with the Temple Crew! No screws, nails or any fasteners used, the entire 5-story structure interlocks with itself. Remember the climbing tower beneath the Man last summer? Same artist! HOLY WOW!













Gregg Fleishman, creator of the Temple of Whollyness, "the modern yet very ancient manifestation of the power and elegance of geometry."


And this one with the moon from SFSlim!


Raising the Man

More photo-love from John Curley, documenting the building of the 2013 Man base and raising of the Man! Since I'm not going this year, I planned on tuning the whole thing out. Can't do it. Can't look away. Thanks for bringing us there John!

(Hint: you might want to look at these
and Curley's other photos while listening to BMIR Radio, live & direct from the playa!)








and finally, this one from this morning, by @loganmirto!!!


Building Black Rock City 2013

John Curley is at it again, documenting the building of our fair Black Rock City, from the dust on up. Here are a few of his early shots from the pas two weeks, as things are just starting to take shape. You can follow his documentation — beware of FOMO! — on the Burning Blog and his Instagram feed. Good work everybody!







Burner Service Announcement: A Message From the Man


An Oral History of Burning Man

Burning Man, the annual super-rave in Nevada, has become Independence Week for a worldwide tribe of inventors, artists, and desert freaks. Brad Wieners talks to founders and fans about how the party got started—and the death, mayhem, and power struggles that almost shut it down. Written by Brad Wieners for Outside Magazine, 2012.

"This creed of the desert seemed inexpressible in words. And indeed in thought." —T.E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
It took some convincing to get me to
Burning Man, even though—or because—friends couldn’t shut up about it. Their pictures were intriguing, sure, but the camp back then resembled nothing so much as the costumey parking lot of a Grateful Dead show.
Not a sell for me. And I like people fine, but when I go camping I generally hope to see fewer of them. Finally, worn down by heartfelt entreaties—and especially the assurances from my great friend John Law, a main mover in the festival’s start-up era—I drove overnight from San Francisco and made the Black Rock Desert shortly after dawn.
What I will never forget about that first trip to northwest Nevada was striking out onto the playa, the vast, vacant deceased lake bed. It was 1994—the ninth Burning Man, the fifth in the desert—a time before cell phones, and the map of the area I was headed to was blank. Directions? Look for the second traffic cone and a line of those small red-flag wire thingies. Leave the road. Drive eight miles, turn right for two more. Really, that was it.
Five minutes out, I found myself in an alkaline whiteout, partly of my own making because of the rooster tail of dirt I was kicking up. When I finally made camp it felt like an achievement, and I had adrenaline to burn. So, despite being sleep deprived, I wrapped a kaffiyeh around my head and took off on a walk.
Immediately, I started to get what I’d been missing: the almost gravitational communal spirit (needed for survival) and the permission, even insistence, to get your freak on. Everyone seemed busy: erecting tepees, hanging wind socks, painting their bodies. It was Montessori for grown-ups, in the most astonishing void.
Eighteen years later, tens of thousands have made the pilgrimage, some a bit too avidly, it’s fair to say. As the event grew, a pop-up metropolis formed—Black Rock City, whose population this year may top 60,000. The outfit that stages the festival, Black Rock City LLC, is now a $23 million-per-year concern with 40 full-time employees, hundreds of volunteers, and a non-profit arts foundation that doles out grants. Demand for tickets is so great, the organizers used a lottery system this spring. That turned out to be a mistake. Big-time artists and veteran volunteers were shut out, while scalpers ran the tickets ($250 face value) up to $1,000 on eBay.
For Burning Man’s principals, the ticket fiasco was merely the latest crisis they’ve had to overcome to keep the dance going. They’ve been faced with such challenges every year, it seems, and somehow they’ve always managed to meet the task—or to finagle someone who could.
In this light, Burning Man is partly the story of a half-dozen eccentrics—an unemployed landscaper (Larry Harvey), an art model (Crimson Rose), a struggling photographer (Will Roger Peterson), a dot-com PR gal (Marian Goodell), an aerobics instructor (Harley Dubois), and a signmaker (Michael Mikel)—who made good. Less charitably, it’s the tale of a group of slackers who grabbed hold of the one thing that brought them notice—and, eventually, a paycheck—and have ruthlessly ridden it for all it’s worth. The truth contains elements of both, of course, but one thing’s for sure: it’s never boring.
IN THE BEGINNING: 1986–1989 Before it drew thousands of determined pilgrims to the Nevada desert, Burning Man consisted of a small group of friends torching an effigy on San Francisco’s Baker Beach, just west of the Golden Gate Bridge. Was it a summer solstice party? Guerrilla art? Or, as legend had it, one man’s attempt to exorcise his heartbreak?
(co-creator and executive director of Burning Man): My friend Mary Grauberger had done a celebration down on Baker Beach for years. In 1986, she’d decided not to do it again, and I thought we’d recreate that, but in our own way. I really wasn’t an artist. I was hanging out with these famous latte carpenters, all of whom, in their spare time, were writing novels or painting pictures or playing music. I think Jerry [James] may have asked me to repeat my statement on the phone so he understood what I was telling him: “Let’s burn a man on the beach.”
(co-creator): There wasn’t much more to it than that. Larry called me and asked, “Do you want to build a figure and go burn it for the solstice?” OK, sure.click for more…

Dropping in to BRC 2012!

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BRC resources

The Man, 9/22/12. By sfslim

I will be updating this page several times a day until departure….check back for latest info!

Burnermap: “Find Your Friends on the Playa”: https://burnermap.com/map

Time to Burn app for Mac: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-to-burn/id362942005?mt=8
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2012 BRC Music Guide from Rock Star Librarian: http://www.rockstarlibrarian.com

A Beginner's Guide to dBMcasts (free music mixes): http://www.destinationburningman.com/dBM_blog/files/soundtracks-for-the-journey-home-2011.html

dBMcasts (112 free music mixes suitable for the road & the playa: http://www.destinationburningman.com/stuff/podcasts
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BMIR: http://bmir.org

Current weather conditions: http://blackrockdesert.org/friends/current/conditions and http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/Gerlach+NV+USNV0033:1:US

Gerlach Live Cam: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/travel_info/gerlach_webcam.html

Driving directions from the Pacific Northwest: http://gwally.com/directions

How to prepare for a major dust storm — CONDITION ALPHA: http://www.damer.com/pictures/events/burningman2002/blowout/alphaguide.html

Moontroll Burning Man video collection: https://vimeo.com/channels/moontrollbmvideos


Ahmed's 2011 Burn, by day and by night

A short glimpse of a Burning Man experience by Ahmed. Shot in August/September 2011 using a (very dusty) Canon 7D with 70-200 f.40L, a 50mm 1.8, and a 10-24mm Tamron. If you are interested in checking out more of his work, visit ahmedelhusseiny.com

Memories of Black Rock

I’ve been having some fun going through old favorite playa pics -- some by me, some by others -- and repurposing them via a collage app on my iPhone. Here they are!

Haiku SpaceBalls by Rachel

Rachel & Martha in Deep Playa

Playa reflection:
You are what you’re looking for
Strings of blue balloons

Mountain silhouette
Melts into the Magic Hour--
It’s going to get weird

Not Star Wars, Space Balls
Warp speed wobble whomp Jedis
Furry Chewbaccas

Pillows, teeth, and wires
Pod of laughing ladies lounge
In shark’s lucky mouth

Expand not escape
Mandala birthing itself
Neon rose blossoms

Tent turned up to broil
My heart is a crispy orb
Long past the sunrise

There are so many
Doors to open, Doors to close
I can’t stop laughing

Sweaty beer, string cheese
Here is the Triple Truth, Ruth:
Hops, dusty love, protein

Tabula Rasa
Big boat nets a little fish
By the Robot-Heart

Beauty of Release
Dances itself alive on
Prehistoric fish

Scenes from the Playa!

Photos taken by a friend of a friend already there...we leave tomorrow!

more Building BRC 2010

More phenomenal photos from
John Curley on the Burning Blog, documenting the building of our Black Rock City over the past month and the kick-ass DPW folks who bust ass for us. We heart you! Thank you for creating the space for all of us....blood, sweat and beers fo'sho'!!!

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Building BRC 2010

John Curley is at it again, blogging from the Black Rock Desert on the building of Burning Man 2010. He just filed his first report today:

The first crews were out on the playa by 5:30 in the morning, hoping to avoid the worst of the midday heat. So if you showed up at Bruno’s restaurant for breakfast at 6:30, the normal time to start the day around here, feeling pretty good about yourself because you moved heaven and earth to make it, well, too bad, you were too late. You didn’t get to be one of the first people on the playa this year. Hell, if Porn Star had driven through the night for 10 hours straight to make it on time, what was your excuse?So that’s what’s going on here in the little town of Gerlach, and out on the Black Rock desert. The family is gathering again at the place they like to call home, and they’ve showed up, as they always do, very ready to work.

Raising the Man

There's a fantastic post on the Burning Blog from Dan Miller, the man who helped build, raise and burn the Man from 1990-2000. It is historical in nature and shares many interesting stories about the evolution of this ritual:

In 1989, on Baker Beach with the Golden Gate Bridge looming to the east, we had a defining moment — due to the lack of engineering prowess and the shear underestimation of the dynamics of the growth of the Man vs. physics, when raising him, his legs, head and pulling rope snapped. I remember shuddering in horror at the mess amidst the penetrating, salty gales; first, that someone might have been skewered underneath (luckily not) and that there was no hope of repairing our broken Man in this desperate moment. Then it dawned on us that we could burn him right justly in his humiliating pile and slink back to the drawing board for our next year’s invocation.

As serendipity would have it, a couple of intrepid structural engineers stepped up and offered their services — anonymously (things were, cough, cough, guerrilla back then; begging forgiveness from the authorities was doable, permission, yeah, right, a three-storey wienie roast).

Read the rest, including the days of the hay bale pyramid and the solar source of the flame at

Building the Man in 5 minutes

"Cruising at Burning Man"

Yes, there are all sorts of cruising styles going on in Black Rock City, but in this case, we're talking about motorcyclists hitting the scene. A great Burning Man overview article by J. Joshua Placa of motorcycle-usa.com, of all places. We are everywhere!

"Next time you’re droning down the highway wishing some adventure would come your way, take a moment to imagine a place where you can be truly free and uninhibited, a biker’s paradise. Picture somewhere that is all you ever dreamt motorcycle rallies should be, but never were. This isn’t the latest 3D fantasy flick; the event is real, and you can ride there.

The road to Utopia is open but once a year. For a singular week in September, some 50,000 of the faithful make the pilgrimage to a naked playa somewhere in the sun-drenched Nevada desert. The destination is Burning Man, a galactic, raw romp of pure, dazzling, inconceivable fun. If you ride anywhere in your life, ride here.

This is not somewhere over the rainbow. You can find it off Nevada Route 447, near the parched town of Gerlach, 120 miles north of Reno, pretty much right in the middle of absolutely Nowhere. It kind of looks like hell, but it will feel like heaven.

The annual event is an alternative-culture, avant-garde happening that redefines the borders of bohemia. Those frontiers were last seen in the underbelly of cities like New York and San Francisco, circa 1960s. They haven’t vanished, they just moved to the desert. This interactive art-music-weirdness festival is a coronation of passion, creation, destruction and rebirth.

In 2009, Burning Man drew nearly 44,000 freedom seeking souls from around the planet to its bare, fertile bosom. They came by motorcycle, they came by scooter, they came by serpentine waves of RV caravans, cars, SUVs, trucks, bicycles, and vehicles of unknown origin. They come more each year.

"Black Rock City" is temporarily erected on a featureless alkaline clay playa of the Black Rock Desert, complete with streets, signs, radio stations, a daily newsletter, a town square and a volunteer civilian patrol, the Black Rock Rangers. Nothing can live on the salt flats—what better place for a party?

It is a surreal, sensual experience that will enrich you, change you and leave you wondering why the hell this can't happen everyday. The event's crescendo is the spectacular, ritualistic burn of The Man in an out-of-this-world pyrotechnic display that makes the Fourth of July look like a wet firecracker. Thousands defy the dark, dancing under a full moon in frenetic revelry. The Man never dies; it renews itself every year as the centerpiece of this experimental community........
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Warming up...

Pavilion of the Man 2010 - Rendering by Andrew Johnstone - Design by Rod Garrett and Larry Harvey

A sneak peak at some of the mindblowing installations that you can expect to see in Black Rock City 2010: Metropolis --
the art honorariums have been announced.

interesting post by one of the builders of the 2010 temple for Metropolis, reflecting on how one gets involved with building the temple to begin with. (The crew also has a Facebook page under "temple2010" to track the progress of designing and building this year's temple and a website with some rough sketches and concepts.)

"This structure is not the temple at all. It is only wood turned into walls, an invitation to passersby who stand within them to search for the temple in their own heads. For only there is the temple to be found."

Lastly, an interview from the Public Radio Project
with BM founder Larry Harvey on Black Rock City's gift economy.

Over & out!

Black Rock City rising, like a mirage in the desert

Photos from John Curley via the Burning Blog. I'm still packing, streaming BMIR, trying to stay calm and collected (for a few more hours at least)....

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Hot Links for BRC '09

Photo by John Curley; Center Camp 2009.

Required reading: The 2009 Survival Guide. The Evolution theme. First-time's Guide. FAQ. The Ten Principles. 2009 Honorarium Art Installations. An audio art tour of the playa.

Building Black Rock City, including Center Camp and Temple construction and the landing of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. An awesome interactive map to this year's theme camps.

The Arctic Monkey's
Completely Unofficial Burning Man Guide & Packing List. Matt's guide to photography at Burning Man. Stoke-enhancing playa videos. Downloadable soundtracks for playa explorations. Da'Bomb's Best of Burncast reports and BurncastTV episodes on Vimeo, including an emotional tribute to Burners Who Have Passed On. The "Go Bag."

Rideshare. Driving directions. Black Rock City weather forecast. 24-7 Live Gerlach webcam. And BMIR 94.5 FM should start broadcasting any day now.

3G cell phone service on the playa?

on-playa WHOMP schedule. Disorient's new Art Car Wash (and the return of Dex!). Unverified Sound Camp DJ programmes at Root Society and Opulent Temple, Simpler Times (The Do-Lab + Cirque Bezerk=SICKNESS), Basscamp, Bootie, False Profit, Rock Bottom, Space Cowboys, Shift Camp and Disorient. PleasureSean's Playa Party Guide. Or, skip all the preceding links and take it straight to Rockstar Librarian's essential 4-page schedule of DJs and dance parties at Burning Man 2009.

The Onion is reporting that nobody made it to Burning Man this year.

Love and dust, moontroll --
see you in a few days!

PS. Apparently, some people take drugs at Burning Man. That what
some blogger claims anyway:

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Building BRC

Black Rock City is springing to life from the prehistoric sands of Lake Lahontan right now in anticipation of Burning Man 2009: Evolution!!! Here is a photograph of the Man's platform, constructed in a style similar to 2008's "Belgian Waffle." John Curley is on the scene, posting stories and photos about building BRC. Shit is blowing up!!!
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Map of Black Rock City

For full-sized BRC map, click here. Where you gonna be this year?

Transmissions to the Default World

Well, the gates are open and Burning Man 2008 is officially "ON." Ramona Mayhem and Hekter McElliott, one-half of our glorious '07 posse, are on-playa right now and tens of thousands more are on the road, waiting in line, streaming in to the city. Edub and I are both in our cubicles this morning, logging in the Default World's mainframe. No comment. Where are you? Well, at least we only have 2 work days until we head off for 5 days deep in the mountains.

So I just start feeling really restless and homesick and happysad and nostalgic and excited this time of year. I'm reallyreallyreally excited for everybody who is down there in Nevada -- it is no easy feat to pull it off, just getting you and your shit and your dreams to the playa in one peace. And I'm just so thankful that Burning Man is happening, period. It's good for all of us -- on-playa, off-playa, other side of the planet, dark side of the moon.

I'm trolling around the internet, here in my cubicle, looking for sights and sounds and stories from BRC. Each year the city seems to get more and more wired to the outside world.
I wouldn't want to be at the Burn and responsible for transmissions to the Default World, but am mighty grateful for those that do take the time and effort to broadcast. Here are a few outlets I've discovered, though word is slow as the gates have only been open for about 10 hours --

Burning Man Information Radio: Live streaming radio programming -- interviews, music, commercials for theme camps and BRC news.
Current TV: Short video reports from BRC and live Burn webcast on Saturday night. They do a great job, and are promising to post
Burncast: Da'Bomb is branching out from her roots in audio to host short videos from Burners.
*Willamette Weekly's
Burning Blog: Supposedly updating daily from BRC. So far, so good.
Radio Electra: Live radio from BRC.
Gerlach webcam: Crappy blurry images from downtown Gerlach, last town before the playa.

Also, I found a streaming webcam transmitting from somewhere in the city. In years past, it has been based at Center Camp, but right now it is hard to say what it is showing, or if it is working well -- some grainy images floating across my work computer screen, but the mountain/skyline tells me it is indeed the Black Rock Desert. I expect the view will get better as the week progresses. Instructions for tuning in to John Graham's "Burningman 2008 Live" stream: Launch Quicktime; click "File > Open URL"; plug in "rtsp://qtss.telascience.org/live.sdp." See what happens!

Send an email or leave a comment if you know of other ways to be a distant Burn-voyeur: [email protected]

more views from BRC 08

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BRC Rising!

The Burning Blog has been mostly sleepy, with the occasional interesting ponderings, but has in recent days finally started picking up steam as the city is taking shape and empty playa slowly filling up with peoples and structures. It really, truly is underway, and several friends are dusting off their wigs from last year, packing up their cars and getting ready to roll.... Here are some scenes of Black Rock City taking shape in the desert.

(More photos when you "Click here for more...")click for more…

The Man, 2008

Browsing through the official Burning Blog today, I nearly choked on my chai when this image popped up on my screen at work --

click for more…

Playa Panoramas

This video does a good job of capturing some of the inexplicable and disorienting playa vision I experienced during my 10 days in BRC. Thanks Zoyous!

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Best Burning Video of 2007

dust storms & rainbows

moontroll's short film celebrating the extreme weather events of Burning Man 2007 now showing!

This is the movie I made from scraps of film footage and fotos and playa field recordings from the Green Man. I just got a new video editing program and this was my first time playing around with it. Right now it is being hosted at YouTube, though I plan on posting a higher resolution version over on the Films section of this site soon -- it is much more impressive and enjoyable to watch it at full screen with decent res & sound.

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Black Rock City street names

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