SynchroniciTEA House : enchanted elixirs for the masses

Get Found is a collective of friends with roots in the Pacific Northwest that stretch down the West Coast: Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia, Portland, Sebastopol and San Francisco. We came together at Burning Man 2009 through a series of serendipitous events and have spent every summer since sharing in adventures, creative work and community building. In 2011, we came together 30-strong to create the SynchroniciTEA House at Burning Man, a respite from the desert sun that offered loungey vibes, music and performance, a place to recharge and connect over endless flowing infusions and elixirs. Our special love is for oolong tea, and we have a supplier in Taiwan who sends us the most choice leaf available; we also serve pu’ers, herbal blends and more.  


After the successful Burning Man experiment, the teahouse was reconfigured to be mobile and began making appearances at gatherings like Sacred Bass Sessions in Bellingham, Pranaforce Yoga’s “Dream it Real” events in Seattle and the 2014 Photosynthesis Festival. Through our experiences, we have learned that it is rewarding to show up and be in service to the community.

As we look forward to Summer 2015, we want to take the SynchroniciTEA House to the next level for the people ~ we have plans for a bigger, bolder teahouse structure, space and amplification for playshops and performances, daily yoga and healing arts offerings and even more exquisite tea sourced from around the planet, with even more potent high frequency infusions.

SynchroniciTEA House is more than just a teahouse: it is a hub of creative community, engagement and exploration. It is a vessel that facilitates Get Found’s desire to contribute to the emerging transformational festival culture and serve others. Each cup of tea is infused with love consciousness and a seed of the high frequency shifts needed to support new ways of sustainable living on the planet.

We have never asked for money for our tea service over the years ~ all are welcomed in, all are given a seat and a steamy cup of tea.  Our patrons leave with the magic warmth of tea in their hearts and a sense of belonging to something greater. This year, we have sketched out a dream budget of $4000 to fund our next-level vision.

Will you help us help the well-being of our community by making a donation, however large or small, to the SynchroniciTEA House today?


Help fund a movement that is much greater than all of us, a movement that is rising from the ground up, like steam off a hot cup of Oolong, unstoppable. May we see you at our table this summer, and may we soon share a cup of tea!

Get Found 3.0.7: Scotty G & Kat

Name (playa or otherwise): “Scotty G”
Years Burned: ‘04, 09, 10
Where is Home Right Now?: Taos, New Mexico
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life: Enjoy! If you don’t like it, create something you do like.
Favorite Memories from Burns of Yesteryear: “The Night,” the Get Found origin, moshing to the Vandals, doing energy work, center camp magic, being one of the first to show up on the playa and one of the last ones to leave last year and sunrises on temple burn mornings.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: It is possible to live in an almost constant stream of synchronicity.
Top 5 Playa Essentials: Hat, sun block, water, bike and night lighting.
Best Tip for Playa Virgins: Let it go. So much easier said than done, but so liberating. Also, embrace the dust.
Personal Role/Character on the Playa: This year I think my role will be a grounder and space holder.
Most Looking Forward To: Getting more time to go around during the day and learn about ways that people are expanding their minds and cultivating their visions. Also, more climbing, bouncing, dancing and overall movement.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Expand, not escape.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Have gone by many but to those who know me well, Kathryn
Years burned: 0
Where is home right now?: Bellingham, although I have many
General outlook/philosophy on life: At the risk of sounding cliche... "Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed"
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Seeing my brother and Christian in PDX after they got back. I cherish those memories....
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I imagine that I will find something there that I isn't possible to find anywhere else
Top 5 Playa essentials: Don't know yet, but drawn by many things... the sky, the barrenness, the creation of something I can't imagine out of nothing, the ability to take emotional risks in an environment in which it is safe, and my wonderful brother
Best tip for Playa virgins: Ring the bell like you never have and never will again. :) That's my plan...
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Well... there's a lot of things I thought of, but now that I stop and reflect, my answer at this point would be premature. I think one of the reasons I'm drawn to going is to find this out....
Most looking forward to: The openness in both people and nature, and the rawness... again in both people in nature.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: To allow myself to be.....

Get Found 3.0.6: Maketa & Hartz

Name (playa or otherwise)  Maketa, Edub, Edubious
Years Burned:  This will be my third burn.  Priors:  2007 Green Man | 2009 Evolution
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life:  We are absolutely the creators of our reality - individually and collectively. Intention is the weaving of Universal energies that create the tapestry of one's life.  hat you focus on expands. Your words create your world.
Top 5 Playa Essentials:  tabi boots, drum, solid community, camera, soundstick
Favorite Memories from Burns of Yesteryear:  Rocking the Purple Palace w/ Moontroll, Torsten, Pomme Frites and dosing everyone around us;  Team Love and unbreakable tractor beams with Suga Cube, Moontroll, Scotty G, Rachel, Leah and Atlas; chillin' in the soundproof-red light-mirrored box in deep playa;  full Glitch Mob at Enthion Village; freak circus and Bassnectar at Cirque Berzerk, and on and on and on and on.....
Personal Role/Character on the Playa:  warrior and king - deeper reflections of my strongest archtypes
Something I learned about myself on playa that I didn't know before: That I like wearing eye makeup and face paint
Intentions for the 2001 Burn: Deep connection with my partner Rey; deep service to the Get Found Tribe known and unknown; to play and laugh in new ways; to drum and share rhythm and music in community. 

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise)  Hartz / Sarah
Years Burned:  this is my first!
Where is home?: Chez Verite in Seattle and there's always part of me in the West Bank
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life:  ancestor knowing and honoring, cultivating growth and depth, foundation in community and connection, universal energy and stepping into the flow
Top 5 Playa Essentials:  boots, a scarf and trust trust trust
Best Tip for Playa Virgins: dream about it
Personal Role/Character on the Playa:  favorite new role is the super heroine/hero, I usually listen and ground before I 'enter' and I'm trying to move beyond that
Intentions for the 2001 Burn: opening/unfolding/unfurling of heart wings

Get Found 3.0.5: Rachel & Dana

Name (playa or otherwise): Rachel...perhaps this will be the year my playa name Gets Found?!...
Years Burned: This will be my 4th
Where is Home Right Now?: Olympia, WA
General Outlook/Philosophy of Life: Desiderata, baby!
Favorite Memories from Burns of Yesteryear: Violin serenade in the Tunnel of Love, Carcass Wash with Ramona Mayhem, Dr. Megavolt, eating pancakes off embers of the Man, excursion on the Naughty Bus, solo missions, going to the Temple for the first time, hot chocolate, aural soundscapes, being floored by a desert mermaid, Team Love, serving up bevs at Center Camp Cafe, meeting my little green friend...
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I LOVE TUACA
Top 5 Playa Essentials: all purpose playa-cup, lip balm, goggles, baby wipes, belt with pockets
Best Tip for Playa Virgins: Read the Survival Guide. Drink lots of water....The rest is an Adventure
Personal Role/Character on the Playa: Hmmm....by the end of the week, when layers unpeel & I am being truly who I am, I have more magic to share.
Most Looking Forward To: Get Found Co-Creation, Exploration, Lamplighting, Giving and Receiving lots of Hugs, Riding my New Playa Bike out into the deep, Art!!!, the Power of Whimsy, Laughter, and Dancing like my Vagina is on Fire - yeow!!
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Open Heart, Open Mind. Let myself Expand. Getting dusty with Get Found. Celebrate being Alive!

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Dana
Years burned: virginal
Where is home right now?: West Seattle and primarily in my heart
General outlook/philosophy on life: believe in yourself, trust what the universe shows you, listen, love freely, laugh, create space for life’s gifts
Top 5 Playa essentials: connection, freedom, decision maker boots, lip gloss, comfy pillow
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Gifter of Deep Hugs
Most looking forward to: soaking in the sense of community, creating an environment of trust and joy, creativity sparks, expression, the unexpected and the unknown, growth
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: to open my mind and heart to new territory, be present, laugh, enjoy the dust, let it flow!

Get Found 3.0.4: moontroll & Gabriella

Name (playa or otherwise): moontroll, DJ Playaduster
Years burned: This will be my fifth burn in 8 years. First: 2004, Vault of Heaven.
Where is home right now?: As of March, I have been dwelling in a purple house surrounded by tall trees on the outskirts of Bellingham with my new Tangerine-flavored family.
General outlook/philosophy on life: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. -- Dr. Suess
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Wingin it my first Burn, unprepared with Torsten. Building the Boogie Pyramid in '07 with Boogie Universal and the following adventures & mishaps on the Esplanade. The Party Formerly Known as the Prince Party I conducted in aforementioned pyramid. Team Love tractor beam explorations and Getting Found on perimeter in 09. Sunrise on open playa with Abraxas sipping mimosas on the Glacial Facial in 10. Discovering Whomp & Bass Chakra Therapy at Cirque Bezerk & Entheon; dancing to DISORIENT's micro-nerf beats by myself in deep playa; Crude Awakening and Bliss Dance. Falling in love with TanjaLove.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: The power of setting focused intentions, aka The Pure Power of Potential.
Top 5 Playa essentials: Goggles, vitamins/herbs/bee pollen, purple pig tails & tutu, comfortable/functional bike, camera/soundstick.
Best tip for Playa virgins: No expectations, no agenda, no drama. Keep it simple & light!
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Playa Portraits facilitator.
Most looking forward to: Getting found. Again. Biking deep playa at night. Stumbling on to random funky dance parties in unlikely places. Absorbing all of the amazing kaleidoscopeness of Center Camp. Spending more time in the Healer villages. Serving oolong in the SynchroniciTEA House & Juju Parlor. Grounding at the Temple, checking in.....
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Deeper personal explorations (beneath the psyche, on the backside of ego), deeper soul connection with my Tangerine lover, deeper collective love & authenticity with the tribe.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Gabriella, GabrieBella, GLORIA, Love Angel
Years burned: Going on my 7th... I think
Where is home right now?: Oh boy.... right now? Or now? Hmm... oh, you mean now? I'm in Portland as I type this.
General outlook/philosophy on life: Follow your heart and trust that all is as it should be.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Dancing alone to the best sunrise set ever, Drunk Kissing Angel Day, riding the Orgasmatron, singing and dancing around a fire til sunrise, building the temple in '09, sex in a hammock, becoming a hug angel, being awed by what humans can create.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I'm sexy and I'm really good with a framing nailer!
Top 5 Playa essentials: Open mind, goggles, sun hat, comfortable boots, blinky lights
Best tip for Playa virgins: Stay hydrated and spend at least one day or night off on your own solo adventure.
Favorite personal role/character on playa: MYSELF.... to the nth power!
Most looking forward to: Being awed by what humans can create.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Getting found, sharing love, hugs, music, and lots and lots of laughter!

Get Found 3.0.3: Colby & Leah

Name (playa or otherwise): Colby Rae Jackson, Miss Leah Webb calls me Peter Pan
Years burned: Virgin
Where is home right now?: Edmonds is where I am for today. I grew up in Republic Wa. As of late always undecided, my boxes reside in Arizona, I've been in and out of Los Angeles the last 4 years.  
General outlook/philosophy on life: Chin Up, Cheer Up. Be, your best self. Become, everything you can. Believe, in everyone, everything and yourself. Love. Use your voice, stand up in what you believe.  
Top 5 Playa essentials: Forgiving. Becoming. Blossoming. Truth. Freedom. 
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Childlike innocence. love. smile. laugh. give. build. teach. learn. dance. scream. being me.
Most looking forward to: Being with all of you. sharing. singing. dancing. meditate. creating. community. 
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Be impeccable with my word. Do not take anything personally. Do not assume. Always do my best. 

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Leah, Heilanilou, Pele Kit'N, Kanti Devi (aka Cunty Diva)...still awaiting official playa name...
Years burned: 2009, 2010
Where is home right now?: Home is where the heart is, literally above my feet on a ship in Alaska, but in essence I will always be an island girl of Hawaii.
General outlook/philosophy on life:  "The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”-- Eleanor Roosevelt. With more intention than a leaf in the wind and less security than an old oak, finding harmonious reflection and ideals in an evolving environment.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: laughter, soul-sister space, double rainbow recharge, tractor beam throwdowns, robot heart sunrise, fire, lightning, magic, bliss.
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before:  finding and defining personal boundaries is not restrictive but safely refining.
Top 5 Playa essentials: community, freedom, reflection, expression and evening gowns.
Best tip for Playa virgins: basics of survival...buddy up with open heart exploration, awareness of your journey and where you can share your gift, yourself.
Favorite personal role/character on playa:  Suppose I prefer observation and organizing just as much as adventurous exploration and inspiration !
Most looking forward to: Experiencing our Get Found Tribe, expanding and contracting with the breath of universe!
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Setting them, crossing thresholds, holding space, organic evolution, finding resonation with more beings seeking to GET EVN! Elevatin' Vibration Nation...never underestimate the power of a small group of likeminded people!

A response to Burning Man selling out by Halycon

WOW! Burning Man is
sold out this year for the first time ever. Hard to believe. And crazy to be witnessing the panic on the interwebs as people who didn’t take care of their ticket needs are scrambling to find one. Burning Man’s Facebook wall & ePlaya are crazed with pleas for tickets and arguments about whether or not Burning Man has somehow “sold out” by selling out. I don’t see the logic in this at all, nor in the claims that Burning Man is now an “exclusive club” or shouldn’t have closed gates at all. Whatever. Tickets have been on sale in plentitude for over 6 months now, and the BMorg has been warning people monthly through Jackrabbit Speaks that the event will likely sell out for just as long. The huge frenzy for tickets on the day they went on sale in January, when the first two tiers of less-expensive sold out in a record 24 hours, was a clear sign that demand was going to be off the charts this year. So. So?

As someone posted on the BM wall, in response to some of the whining going on about “exclusivity”: “Burning Man is not a playground for the rich now...it is a playground for the organized.”

Halycon sums it up nicely at the end of this video: “If you want to go to Burning Man, keep picturing yourself going to Burning Man...If you are meant to be there this year, then you will be there.”

Lastly, this blog post is well worth reading for thoughts on abundance vs. scarcity:
http://blog.burningman.com/2011/07/participate/abundanceorscarcity/. I like this:

Reaching the attendance limit for ticket sales is not an existential threat to Burning Man, but it is an existential crisis.  It forces both the organization and its attendees to ask:  who are we, and what do we value?
Does Burning Man become an organization with a closed gate – or does it become something else? Right now I don’t get the impression that it knows.  All options are … theoretically … on the table.  What do we do? My advice, for what it’s worth:  believe in abundance.”
The majority of Camp Get Found has had their tickets for many months now and we’ve long moved on to camp planning, coordinating and building, though I know of at least 3 Foundlings in search of their Golden Ticket.....here’s hoping that the universe provides for them.

Get Found 3.0.2: Tangerine & Daisy MayBe

Name (playa or otherwise): Tangerine
Years burned: Rites of Passage will be my 2nd Burn
Where is home right now?:  Bellingham, Washington!  Yep, I finally made it home. 
General outlook/philosophy on life: Follow your heart.  Be true to yourself.  Serve and love others.  Shine on.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear:  Meeting/loving the Moontroll, finding family, Mimosas on the Glacial Facial, Suzy Bedspread, Gabriella's beauty, The Night the Man Fell, reading Maketa's note and knowing I found a brother before I even met him, Bagels and Lox, meeting a wheelchair friend and spending the night Getting Found, becoming a butterfly, Palace of Mirrors with Rachel...
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before:  I am worthy to be loved, and I have value and a whole bunch of treasures to share.  
Top 5 Playa essentials: lip gloss, sparkles, good scents, stomper boots, and lots of lights for my bike
Best tip for Playa virgins:  No expectations.  You just gotta be, gotta be, gotta be.
Favorite personal role/character on playa:  Hi!  I’m Tangerine!    I’m slightly woodsy, and I playfully prowl around like a joyous woodland creature.  I like snuzzling, schnoozling, and being giddy.  I mind my manners and find reverence when it serves me, but you can find me climbing big things, dancing wildy, laughing loudly, and hunting Moontrolls most of the time.
Most looking forward to:  Holding hands with all my lovelies, DANCING into the sunrise, dusty hugs, synchronicity, going deeper, spending time with all the friends not on playa last year, serendipitous encounters with magical people, spreading the LOVE.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn:  Illuminate and fortify Self.  Settle in to this body.  Be free to be Me.  Fall in love.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): Daisy MayBe
Years burned: 2007 (and regional burns for the past 5 years)
Where is home right now?: Bellingham, WA
General outlook/philosophy on life: Radical acceptance, compassion, and love for all beings: human, animal, and otherwise! 
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Riding my bike across the playa at dusk feeling the deepest sense of universal alignment, full moon rising, and finding myself at the Temple for a time of contemplation, reverence, and release. Definitely a spiritual highlight on my life journey thus far. 
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: Ask me in person, as the details are rather (ahem) intimate. :)
Top 5 Playa essentials: Fake fur coat, sun or cowboy hat, Critical Massive/Regional Burner necklaces, breezy bright dresses, close-toed shoes.
Best tip for Playa virgins: Embrace dust and grime. 
Favorite personal role/character on playa: I enjoy providing positivity and good vibes during projects, and working as a team to accomplish camp tasks.  I also can be very affectionate, and in the past have enjoyed participating in snuggly times with campmates. 
Most looking forward to: Being part of a family, having a cozy tea-infused home base, and exploring the playa together!
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: Be present and don't complain. :)


Get Found 3.0.1: Tina & Jessie Rey

Name (playa or otherwise): Tina Praseuth, "Issa" - Beloved Cup of Tea
Years burned: Rites of Passage will be my 2nd
Where is home right now?: Mercer Island, WA - Came into being in Nongkhai, Thailand "Savannh, City of the Heavens"
General outlook/philosophy on life: Everything is a *choice*. In order to fully step into our power, we must realize, practice and vibrate intentionally in this deep understanding. Life is a gift and a dance we create with Universe. Our journey goes to wherever we choose it to be. Being in the flow. Knowing what your purpose is and living your purpose with passion & authenticity. Om.
Favorite memories from Burns of yesteryear: Riding out on my bike alone to greet the sunrise. Sitting in a bird nest on the outskirts of the playa, watching the man burn from afar in quiet observance...
Something I learned about myself on playa I didn't know before: I discovered a hidden jewel within myself. Coming to an awareness that I have been here before… I knew that my life was meant to change and I changed it.
Top 5 Playa essentials: 1) Body paint 2) Incense 3) Candles 4) Tea 5) Moon energy
Best tip for Playa virgins: Be open, receptive and free. The experience of the Burn becomes whatever you make of it. Have an intention without holding onto it too tightly and allow Universe to flow for the rest of it! Dance, Create, Play, Love and Shine your Light!
Favorite personal role/character on playa: Pixie Love Duster, sprinkler of love, inspiration and creativity.
Most looking forward to: Connecting deeply to the feminine energies of this tribe! Drum circles > expressing my newly discovered inner rhythm with this group. Yoga and meditation in the desert. Creating sacred space with this group, and sealing that connection and intention through tea and ceremony.
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: To further evolve & clarify the vision I have been creating for myself. To connect fully with this spiritual tribe (who I have traveled with for many lives) & deepen the understanding of our connections & synchronistic paths. To combine our collective intentions and manifest the magical co-creation of this "art" that we have been powerfully preparing for the past year. To step fully into my power and rise in my vibrational frequency in order to pass through the veil into the new world.

*\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/* *\<>/*

Name (playa or otherwise): JRey
Years burned: Virgin
Where is home right now?:Gardenlife Sanctuary, Seattle, WA
General outlook/philosophy on life: optimistic Earth based evolution of consciousness.
Top 5 Playa essentials: I think: electrolytes/wet wipes/gifts to offer/face paints/shade
Favorite personal role/character on playa: grounding/healing/trickster
Most looking forward to: deep connection/dream weaving/wish making/hearts being blown open all around
Intentions for the 2011 Burn: To be witness to and participant in the ultimate dream weaving, miracle manifesting, wish granting community where consensus reality holds no power over the population.  To step out of the boxes that I and others create around me and truly shine, not just for the time on the playa, but to utilize the playa as a training ground for all of life. To be glorious witness and facilitator of the unfolding of the true potential of my partner, my self and my friends. Boo-ya.

What Burning Man Means to Me * By Brock Blatter

The Boogie Universal Pyramid Project crew at Green Man 2007 (Brock on far right)

This is a lengthy bit that I posted on the eplaya, the burning man bulletin board. It was in response to some troll who posted a question like "isn't it all just about sex?" hoping for someone to either agree or disagree so he could argue with them. I didn't take him seriously but started to write something about what the playa (and eplaya) mean to me, and this is what came out.

The playa is the place we've been told about since we were five - a place created by wishing. If you wish hard enough, believe strongly enough, you'll find what you need on the playa. You may not find what you want, but you can find what you need. As with 'manifesting', wishing is a creative force when it spurs action. We wish out loud, we wish by working and creating. People who are wishing and believing and creating so hard tend to bring the best of themselves. Nearly everyone on the playa is too busy having fun and creating their favorite reality to bother being hateful. We mostly leave behind the day-to-day crap that leaves us feeling dragged down and pecked to death by ducks. We shine.
That means, of course, that we don't all shine in the same way. Some people like to be tough bastards. Some people like to work their asses off building things. Some people like to take drugs. Some people like to have sex. Some people like to groove on the infinity of possibility. Some people like to engage with music. Some people just like to hang out with good people who are also having a good time. Some people go to be amazed by the art.
The eplaya, on the other hand, is a place people go to talk about this other place. Some people are new and have real questions. The regulars here tend to be a bit crusty, helpful to a fault if you show evidence that you have put in some effort already, snarky to an extreme if you just want someone to hold your hand and do everything for you. And snarky in general just for the fun of it. The regulars here hang out and talk to each other ALL YEAR LONG, the average newbie posts a question or two, maybe is asked to stand up for themselves and show themselves as serious, and maybe they get their question answered and maybe they go away scared. Beggars are not treated kindly. I think a general feeling is, if they can't stand the snark they can't stand the playa and we're better off without them. There are enough people out there putting their heart and soul into this other place, the real playa, building it on wishes and dreams, that we don't really need a few more tourists.
But they'll come anyway, some of these tourists, and they'll have fun, they'll have the greatest party ever, they may even get laid. Some of them will have moments of wonder. Three kids I might have written off as frat boys joined me in conversation one night last year. One of them admired my hat so I gave it to him (it had been given to me earlier that night). He was so amazed and thought it was so wonderful to get a gift like that that it made me feel great in turn. I gave it to him because it's just a hat but he turned it into something wonderful for both of us.

Read more meditations and interpretations on Burning Man from the dBM/Get Found crew in our About > What is Burning Man pages!

Get Found version 3.0!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. With less than 80 days to go before we all hit the road, the Get Found tribe is actively making plans for our next trip to Black Rock City. It will be the third year that the entity and spirit that is Get Found will be manifested on the playa and this year is looking like we’re going to reach a new level of awesomeness and magic. Right now we’ve got about 15 ticketed, committed and fired up, including two virgins. There is another half-dozen that we’re still waiting to hear from, and we expect to be around 20 in total, which is just about perfect. Here is a basic, nuts ’n bolts description we’ve been rallying around of what our playa plans are this year, though it is fair to say that most of the details are waiting to get filled in and the final shape of our camp this year is ultimately a mystery that fate/chance/destiny will decide:

Camp Get Found’s SynchroniciTEA House & Juju Parlor general outline: This year's sleeping shelter will be beneath the big green parachute, as in 2007 & 2009, which rises on a steel mast and supported by guy wires. We'll array our tents on the outer ring of the parachute and park our car's for windbreaks and support. Tent space is limited, with space prioritized for returning Foundlings. Our kitchen will be based on 2010, beneath the carport without a centralized plan but communal-style with shared stoves, prep areas & supplies.

Connected to our living space, facing the road, will be the
SynchroniciTEA House, also made from a mast and parachute but smaller. Inside of the tea house -- which is decorated with art & lighting, wired for sound and lounged out with pillows and rugs -- there will be a serving area from which we'll prepare and serve all kinds of various teas, both herbal infusions and the Camellia sinensis leaf, throughout the week. There will be special brews and brewing events,  music, meditation, massage and performance. The teahouse, and the steamy magic we create inside, is our gift to the community. (R. has a dome she wants to bring as a secondary chill space -- details TBD.)
It is envisioned that we'll procure a panel/moving van for transport of parachutes, masts, furniture, kitchen, sound and other infrastructure items from Washington State to BRC. Do you know of how we can get one for cheap? There may also be room for bikes, etc. A camp tithing will be collected from each Foundling to support parachute & truck rental, transportation and perhaps other shared resources. Also, be prepared to bring extra water, tea pots/cups and tea/herbs, loungey goodies and funky art/lighting to support our teahouse gift.
This year more than ever before, each Foundling is asked to make a substantial contribution to a shared resource, including leadership, costs, materials, time and/or energy. It is envisioned that everyone chooses a role and is pro-active on bringing motivation and resources to share. We want to encourage community and ritual through
active participation, and believe that the Burn begins long before we hit the playa. As always, the camp is a blend of communal gathering, resource sharing and radical self-reliance. Everyone is responsible, ultimately, for their own transportation, tent, food, water, bike, beverages, waste, blinky lights, wigs, etc.
We have applied for theme camp status, which would give us early arrival passes and a pre-chosen BRC address (we requested the 3 o'clock neighborhood). We'll know in early July if we get it or not.
Feel free to suggest any
theme days or nights we may want to play with, or to plan particular Get Found rituals to take place through the week, in and out of camp. Finally, we are hoping for one or more pre-playa gatherings and activations, including July/August camping in the Cascades.

That’s what we’re working with for now, and the next step is coming up with “project areas” and folks volunteering whatever their expertise may be to fill vital roles: power generation, kitchen, transport, shelter, tea house, sound, waste & greywater, vibesquad, etc.

Foundling Leah sums this stage of our journey up best:

I cannot wait to integrate these ideas that we all relate, the intentions of a given state for gathering and to celebrate, a platform of elevation, sensation, vibration, collaboration and divine nation we can create. It's a simple form of presence, defined with interdependence, it's what we bring to the table in whatever form we are able, it's creative and it's energy, it's a lot of you mixed well with me!

As Suzi Starpants sez, PEACE OUT!

dBM listener feedback

Happy Burnal Equnox! Here at the midway point, tipping over in to the long 6 month countdown until Burning Man 2010, we'd like to take a moment and share some of the feedback we've received over the past months from our listeners and readers. We rarely hear from any of you out there -- and our web stats tell us there are thousands of you -- so when we do get a little bit of love via email, it really makes us shine. Here are some of our favorites. We'd love to hear from you too: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey man,

I am sure people write you all the time but I wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your mixes. I was a first time burner last year and have got my ticket for Metropolis in the mail. I hope to catch you playing either up in SF or out on the Playa. Either way I just wanted to send you thanks for some really amazing tunes. They help me get through the work day and make great for great driving music.

I have definitely been spreading the word. I got some tables a few years ago and have been working on getting some tunes together. Do you mostly mix on decks/cd turntables or do you use software?

Whatever you are doing, its awesome. I work for a company called T-- Shoes and am usually in charge of the overhead music. They've been getting the whomp whether they like it or not. most of them do!

All the best,


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey there - I'm finally settling back into normal life after one of the most memorable experiences I could have possibly had.  This year was my first burn, and it was everything I hoped and needed it to be.  During our preparations to head out to Black rock city, a buddy introduced me to your
dBM podcasts.  We listened to several on our trek from New Mexico up to Black Rock City.  Once there, we listened to even more incredible music and talented DJ's the world over.  I was deeply inspired by what I hear which is difficult, as I have been a DJ going on 14 years now.  When I came back, I went to work immediately the next day on trying to share some of my musical experiences with friends and my new family.  I completed an hour long mix based on my experiences to share, and I'd love for you to take a listen.  :)

Thanks so much for what you are doing, I can't wait to get back out there and meet you guys next year.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey Hekter "Chapstrap" McElliott, Moontroll/DJ Playaduster, and Edubious. Your podcasts fucking rule!@!!!!!! I especially love the
Michael Jackson tribute series. And I was never a fan. Totally great. The other ones are great too. I love how you made a series of ones leading up to the Burn all themed around Evolution. I played a few of them at our camp, Mystikal Misfits (430 and B) late at night, and it was great. Keep it up!!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My buddy has been listening to your podcasts for a while now -- this was his 5th Burn. I remember sitting in the car on the way up asking him to play what he had on his iPod and it put a smile on my face. The mix that got me all pumped was as we were driving out from Vegas in the middle of the desert
the mix by DJ Grapenuts.  We pulled off to the side of the road to fix the straps from the trailer, and we all got out of the car and started dancing.  A few minutes of being crazy later, 2 RV's on the way to BRC pulled up behind us and they started partying too to the groove too.  :)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey dBM crew: I’m was at a BBQ yesterday for a friend’s birthday. Suffice to say I had a few drunken conversations, the one I remember was about karma. I realized that there was this huge disconnect between some of oldest friends and a very small band of merry burners (all of whom don’t know it).

Anyway I woke up this morning, checked out of my friends place and got on the Docklands Light Railway back to Stratford, East London. This is a cool little above ground train that runs really slowly through the docks, the business districts and finally the post industrial heartland of London’s eastend.

I’ve had your Destination Burning Man Trilogy on my pod for a while but just haven’t been at the time and place. But trust me this was perfect. I put on
Reintegration, as this train wound through equally beautiful business and residential districts. Most are deprived but on this sunny Sunday morning everything took on a new light. Particularly with the perfectly judged, wonderfully paced mix that you’ve created. I could go on about how I loved your choice of tracks (which I did) but that would be missing the main point. I got back from SF to London in Feb and I thought I had that playa feeling all the time. Yeah I was receptive but damn your mix has brought it all back. Not reintegration into the world but reintegration back into the fold. Back to feeling the power of potential. Good shit, my friend. Good shit. Keep it up.

Our camp this year is going that bit larger. Finally a theme camp. We’ll have a DJ rig with some decent soundpressure. It’d be a total pleasure if you could drop by, spin or just hang out.


Wanobi of Ohmland

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I just wanted to say hey and thank you for
the beautiful video (with some Bassnectar to boot!). I'm a volunteer coordinator to decorate Center Camp Cafe. Your video was just what I needed today. I am a bit stressed out and behind on my Burning Man work but seeing this totally brought me back to why I volunteer for this position and spend a great portion of my free time on it. I love the sense of community that CCCafe brings and I really think you captured it in your video. I love the brightness of the color too. I love that you captured to flags because they are my (and the vols that sew them here at BMHQ at craft parties) babies and I was super proud of them last year! Plus the rags to flags pennant flags in the 3 rings and just seeing all the people in there having a blast. it made me heart happy. love the smiles!!!

So thank you again from the bottom of my sparkly heart! You have inspired me and brought me back to where i needed to be. I am going to send it out to my cafe crew so they can see their work again. seeing this video makes me super excited to get on the playa and set her up!!!

dusty dreamin' kisses and thanks to you


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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"I have one life and I would be damned if I live as a fool "

what happens when you set a typewriter up in the middle of nowhere desert at Burning Man and invite people to write whatever they want (via a self-servicing station)?

Many, many more at http://www.sunflowerrobots.com/timelovememory

Get Found in the Default World : Keeping the Flame Lit

From Seattle to San Francisco to Samish Island to Bellingham to the Oregon Coast, Camp Get Found has found a way to keep the love flowing post-Black Rock City. Keeping the flame lit indeed! So many good times, unforgettable, big lovins. Here are some highlights of our months since Burning Man 2009...many more when you click below (photos by Moontroll & Maketa). Viva la Team Love!

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Praises from Wanobi of Ohmland

Hey Playaduster:
I’m was at a BBQ yesterday for a friend’s birthday. Suffice to say I had a few drunken conversations, the one I remember was about karma. I realized that there was this huge disconnect between some of oldest friends and a very small band of merry burners (all of whom don’t know it).
Anyway I woke up this morning, checked out of my friends place and got on the Docklands Light Railway back to Stratford, East London. This is a cool little above ground train that runs really slowly through the docks, the business districts and finally the post industrial heartland of London’s eastend.
I’ve had your Destination Burning Man Trilogy  on my pod for a while but just haven’t been at the time and place. But trust me this was perfect. I put on
Reintegration, as this train wound through equally beautiful business and residential districts. Most are deprived but on this sunny Sunday morning everything took on a new light. Particularly with the perfectly judged, wonderfully paced mix that you’ve created. I could go on about how I loved your choice of tracks (which I did) but that would be missing the main point. I got back from SF to London in Feb and I thought I had that playa feeling all the time. Yeah I was receptive but damn your mix has brought it all back. Not reintegration into the world but reintegration back into the fold. Back to feeling the power of potential. Good shit, my friend. Good shit. Keep it up.
Our camp this year is going that bit larger. Finally a theme camp. We’ll have a DJ rig with some decent soundpressure. It’d be a total pleasure if you could drop by, spin or just hang out.
Wanobi of Ohmland

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey Edubious:

All I can say is stupendous…
Damn. Your guys sound is fantastic. Right on the money. I just  sent some feedback to the destinationburningman address (about reintegration) but then listened to
East to West as well just after. In awe. Literally. And this is from someone with a fair chunk of worldy vibes and a long interest in electronica and organica.
Currently hailing from East London having just left SF but will be joining up with the merry crew this summer.  This year we’re going to haul a sound rig up there. Fairly small by soundcamp standard* but we promise to have more love. A set like this would banish inhibitions and just get it going. Get some organic beats going and anything could happen.
Nice one my friend. Nice one.
International vibes from sunny Landan Taaan,
Let me know what you think,
Wanobiclick for more…

Boogie Universal's Electric Mayhem

The Electric Mayhem, staying out way too late the night before the race

A bunch of his playa refugees from the Boogie Universal, along with partners and new friends, participated in the Ski to Sea race on Memorial Weekend. The race starts in the snow at Mount Baker east of Bellingham, Washington and traverses 85 miles over 7 legs before reaching the saltwater of Bellingham Bay 7+ hours later. None of us have run the race before, even though it is an annual ritual in this corner of the country, and we aren't the kinds of peeps that get really in to endurance racing of any kind (unless you count all-night bike riding on the playa at Burning Man!)

Here are some photos & video of the team, Boogie Universal's Electric Mayhem, in action:

(Click below to see action shots of the whole team- who knew Burners could move so fast?!)
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My written words rarely matches my spoken in enthusiasm and color, but in this case one word sums up my journey to Middle Earth: "magic". A place where reality meets a twisted fate of truth, space, and freedom. My soul and inner child had no idea how much magic I was missing in my life...click for more…

Hey Broke Dudes!

Hello hello...here I am at my day job, going through the robotic motions, while my thoughts drift elsewhere.  The whole desert affair has tunneled its way into the lobe, and there it is.  I can't stop thinking about it!  click for more…

Imminent Intersections

I am superstoked to find out my long-lost soulbrother Eric "Hendy" Henderson of Driggs, Idaho fame is making his virgin voyage to the playa this year! Eric was one of my closet friends in Jackson Hole -- we met the first week I moved there at a potluck on Saddle Butte and were housemates out in lovely Kelly during the summer of '07 -- but we lost the commuication connection over the past few years and I was wondering when I'd ever catch up with him again. With Burning Man juju rolling thick and juicy in the planetary atmosphere, it is no surprise that I received a spontaneous email from him last week and the good word that he is bound for Black Rock City in a matter of days. Damn, I can't wait to roll with you H! See you soon--and get ready for the ride of your life!

I just now got a voicemail from Torsten, and though it was cryptic -- "I'm at Rim. I'm going in. OH MY GOD IT'S FULL OF STARS!" was all he said -- I believe the call was made just before he lost cell reception as he rolled on to the playa outside of Gerlach, Nevada...(here he is in full glory in '04)--

Torsten, Edub and I haven't hung out together since maybe 2001 or 2002, as seen in this photo from the archives. All of that will change in a few days....

And here's a photo from 2003 of the Jackson Hole man-crew, featuring the soon-to-be playa-reunited Torsten (middle), Scotty/Hekter (far right) and me/moontroll/DJ Playaduster (singing)--wish Andy & Ben were onboard the Black Rock City Express too--

I'm also giddy to get my dirty hands on Troy -- 40 spankings on his 40th birthday next Monday night in the Boogie Pyramid!-- he's traveling all the way from Thailand to be a part of the glorious madness. Here we are in Bellingham a few years back when we first met after he won a Tom Robbins contest at the newspaper I was editing --

But will there be also be a sighting of The Maestro and his magikal selection of bikes? Only the playa knows....

Travelers. Gatherings. Family. Playa. Magic!

Playa update from Torsten

"I'm out of here in a couple days for the dusty of dusties..."

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Hekter's back in---

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Boogie Pyramid Fundraiser July 27

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Hamsters Unite!

Our Boogie/Burninghamsters camp got together for the first time on Monday...click for more…

"There are countless ways to participate and contribute and be a part of this thing"

(photo by veo_)

So I couldn't pass up the good deal. I went ahead and bought us a 15,000 watt generator AND a 6,000 watt generator. I think we'll be pretty well covered for anything we want to do...click for more…

Edub climbs aboard

Hey E -- Remember that website we talked about creating, the one that might help us raise the necessary fundage for our Green Man adventure? You know I ain't no webmaster or mad coder, but I was able to cobble something together over the past week, and it went live tonight.click for more…