The Year in dBMcasts: DJ Playaduster & Kaya Rainface in review

It has been a prolific year in dreaming up, mixing and sharing for free EIGHTEEN dBMcasts for the masses since the last Burn! Just looking at our output makes me tired: so many different audio journeys, bass excursions, ambient reflections, visits to the temple of Whomp Massive and deep explorations of Bass Chakra Therapy. We want to take a moment to review the our output, collect it all in one place, especially now with just days before the Portal opens and Burning Man 2013: Cargo Cult commences!

We advise that you load up on as many of these mixes as you can now: they are helpful for packing, inspiration, information, road trips, gate waiting, camp building, playa cruising, art car-ing and other dusty activities. As always, we recommend that you subscribe to our dBMcast feed via iTunes at
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Happy listening and glorious Burning y'all!

Dusty love, the dBM crew

dBMcast113: Interdimensional Lounge Music
Mixed by DJ Playaduster, September 2012 -- first dBMcast post-Burning Man 2012!

Well, that was a BIG FUN TIME!

Yes yes yes Burning Man 2012 served us right and now we're back home in the Default World, dusting off, processing all the brilliant stimuli we saw tasted heard and felt, and trying to bring the best of it all back to our lives and relationships and work here at our "other home." This new mix is mostly downtempo, smooth, bubbling, spacey, warm and user-friendly. I am inspired by the sounds I heard at various lounge/chill parties where the music was soothing yet psychedelic, low-key but intriguing, somehow existing both in the background and foreground at the same time.

Artists include Sugarpill * The Polish Ambassador * Kalya Scintilla * Tipper * Bonobo * Pretty Lights * Nicholas Jaar * The xx * Emancipator * Thriftworks * Andreilien * & Gladkill.


dBMcast #114: Lost Track of Time
Mixed by DJ Playaduster, October 2012

More often than not, DJ Playaduster's dBMcasts choose a musical genre and explore the various electronic permutations of that vibe over an hour-and-a-half. In this new mix, the genres are blended, one flowing in to the next, an undulating river of blending sounds and spirits. This is a sonic exploration that goes off the map, a journey through progressive grooves and forward-leaning beats: Bass Chakra Therapy alongside deep house, Gypsy whomp vs. ambient spacestep, fractured glitchhop rubbing up against pop music remixes. Playaduster was guided by intuition on this excursion and the results are exquisitely interesting, both for a headphones chill-out session or a dance floor adventure.

We might also note that at the heart of this mix is a long cut from Pachanga Boys entitled "Time" — a bit of an unusual choice for DJ Playaduster. This was the beat that Robot Heart often played to meet and greet the first rays of the rising sun out on the playa, so it is packed with meaning and memory for many of us RH junkies at Burning Man 2012!

Other artists include Flying Lotus * Ricardo Villalobos * Nico Luminouos * Jupit3r * SBTRKT * Radiohead * Four Tet * The Polish Ambassador * Sugarpill * Nicholas Jaar * GRiZ * Beats Antique * Filastine * JoBOT


dBMcast #115: Kindred Spirit Funk Beacon
Mixed by DJ Playaduster & DJ Fundi, October-November 2012

Is there life after whomp? Or, as this mix sets out to explore, life before whomp? To find out, DJs Playaduster and Fundi (from our sister site The Podcast Cafe) dug deep to create this "old-school" (not that old!) outing of jazz-funk, electrobeats, triphop, turntablism, soul and downtempo grooves. It features classic tracks from well-loved musicians and DJs including Mr. Scruff, Bonobo, St. Germain, Quantic, DJ Logic, Q-Tip, Thievery Corporation, Boozoo Bajou, Monta at Odds, Medeski Martin & Wood, Jurassic 5, Jamie Woon, Jon Kennedy and Zero 7. Dig it!


dBMcast #116: Beautiful World
Mixed by Kaya Rainface, November 2012

Music by The Polish Ambassador * Stephan Jacobs * Gladkill * Emancipator * Sugarpill * Michael Meneirt * SBTRKT * Paper Diamond * Russ Liquid * Andreilien * JoBOT * Bassnectar.

"Its a beautiful world we're livin' in…"

With this simple phrase repeated over and over like a mantra on the title track from Stephan Jacob's new album, DJ Kaya Rainface heard the possibility of a new mix celebrating the ephemeral glory of being alive on Planet Earth here at the end of the Mayan calendar. Whatever goes down, 12/21/12 provides all of us a centering of attention, a cosmic quickening, and a chance to refocus our intention. I felt the call to create a mix that celebrated how fortunate we all are to be here, in this place, at this time. Beautiful world for sure!"

Elements that hold this musical journey together include 1.) heavy participation from the Headtron crew in California, including Sugarpill, Gladkill, Andreilien, Stephan Jacobs, Russ Liquid and JoBOT, 2.) an exploration of tracks that use the human voice in interesting ways: looping, mutating, glitching out, bending and folding and chopping singers' voices until they are barely recognizable as human, becoming instruments instead, disembodied androids offering fractured vespers, and 3.) an interconnected mosaic of midtempo tracks that marry intergalactic space travel, melodic beauty and deep, nutrient-rich bass whompage.


Click here for the rest of the year's dBMcasts!click for moreā€¦

dBMcast Tribute mixes: Pretty Lights, Kalya Scintilla, Emancipator and Kaminanda

Today, we posted our 130th dBMcast — a milestone of some sort, either to seven years of rock-solid commitment to sharing music freely with the masses and celebrating the Burning Man vibrations, or to hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours lost to a mad obsession of making obscure and ethereal mixes.


"Pretty Lit : The Music of Derek Vincent Smith" is the latest installment in a series of music mixes prepared by DJ Playaduster that focuses in on one particular producer, sometimes incorporating interviews with the artist discussing their music, composition process and inspirations. "Pretty Lit," for example, includes Derek Smith talking with The Untz about the unusual and painstaking process of making his latest record "A Color Map of the Sun," where he created and recorded his own breaks, pressing them to vinyl, basically building his songs from the very bottom up, self-made sampling, yo!

Here are the others in this series of dBMcasts celebrating the works of some of our favorite musicians! Click on the cover art to go to the dBMcast page for each mix….

dBMcast #118: Whomp Shanti: Kalya Scintilla Refractalized
Mixed by Kaya Rainface, January 2013

The music of Australian producer/audio alchemist Kalya Scintilla, blended and refractalized by DJs Playaduster & Kaya Rainface. Tracks are from the
Merkaba Music release "Kalya Scintilla Remixed" and Kalya Scintilla's remixes of Nina Simone, Desert Dwellers and Joni Mitchell. High-quality Sacred Bass to inspire and inform our tribes.

dBMcast #120: Emancipated: The Music of Douglas Appling
Mixed by
DJ Playaduster, February 2013

Music from Emancipator's three official albums, random singles & remixes and the "Emancipator Remixed" record. Vocal samples from The Untz podcast and The DoLab.

dBMcast#125: Kalyamanda'd
Mixed by
Kaya Rainface from 4thKorner Soundsystems, January 2013

Imagine a desert nomad journeying across the desert, whether by camel or art car, visiting foreign lands, meeting different tribes, experiencing different ways of living. Markets, shrines, open spaces, temples, ritual spaces for dancing and letting go the inhibitions…..

Kalya Scintilla + Kaminanda lead the caravan as tracks from their latest releases intertwine with each other like snakes or opium clouds….with palette cleaners provided by Tipper, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers & Emancipator.

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dBMcasts : free music mixes for Burning Man 2012

Here's a small sampling of the musical goodness that the Destination Burning Man crew —DJs Playduster, Edubious, GrapeNuts & P*DIZzle — have mixed and posted to share with all y'all. Download and stock yer iPod at http://www.destinationburningman.com/stuff/podcasts and http://soundcloud.com/moontrolling. Subscribe via iTunes at http://www.destinationburningman.com/stuff/podcasts. Support our efforts by donating via PayPal on our homepage at http://www.destinationburningman.com. We will be hanging out at Buddha Lounge, 8:45 & Esplanade, handing out free dBM stickers and hopefully DJing some afternoon sessions. Hope to see y'all in BRC!

Prepare yourself for an intergalactic soundwave excursion to the Indian subcontinent and choice African destinations with DJs Playaduster and Kaya Rainface. Originally inspired by my discovery of the amazing Desert Dwellers remix project and the new Dirtwire project from Beats Antique, this musical journey invokes caravans in the desert, mystical night wanderings, starlight, throngs of pilgrims seeking visions on the playa, uttered prayers and whispered secrets, meditation, tribal gatherings, tea ceremonies, transcendent dancing, spices and scents. With plenty of earthy bass tones to ground our seekings, the mix floats towards the heavens on the wings of sitar, violin, cello, tabla, kamel ngoini and voice.

An exploration of the alchemical/magikal energies of low-end frequencies for bass chakra therapy. Featuring excursions from the very best in sacred electro-space-bass-whomp adventurism. Inspired by meeting DJ Kaya Rainface, 11:11 and Burn Night magic. Featuring: Prelude: Hildur Guonadottir + Peter Van Hoesen * 123 Mrk * Beats Antique * Kalya Scintilla * Opuio * Nanda * Tipper * RLS * SUN:MONX * The Human Experience * Kaminanda * Grouch * Welder * Mount Kimbie * Four Tet * Radiohead * PhuturePrimitive * Coda: Hildur Guonadottir + Peter Van Hoesen

DJ Grapenuts digs deep. This time with some Electro Boogie Funk-packed full of bubbling basslines, percolating percussion, sexy synthesizers, and some velvety vocals. His exclusive mix is custom tailored to accompany you on your 2012 voyage to the place we all love to call home... Black Rock... Our Lovely City!

Featuring Love & Light * Griz * Opiuo * Sunmonx * Sugarpill * Russ Liquid * Thriftworks * Chris B. * Gladkill * Kraddy * Pretty Lights * Jamie Woon * MartyParty * Vibesquad * Nico Luminous * Bonobo remixed * Goldrush * Bassnectar // Art by Mugwort.

This mix drops into the sacred bass realm and was designed as a soundtrack for your Practice.  Find your flow with Kaminanda, Phuture Primative, Kayla Scintilla, Tipper, Nanda, Thriftworks and The Human Experience.  This mix is a sampling of some of the freshest, most deeply studied bass chakra masters.

Featuring Ehassan Karimi / Lilt / Cheb i Sabbah / eO / Kaminanda / MiMOSA / Nicholas Jaar / SUN:MOX / Mickey Hart / An-ten-ae / Low Ryderz / Schlomo / James Blake / Welder / Matt Shadetek / DJ/Rupture / Beats Antique... and field recordings of Camp Get Found on the road to the Black Rock desert in northwestern Nevada: moontroll, Hannah Tangerine, Maketa, DJ Grapenuts, Scotty G, Colby, Gabriella & others in Bend, Oregon; Summer Lake Hot Springs; and crossing the portal and Getting Found.

This heavy-duty slab of molten bass music is dropping less than 48 hours before the dBM crew and friends hit the road for Burning Man 2012. Featuring Sunmox * Jupit3r * Bassnectar * The Glitch Mob * Nico Luminous * Sugarpill * R/D * MartyParty * Opiuo * GRiZ * An-ten-ae * Paper Diamond * DATSIK * SBTRKT * Sleigh Bells * Rusko * Modeselektor * Pretty Lights * Grammatik * Holy Fuck * Florence & the Machine.

A spacey soundtrack for lucid dreaming, chemical mindsurfing, mystical visions and intergalactic voyaging. Featuring: Four Tet / Tinariwen / Floating Points / Jamie Woon / Thriftworks / Bacan Acab / Mount Kimbie / Gadi Mizhradi / Tanner Ross / SBTRKT / Ellen Allien / Apparat / Zomby / Tim Hecker / Sepalcure / Kaminanda / Pink Floyd

Side one of What the Mixxtape?! features some of the artists I saw and danced my ass off to at What the Festival?! in Oregon the last weekend of July 2012, with a focus on the glitch-hop, dubstep, acid crunk, whomp and other soundz from the heavier end of the Bass Chakra spectrum, including Bonobo, Beats Antique, GRiZ, Gladkill, Ana Sia, MartyParty, Sugarpill, EPROM and Paper Diamond.

P*DAZzLE was conceived on the cold dark frontier of the deep Black Rock playa. "Traps Claps and Ratchet Straps" showcases his commitment to all things rude, nasty, and sinfully decadent that exist in bass music today. Prepare yourself for the audio assault you are about to receive at this year's Burning Man Festival with this mix of serious filth from one sick sound selector.

DJ Playaduster weaves a sonic tapestry designed to induce dream states and facilitate astral projections. With rumbling bass as our Earthly grounding, we float past nebuli, vortexes and voyaging spacecraft on the wings of violin, percussion, guitar, trumpet and more. Have a look around. Smell the colors. Feel the low-end textures massage the tender places in your Bass Chakra. Taste the salty stardust. Relax. Let go….There are no sharp edges or rough transitions here, so you can close your eyes, lay back and take the ride with full trust in the interstellar navigational skills of DJ Playaduster. Featuring
Liquid Stranger * Pantha du Prince * SexyTime * Sunmonx * Nicoluminous * MartyParty * Ganucheau * Shlomo * Filastine * Kalya Scintilla * GRiZ * Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Get yourself ready for a hour long mix of electronic music based on DJs and producers who played at What the Festival?! in Oregon the last weekend of July 2012. This was the best festival my PNW Get Found crew and I have ever experienced off the playa and the rush of inspiration we felt in the White River canyon has carried over in to this 2 side music mix tape project. We're going to explore some of the more experimental bass frequencies that What the Festival offered, including Sepalcure, Scuba and Sinjin Hawke, taste some acid crunk from Low Ryderz, get soothed with a long set from Emancipator and dabble in some forward-leaning low-end wavelengths from Gladkill, Bluetech, PhuturePrimitive and Sugarpill.

Download and these mixes and more at http://www.destinationburningman.com/stuff/podcasts (a few are available at http://soundcloud.com/moontrolling.)
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Much love!

DJ Edubious looks back, part 1

So I'm takin' it back.  

How far we goin' back?  

Way back.  

It goes a little somethin' like this.

Destination Burning Man was born in 2007 from
the Green Man. A way to hype up the party for anyone who would listen - our party and theirs.  Podcasts for the people. The stories of an evolving idea that turned into a plan to get to Burning Man. Music mixed with our mysterious, and often confusing, creative revelations captured in the hazy moments when no was paying attention. "What did he say?" Exactly. Keep listening. It's all in there.

'Light It Up'
'Burn It Down'
DJ Edubious 2007

I can measure my musical evolution by these two mixes.  They highlight the funky, groovin, beats that I was rockin' before I experienced Burning Man - Prince, Up, Bustle & Out, Farid, Groove Armada, Ammoncontact, Michael Franti, Miguel Migs. The musings of DJ Playaduster peppered with Burncast samples carry the story - t
he creation of the Boogie Pyramid and setting intentions for our pole position on the 9:00 keyhole on the Esplanade. The flow is never interrupted by a heavy, teeth rattling bass drop or glitched out wobble. Just good, clean, funky beats here.

Keep listening.

Sun.  Dust Storms.  The Man Burns.  Exodus.  Default World.  Reintegration.  Reorientation.  

The music that we experienced that year on playa changed it all. We saw Bassnectar slay the crowd at Cirque Berserk; The Glitch Mob blew our minds - 4 guys on laptops at Enthion Village; Freq Nasty was exactly that;  and the
DIS[orient] mobile unit rewired our musical synapses with deep bass in deep playa.

Coming home to my stereo sauna, the music didn't feel, quite right anymore.  

The story told by Moontroll and I is accompanied by the ever present sounds of Black Rock City. Field recorders capturing our attempts to make sense of what was happening all around us. THIS is Burning Man (at least how experienced it). The music and the madness. The syncronicity and the profane beauty. The grimy beats, the low bass, the laser sounds. This is
After Burn. An early precursor to recent bass heavy dBM mixes like Kung Fu Jedi and Bass Cadet.  It all started here.

Keep listening.

~ Edubious

Mixes for the road....

Are you in need of some last minute musical mix madness to download on to your pod for the road trip to Black Rock City? dBM has just what you need to make your journey most enjoyable to all 5 senses. You can find a handy compendium of previous years' trilogies and special episodes here, and an introduction to Bass Chakra Therapy here, and Bassnectar Maxxximum 1 & 2 here and here. The most recent offering is DJ Playaduster's LOVETROPOLIS mix, featuring his camp mates with Get Found, Larry Harvey and a whopping dose of whomp -- download it right about here. And don't forget about Whompadelic 2: Revenge of the GlitchStrap (here) and Through the Portal (here). Lots more DJ Edubious here.

And most of these same playa-friendly music mixes can also be streamed and downloaded from
DJ Playaduster's SoundCloud page and DJ Edubious' Soundcloud page.

Happy travels!