Lake of Dreams: Burning Man 2013 Video from Roy

"Seven minutes. It’s not often we run across a time-lapse that lasts seven minutes, and even less often we actually watch the whole thing, slack-jawed, from start to finish. That, however, is what happened with photographer Roy Two Thousand‘s most recent creation: Lake of Dreams.

As breathtaking in its cinematography as you might ever hope to see from the time-lapse genre, Roy Two Thousand and second shooters August Winkelman and Connor McNeill didn’t actually limit themselves to a strict time-lapse or hyperlapse in a strict flow.

The movement of the piece ebbs and flows, from slow motion to time-lapse, from people to landscapes, from lightning storms to star trails, all in perfect harmony with the music."

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Favorite Music of 2013

Here's a list of Destination Burning Man's favorite 15 music and artists of 2013:

Bonobo "The North Borders"

Mount Kimbie "Cold Spring Fault Less Youth"

Emancipator "Dusk Til Dawn"

Random Rab "Release"

James Blake "Overgrown"

Claude VonStroke "Urban Animal"

saQi "Quest's End"

Tor "Drum Therapy"

Rising Appalachia & The Human Experience "Soul Visions"

Jon Hopkins "Immunity"

DJ Koze "Amygdala"

Odesza "My Friends Never Die"

Plantrae "Taproot"

DARKSIDE "Psychic"

Thriftworks "Deviation"

Honorable Mentions: Aligning Minds "My Heart is Remixes"; The Polish Ambassador "Ecozoic"; LYNX "Light Up Your Lantern"; Forest Swords "Engravings"; Koan Sound "Sanctuary"; RJD2 "More Is Than Isn't"; Nightmares on Wax "Feelin' Good"; Insightful "Elsewhere"; Living Light "Ecliptic Visions'; Holden "The Inheritors"; Four Tet "Beautiful Rewind"; Vibesquad "Spinning Gears"; Wildlight "Live Inside a Dream."

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DJ Playaduster teamed up with his buddy DJ Fundi to spin out this mix of favorite music of the past year, blending in Emancipator, Bonobo, Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Odesza, Tor, Pretty Lights and others with Fundi's subtle blend of folk, rock, groove and world beat: http://podcastcafe.org/episodes/files/2013-favorites.html

What were yours? Happy new year folks, and here's to sharing more music in 2014!

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Best Burning Man 2013 Videos

Here are six of our favorite videos to come out of Burning Man 2013 so far….

Our #1 favorite!

Burning Man 2013 Timelapses from Itch on Vimeo.

Burner Service Announcement: A Message From the Man


Moontroll's Emancipator Videos

I've been playing around with video editing lately, as well as the new album from Emancipator. Here are some fun videos I've come up with….

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Timelapse-icus Maximus 2012

A Miniature Journey to the Black Rock Desert: Home to Burning Man
"A Burning Man for Ants" Tilt-Shift Time-lapse by James Cole, Byron Mason & Jason Phipps

A whimsical time-lapse film about the Art, People, Mutant Vehicles and Playa that makes Burning Man such a unique place on this tiny planet in our tiny solar system in our tiny galaxy in our tiny universe.

Shot on a Canon 60d, 5d Mark 2, Canon 90mm Tilt shift lens, Canon 24mm tilt shift lens, Canon 17-35mm 2.8L, Mumford Microsystems Rotary Table, with help from GBTimelapse by Dr. Timelapse.

Halcyon's "Gratitude, Gifting and Grandpa" TEDtalk!

John Halcyon Styn frequently speaks to audiences about Gratitude but he has been exploring the edges of online expression for over 17 years. Today, while still flamboyant and addicted to over-sharing, Halcyon's path has gone towards self-growth and spirituality. His second Webby award came in 2007 for the video podcast "Hug Nation," originally co-hosted with his grandfather, Rev. Caleb Shikles. HugNation.com is in its 10th year of weekly live broadcasts and archived "Love on Demand."

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Assorted awesome Burning Man 2012 videos

2012 Burning Man videos

Here are some of our favorite videos from 2012 Burning Man so far…

Halcyon's last tip before leaving for the playa

Ahmed's 2011 Burn, by day and by night

A short glimpse of a Burning Man experience by Ahmed. Shot in August/September 2011 using a (very dusty) Canon 7D with 70-200 f.40L, a 50mm 1.8, and a 10-24mm Tamron. If you are interested in checking out more of his work, visit ahmedelhusseiny.com

Oh! The Place You'll Go : Dr. Seuss goes to Burning Man

In the Dust

One of the more cinematic playa videos we’ve seen...a real joy to watch, striking a fine balance between the sacred and the ridiculousness of Burning Man!

Dust to Dust: A BRC timelapse

Burning Man 2007 : Film is Truth

Scene from "Center Camp Circumbulation" * photo by moontroll

Burning Man 2007 movies now showing at the dBM Films page!

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Best Burning Video of 2007

Saturday Sunrise at the Temple

Moontroll's second movie, built from video footage, photos and audio field recordings gathered on-playa at Burning Man 2007, is complete and ready for your eyeballs!

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