The Temple of Grace

Finally, some images have emerged from the playa to the Default World showing us some of the majesty of David Best's Temple of Grace!


Top photos by Reuters; bottom photo by Michael Holden.

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The Fertile Desert

“The advent of knowing. The lovers and dreamers. The laser connections. These are what bring life out of light while energy dances out of desolate dust. All that is familiar and foreign comes together in who we are and what we want to be... challenging nature and inviting more of ourselves :) --Artist’s statement ”

This is THE BEST Burning Man video I have yet seen. It most closely captures, for me, what it is like to be on the playa, communing and expanding with our people, freaking out in Black Rock City amongst beauty, variety and freedom.

Rites of Passage: Burning Man 2011

The story is told of how the first settlers of our city arrived in the Black Rock Desert. Drawing a line in the ground at the edge of the playa, they were told that once they crossed this line, "Everything will be different." Holding hands, they stepped across it. When present day participants arrive at Burning Man they're met by Greeters. Newcomers are invited to ring a bell and roll about in the dust. On the sixth day of the event, participants encircle Burning Man to witness its destruction. Here, for the very first time, an entire community regards itself. People do this with the reassurance that another Man, an always slightly different Man, will rise anew. At the the end of the event, thousands silently surround a temple dedicated to that strangest and most fearful change of all: the loss of loved ones and our ultimate departure from the world. From first to last, Burning Man has always been a rite of passage.”

Read more musings about the 2011 theme here.

Gone to Burning Man

Thursday, August 26, 8:02 am...leaving for Black Rock City: Bend, OR tonight, Gerlach, NV tomorrow and on through the portal Friday afternoon....excited to see my Get Found tribe and all the beautiful Burners.....over & out!

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Temple 2010

"BM Temple 2010, 6/24/10" from the Temple of Flux Flickr pool.
A new team of Burners are hard at work constructing the next manifestation of the Temple for Black Rock City -- its called the Temple of Flux and is being constructed in San Francisco this summer. Here's some info on their vision from the Temple 2010 Facebook page:

"Artist and designers Jess Hobbs, Rebecca Anders, and Peter Kimelman collaborate on the building of Burning Man's 2010 Temple.

Drawing its inspiration from canyons carved by wind and water over time, the Temple of Flux rises from the playa floor as a series of graceful double curved walls. Their wide, heavy bases taper as they ascend, leading the eye from a solid urban foundation to an increasingly fragmented upper edge as these long angles reach to the sky.

The tallest of these walls is 40' with a footprint of roughly 140 x 100. The walls stand in an overlapping, linear layout, allowing access from all sides via passages of varying widths. The largest walls, describe a large chamber inside the array, creating space for gathering and celebration.

Our cities as massive structures have evolved over time, rising like mountains and spreading like the deserts. We look to them as places of permanence and wonder, where we inhabit the urban canyons carved by roads of commerce. The city differs little from the geological features in which we once dwelled: a metropolis too changes with time, shifting, growing, crumbling and eroding. The city will someday disappear altogether.

This Temple stands not as a habitable building, echoing churches and mosques from our histories, but as a counter-monument. We reference our impetus to create structure as well as relate to our environment. The Temple of Flux welcomes you to take respite and find strength at its feet. It beckons you to journey its pathways and follow its sensuous lines as they arc into the air."

The Temple team are blogging about the build at
http://temple2010.org/wordpress/. They're also -- of course -- raising money for their project, which benefits our entire community -- they've raised over $6,000 towards their $16,000 goal. You too can donate some funds via Kickstarter.com:

Finally, here are some cool video profiles of the team members:

Temple Profiles 2010: Jonny Poynton from Sean Donnelly on Vimeo.

Temple 2010 Artist Profiles: Brittnee Jones from Sean Donnelly on Vimeo.


While dBM has produced and then offered up for viewing many videos over the past several years, it is always great for us to see somebody else's take on trying to interpret Burning Man through video. We were especially tickled by this heartfelt report from BBC Radio 1 and Booby Friction. From Burning Man 2009 Evolution :

Have to admit that any hesitations I've been holding towards going to BRC this year were pretty much erased as soon as I saw the scrub brush desert road leading up to the city and remembered the feeling one get when one's tires hit the playa and you pass through the portal...

Boogie Universal Pyramid Project 2007 : World Premier of Moontroll's documentary video!

In 2007, Boogie Universal, a volunteer collective based in Bellingham, Washington dedicated to "building better community through music," decided to take their good music, good vibes and good peoples to Burning Man. The project that we organized around was the construction of the Boogie Pyramid, a 40 foot-tall performance/gathering space made of recycled billboard vinyl, rivets, grommets, cable and a galvanized steel mast. There was much amateur engineering and high school math skills involved as we tried to figure out how this prototype would work. Over 30 people pitched in with dozens of hours of labor, free welding work, generous use of a secret farm field construction site and good cheer.

But building the Boogie Pyramid was only one part of the story. Boogie Universal also met weekly to plan a myriad of camp logistics: food, Leave No Trace, transportation, camp theme, entertainment in the Pyramid, camping, furniture, costumage, generators and power production, booze, camp wellness, showers and grey water evaporation â the list goes on and on and then on some more. We hash through all this for hours -- impossible to say how many hours went in to this project, this dream, this folly â actually, we probably don't even want to know.

But many of us found an odd sense of satisfaction in focusing our free time on an endeavor that is ridiculous, a mission that that made no sense. I got a surprising jolt of inspiration in spending precious time, resources and energy on a project with aspirations that lie outside of normal boundaries: we won't make any money doing this. There is no fame and glory to be earned in all of this, no job promotion nor merit badge.

So why did we do it? Why work to set up an enormous 35,000 watt sound installation in a 3,600 square-foot pyramid a thousand miles away from home in the middle of a desiccated lake bed in Nevada? Hard to pin down the reasons, and I'm sure each member of the Boogie Universal collective would provide a different answer.

What is it that draws one to Burning Man anyways? An infinite amount of answers, all correct.

Anyways, this 19-minute movie documents much of the process, from backyard brainstorm to construction to transportation, erection and execution. Things didn't turn out exactly like we had planned, but that was part of the magic of our experience, and I hope this video succeeds in sharing the love we had for the Boogie Universal Pyramid Project at Burning Man 2007!

More videos from DJ Playaduster at www.destinationburningman.com. Feedback: [email protected]

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Edub speaks : 9 days til departure

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BurningHamster Brainstorm I

A local Burner group has begun loose planning for an encampment/art project/installation/community event on playa in 2007. Stay tuned...click for more…