Hot Links for BRC '09

Photo by John Curley; Center Camp 2009.

Required reading: The 2009 Survival Guide. The Evolution theme. First-time's Guide. FAQ. The Ten Principles. 2009 Honorarium Art Installations. An audio art tour of the playa.

Building Black Rock City, including Center Camp and Temple construction and the landing of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. An awesome interactive map to this year's theme camps.

The Arctic Monkey's
Completely Unofficial Burning Man Guide & Packing List. Matt's guide to photography at Burning Man. Stoke-enhancing playa videos. Downloadable soundtracks for playa explorations. Da'Bomb's Best of Burncast reports and BurncastTV episodes on Vimeo, including an emotional tribute to Burners Who Have Passed On. The "Go Bag."

Rideshare. Driving directions. Black Rock City weather forecast. 24-7 Live Gerlach webcam. And BMIR 94.5 FM should start broadcasting any day now.

3G cell phone service on the playa?

on-playa WHOMP schedule. Disorient's new Art Car Wash (and the return of Dex!). Unverified Sound Camp DJ programmes at Root Society and Opulent Temple, Simpler Times (The Do-Lab + Cirque Bezerk=SICKNESS), Basscamp, Bootie, False Profit, Rock Bottom, Space Cowboys, Shift Camp and Disorient. PleasureSean's Playa Party Guide. Or, skip all the preceding links and take it straight to Rockstar Librarian's essential 4-page schedule of DJs and dance parties at Burning Man 2009.

The Onion is reporting that nobody made it to Burning Man this year.

Love and dust, moontroll --
see you in a few days!

PS. Apparently, some people take drugs at Burning Man. That what
some blogger claims anyway:

"OK, so you're getting ready to head to the playa. You're part of a mid-sized Burning Man camp that's giving away peach schnapps Sno-Cones from a big peach-shaped art car and you're all calling yourself James. Or whatever. Not important.

You got your goggles and combat boots. Your bike is covered entirely in fake pink fur and wrapped in blue electro-luminescent wire. You've packed enough costumes for a month, from the fire-crotch thong to an elaborate Ming the Merciless getup, complete with death ray. Again, whatever, not important.

What is important are the drugs. You're going to spend a week frolicking through the planet's preeminent adult playground, past all manner of tripper traps and the weirdest, most mind-blowing shit you've ever seen, mixing with a multitude of beautiful souls with Cheshire Cat grins. You'll want one too."