Our Favorite Music in 2014

The Polish Ambassador + Ayla Nereo at Beloved Festival, August 2014. Photo by Moontroll.

Destination Burning Man's Favorite Music of 2014

It's been an incredible year for high-quality electronic music, with several of the best producers on Planet Earth releasing full-length albums (usually for free!) that were painstakingly-produced, richly-layered, bursting with innovative sounds and interesting ideas and, last but not least, lovingly-crafted to enhance Bass Chakra Therapy via luscious low-end vibrations. We were lucky to catch many of our favorite musicians-producers-DJs as they took their new music out for a spin at festivals, gatherings and clubs in the Pacific Northwest ~ our favorites were Luminosity on Vancouver Island, Photosynthesis in the Cascade Range and Beloved in Tidewater, Oregon.

In many ways, it feels like the
Year of The Polish Ambassador, with the release of his most fully-realized album yet, Pushing Through the Pavement, his ground-breaking Permaculture Action Tour, his ongoing creative collaborations with Ayla Nereo, Wildlight, Mr. Lif and now Terra Bella and TPA's already-legendary Sunday afternoon set at Beloved ~ throwing down an epic afternoon danceparty at the end of an amazing weekend from the middle of the dancefloor, surrounded by thousands of blissed-out, funkafied, Left Coast bass-lovin' tribal hippies!

In addition to TPA ruling it in 2014, we were blessed with amazing releases from heavyweights like Apex Twin, Bonobo, Tipper, Thriftworks, Androcell and Kalya Scintilla. Also, lots of beautiful, deep music from lesser-known local NW-BC producers like Goopsteppa, Subaqueous, GUDA, Halo Refuser, ATYya and Erothyme.

Below is a list of what releases brought us the most joy in listening this year. You can share anything we missed
on our Facebook page. Here's to an abundant and joyful 2015!


The Polish Ambassador "Pushing Through the Pavement"

Kalya Scintilla "Open Ancient Eyes"

Subaqueous "Tides of Twilight"

Thriftworks "Fade/Fader/Fadest"

Tipper "Forward Escape"

Aphex Twin "Syro"

ODESZA "In Return"

Skytree "Cirrus Sapiens"

SaQi "The Well"

Yaima "Pelucidity"

Emancipator at Wanderlust Whistler, August 2014. Photo by Moontroll.


Androcell "Imbue"
Halo Refuser "Into Your Layers"
Bogtrotter "Jamais Vu"
Soulular "EvoLuminate"
Erothyme "Circadia"
AtyYa "Transendence"
GUDA "Tyromancy"
Soulacybin "Funkerpump"
Goopsteppa "Crystals"

MC Yogi & DJ Drez at Wanderlust Whistler, August 2014. Photo by Moontroll.

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2014 Dancefloor Highlights

Plantrae in Bellingham, Sacred Bass Session #4, March ~ photo by moontroll

Rising Appalachia in Bellingham, with moontroll

SaQi + DJ Playaduster in Seattle, November ~ photo by moontroll

Bluetech + Plantrae in Seattle, December ~ photo by moontroll