Summer Outlook: NW Festie Tour


Greetings friends, fellow Burners & faithful listeners! Destination Burning Man and the Get Found crew has decided to sit this upcoming Burning Man out - maybe with a few exceptions - for the first time since 2009 (I think, hard to keep track!)

We’ve had more and more pull towards smaller regional festivals, based close to home in the Pacific Northwest. The past few summers have found us dabbling here & there, and this year we’ve got an extremely well-researched, solid slate of regional transformative festivals we’re working towards:
Luminosity on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Cascadia NW Festival in the woods north of Seattle and Beloved in Oregon.


A gaggle of Get Found yogis will be participating in Wanderlust again this year in Whistler, BC, and we’re also eyeing Inspire Gathering at Doe Bay Hot Spring Retreat on Orcas Island in Washington and, last but definitely not least, Symbiosis 10 a few hours east of San Francisco, California.

Having collaborated on several Burning Man camps together over the years, culminating in the founding of the SynchroniciTEA House in 2011, we haven’t been content with showing up at the Burn or festivals empty-handed. The joy and presence and community we’ve felt in serving tea in particular ~ steamy cups of oolong, pu’er, white and herbal blends ~ has led us down an unexpected, intuitive road that morphs and evolves each year. It is a calling, and we are honored to answer ~

SynchroniciTEA House is more than just a teahouse: it is a hub of creative community, engagement and exploration. It is a vessel that facilitates Get Found’s desire to contribute to the emerging transformational festival culture and serve others. As a collective we are intentionally working to manifest the emerging New Paradigm.  Each cup of tea is infused with love consciousness and a seed of the high frequency shifts needed to support new ways of sustainable living on the planet.

Learn more here and if you feel inspired to support our efforts, donate here.

We’ll be using this here dBM blog to give you previews and reports as the summer rolls on…. have fun out there!