Haiku SpaceBalls by Rachel

Rachel & Martha in Deep Playa

Playa reflection:
You are what you’re looking for
Strings of blue balloons

Mountain silhouette
Melts into the Magic Hour--
It’s going to get weird

Not Star Wars, Space Balls
Warp speed wobble whomp Jedis
Furry Chewbaccas

Pillows, teeth, and wires
Pod of laughing ladies lounge
In shark’s lucky mouth

Expand not escape
Mandala birthing itself
Neon rose blossoms

Tent turned up to broil
My heart is a crispy orb
Long past the sunrise

There are so many
Doors to open, Doors to close
I can’t stop laughing

Sweaty beer, string cheese
Here is the Triple Truth, Ruth:
Hops, dusty love, protein

Tabula Rasa
Big boat nets a little fish
By the Robot-Heart

Beauty of Release
Dances itself alive on
Prehistoric fish