Burning Man 2008

Hekter back in the Default World


Instead of processing my playa time through sleep deprived saucy slang and freshly roasted thought pockets, I have found myself entangled in pure cordtitude - obsessed with alternative media and battling to just get the lil' digital tidbits tamed into their perspective corners. My digital realm has really become incredibly complicated, especially since dropping my computer on it's hard drive... now it's a special needs tablet and I'm fresh out of meds. Layers of cords for all types of electronic madness become vague in their functionality and mock me in my oneness. Perseverance will prevail and Hekter Vision will be born... even if I have to get cesarean section on it's ass.

Re-integration has been but a speed bump upon return this year, mainly just traffically confused. My habitat is clearly the side streets and back alleys. Spose' that I've been burning up for over a month now and the next chapter is the culmination of it all - Earth Dance! Possibly the final summer festival for Hekter as he prepares himself with fresh mitten-wear for the upcoming blizzards of joy.
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not just knee deep...

Edubious and I are back from a week of wandering Oregon backroads in search of hot springs, starry night skies, riverside campsites and peace of mind -- we had our alternative burn on Burn Night on the banks of the Metolious River. Ramona Mayhem is back in Seattle from Black Rock City. Hekter McElliott is back in Humboldt from Black Rock City. All is well. Destination Burning Man awaits the stories, photos and videos of Burning Man 2008 from Ms. Mayhem and Mr. McElliott and will post them as they start floating in, so stay in touch.

In the meantime, we really like these photos from
The Blight.

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Transmissions to the Default World

Well, the gates are open and Burning Man 2008 is officially "ON." Ramona Mayhem and Hekter McElliott, one-half of our glorious '07 posse, are on-playa right now and tens of thousands more are on the road, waiting in line, streaming in to the city. Edub and I are both in our cubicles this morning, logging in the Default World's mainframe. No comment. Where are you? Well, at least we only have 2 work days until we head off for 5 days deep in the mountains.

So I just start feeling really restless and homesick and happysad and nostalgic and excited this time of year. I'm reallyreallyreally excited for everybody who is down there in Nevada -- it is no easy feat to pull it off, just getting you and your shit and your dreams to the playa in one peace. And I'm just so thankful that Burning Man is happening, period. It's good for all of us -- on-playa, off-playa, other side of the planet, dark side of the moon.

I'm trolling around the internet, here in my cubicle, looking for sights and sounds and stories from BRC. Each year the city seems to get more and more wired to the outside world.
I wouldn't want to be at the Burn and responsible for transmissions to the Default World, but am mighty grateful for those that do take the time and effort to broadcast. Here are a few outlets I've discovered, though word is slow as the gates have only been open for about 10 hours --

Burning Man Information Radio: Live streaming radio programming -- interviews, music, commercials for theme camps and BRC news.
Current TV: Short video reports from BRC and live Burn webcast on Saturday night. They do a great job, and are promising to post
Burncast: Da'Bomb is branching out from her roots in audio to host short videos from Burners.
*Willamette Weekly's
Burning Blog: Supposedly updating daily from BRC. So far, so good.
Radio Electra: Live radio from BRC.
Gerlach webcam: Crappy blurry images from downtown Gerlach, last town before the playa.

Also, I found a streaming webcam transmitting from somewhere in the city. In years past, it has been based at Center Camp, but right now it is hard to say what it is showing, or if it is working well -- some grainy images floating across my work computer screen, but the mountain/skyline tells me it is indeed the Black Rock Desert. I expect the view will get better as the week progresses. Instructions for tuning in to John Graham's "Burningman 2008 Live" stream: Launch Quicktime; click "File > Open URL"; plug in "rtsp://qtss.telascience.org/live.sdp." See what happens!

Send an email or leave a comment if you know of other ways to be a distant Burn-voyeur: [email protected]

more views from BRC 08

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Raging duststorms in 2008?

"In many previous years, precipitation during the winter and spring have wet the land, allowing the crust to reform as the desert dries out. That helps mitigate the human impact from previous years, said Kelly Redmond, a climatologist also at the Desert Research Institute.

But no precipitation has touched the Playa since the last Burning Man, the BLM's Cooper said. That could mean that festival-goers will face trouble traveling around, and if a weather system comes through the area, the dust storms will be severe."

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Hekter's Last Words

It's Tuesday (whatever the fuck that means other than I have a short week to get burn ready) and I find myself back in sun-cradled California with soul-sauce just dripping out of all of me.  These last three weeks have lit my fuse and this boy is already on fire.... combusticated benevolence.  Tal' started with Reggae Rising with my Cali crew then it morphed into Shambhala with my Sandpoint crew and a few new intergalactic teammates.  Now "it" is going to Black Rock with a new old hat, some fresh wigs for my weary top shelf and whatever else lies semi-dormant in my fun box....click for more…

BRC Rising!

The Burning Blog has been mostly sleepy, with the occasional interesting ponderings, but has in recent days finally started picking up steam as the city is taking shape and empty playa slowly filling up with peoples and structures. It really, truly is underway, and several friends are dusting off their wigs from last year, packing up their cars and getting ready to roll.... Here are some scenes of Black Rock City taking shape in the desert.

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The Man, 2008

Browsing through the official Burning Blog today, I nearly choked on my chai when this image popped up on my screen at work --

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The Burn is Near

25 days until the Man burns in Black Rock City…and I won’t be there to see it.

I won’t be there to feel the nearly chaotic frenzy of energy, anticipation, and absolute freedom that comes as the energy reaches it’s peak and the city gathers around the burn pyre. I won’t be there to spin with abandon through the relentless soundblender of camps, people and art cars that covers the playa like an audio blanket. I won’t be at Burning Man this year and I know that I’m not alone. There will only be two of the four Broke Dudes representing Destination Burning Man...
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American Dream
Burning Man 2008

Illustration by Jack Haye and Rod Garrett

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