Burning Man 2013

Lake of Dreams: Burning Man 2013 Video from Roy

"Seven minutes. It’s not often we run across a time-lapse that lasts seven minutes, and even less often we actually watch the whole thing, slack-jawed, from start to finish. That, however, is what happened with photographer Roy Two Thousand‘s most recent creation: Lake of Dreams.

As breathtaking in its cinematography as you might ever hope to see from the time-lapse genre, Roy Two Thousand and second shooters August Winkelman and Connor McNeill didn’t actually limit themselves to a strict time-lapse or hyperlapse in a strict flow.

The movement of the piece ebbs and flows, from slow motion to time-lapse, from people to landscapes, from lightning storms to star trails, all in perfect harmony with the music."

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Best Burning Man 2013 Videos

Here are six of our favorite videos to come out of Burning Man 2013 so far….

Our #1 favorite!

Burning Man 2013 Timelapses from Itch on Vimeo.

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The Year in dBMcasts: DJ Playaduster & Kaya Rainface in review

It has been a prolific year in dreaming up, mixing and sharing for free EIGHTEEN dBMcasts for the masses since the last Burn! Just looking at our output makes me tired: so many different audio journeys, bass excursions, ambient reflections, visits to the temple of Whomp Massive and deep explorations of Bass Chakra Therapy. We want to take a moment to review the our output, collect it all in one place, especially now with just days before the Portal opens and Burning Man 2013: Cargo Cult commences!

We advise that you load up on as many of these mixes as you can now: they are helpful for packing, inspiration, information, road trips, gate waiting, camp building, playa cruising, art car-ing and other dusty activities. As always, we recommend that you subscribe to our dBMcast feed via iTunes at
http://bit.ly/h60Ijk — this is the most fool-proof method for getting access to all 130 dBMcasts (!!!) and moving them in to your listening rotation. An alternate route is our Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/moontrolling, though this portal only holds the most recent eight or so episodes.

One last note: we love to receive feedback from our listeners — we crave it, feed off of it! — both in written responses and financial contributions. If you get something out of the dBMcasts we freely gift the universe -- inspiration, visions, dance parties, introspection -- please contact us with your feedback at destination [email protected] and consider making a small donation via Paypal.

Happy listening and glorious Burning y'all!

Dusty love, the dBM crew

dBMcast113: Interdimensional Lounge Music
Mixed by DJ Playaduster, September 2012 -- first dBMcast post-Burning Man 2012!

Well, that was a BIG FUN TIME!

Yes yes yes Burning Man 2012 served us right and now we're back home in the Default World, dusting off, processing all the brilliant stimuli we saw tasted heard and felt, and trying to bring the best of it all back to our lives and relationships and work here at our "other home." This new mix is mostly downtempo, smooth, bubbling, spacey, warm and user-friendly. I am inspired by the sounds I heard at various lounge/chill parties where the music was soothing yet psychedelic, low-key but intriguing, somehow existing both in the background and foreground at the same time.

Artists include Sugarpill * The Polish Ambassador * Kalya Scintilla * Tipper * Bonobo * Pretty Lights * Nicholas Jaar * The xx * Emancipator * Thriftworks * Andreilien * & Gladkill.


dBMcast #114: Lost Track of Time
Mixed by DJ Playaduster, October 2012

More often than not, DJ Playaduster's dBMcasts choose a musical genre and explore the various electronic permutations of that vibe over an hour-and-a-half. In this new mix, the genres are blended, one flowing in to the next, an undulating river of blending sounds and spirits. This is a sonic exploration that goes off the map, a journey through progressive grooves and forward-leaning beats: Bass Chakra Therapy alongside deep house, Gypsy whomp vs. ambient spacestep, fractured glitchhop rubbing up against pop music remixes. Playaduster was guided by intuition on this excursion and the results are exquisitely interesting, both for a headphones chill-out session or a dance floor adventure.

We might also note that at the heart of this mix is a long cut from Pachanga Boys entitled "Time" — a bit of an unusual choice for DJ Playaduster. This was the beat that Robot Heart often played to meet and greet the first rays of the rising sun out on the playa, so it is packed with meaning and memory for many of us RH junkies at Burning Man 2012!

Other artists include Flying Lotus * Ricardo Villalobos * Nico Luminouos * Jupit3r * SBTRKT * Radiohead * Four Tet * The Polish Ambassador * Sugarpill * Nicholas Jaar * GRiZ * Beats Antique * Filastine * JoBOT


dBMcast #115: Kindred Spirit Funk Beacon
Mixed by DJ Playaduster & DJ Fundi, October-November 2012

Is there life after whomp? Or, as this mix sets out to explore, life before whomp? To find out, DJs Playaduster and Fundi (from our sister site The Podcast Cafe) dug deep to create this "old-school" (not that old!) outing of jazz-funk, electrobeats, triphop, turntablism, soul and downtempo grooves. It features classic tracks from well-loved musicians and DJs including Mr. Scruff, Bonobo, St. Germain, Quantic, DJ Logic, Q-Tip, Thievery Corporation, Boozoo Bajou, Monta at Odds, Medeski Martin & Wood, Jurassic 5, Jamie Woon, Jon Kennedy and Zero 7. Dig it!


dBMcast #116: Beautiful World
Mixed by Kaya Rainface, November 2012

Music by The Polish Ambassador * Stephan Jacobs * Gladkill * Emancipator * Sugarpill * Michael Meneirt * SBTRKT * Paper Diamond * Russ Liquid * Andreilien * JoBOT * Bassnectar.

"Its a beautiful world we're livin' in…"

With this simple phrase repeated over and over like a mantra on the title track from Stephan Jacob's new album, DJ Kaya Rainface heard the possibility of a new mix celebrating the ephemeral glory of being alive on Planet Earth here at the end of the Mayan calendar. Whatever goes down, 12/21/12 provides all of us a centering of attention, a cosmic quickening, and a chance to refocus our intention. I felt the call to create a mix that celebrated how fortunate we all are to be here, in this place, at this time. Beautiful world for sure!"

Elements that hold this musical journey together include 1.) heavy participation from the Headtron crew in California, including Sugarpill, Gladkill, Andreilien, Stephan Jacobs, Russ Liquid and JoBOT, 2.) an exploration of tracks that use the human voice in interesting ways: looping, mutating, glitching out, bending and folding and chopping singers' voices until they are barely recognizable as human, becoming instruments instead, disembodied androids offering fractured vespers, and 3.) an interconnected mosaic of midtempo tracks that marry intergalactic space travel, melodic beauty and deep, nutrient-rich bass whompage.


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BRC 2013 Resources

The Man, 8/20/13. By sfslim

I will be updating this page several times as new resources come up….check back for latest info!

Burnermap: “Find Your Friends on the Playa”: https://burnermap.com/map

2013 BRC Music Guide from Rock Star Librarian: http://www.rockstarlibrarian.com

dBMcasts (131 free music mixes suitable for the road & the playa: http://www.destinationburningman.com/stuff/podcasts. dBMcasts on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/moontrolling. Subscribe via iTunes: http://bit.ly/h60Ijk.

BMIR live radio from the playa: http://bmir.org

Current weather conditions: http://blackrockdesert.org/friends/current/conditions and http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/Gerlach+NV+USNV0033:1:US

Gerlach Live Cam: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/travel_info/gerlach_webcam.html

Driving directions from the Pacific Northwest: http://gwally.com/directions

moontroll's Burning Man video collection: https://vimeo.com/channels/moontrollbmvideos

Time to Burn app for Mac: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-to-burn/id362942005?mt=8
for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xtophersd.ttb

Building the Temple of Whollyness

Here's your daily dose of John Curley photo love from the playa — today featuring the raising of the Temple of Whollyness with the Temple Crew! No screws, nails or any fasteners used, the entire 5-story structure interlocks with itself. Remember the climbing tower beneath the Man last summer? Same artist! HOLY WOW!













Gregg Fleishman, creator of the Temple of Whollyness, "the modern yet very ancient manifestation of the power and elegance of geometry."


And this one with the moon from SFSlim!


Raising the Man

More photo-love from John Curley, documenting the building of the 2013 Man base and raising of the Man! Since I'm not going this year, I planned on tuning the whole thing out. Can't do it. Can't look away. Thanks for bringing us there John!

(Hint: you might want to look at these
and Curley's other photos while listening to BMIR Radio, live & direct from the playa!)








and finally, this one from this morning, by @loganmirto!!!


Building Black Rock City 2013

John Curley is at it again, documenting the building of our fair Black Rock City, from the dust on up. Here are a few of his early shots from the pas two weeks, as things are just starting to take shape. You can follow his documentation — beware of FOMO! — on the Burning Blog and his Instagram feed. Good work everybody!