Symbiosis Gathering 2013 : Part 1 : Overview, roots, intentions….

Symbiosis banner

If the DoLab’s Lightning in a Bottle can be understood as the spring kick-off for Transformational Festival season, and Burning Man as its fiery apex in late summer, then surely Symbiosis is the grounding grand finale on the Autumnal Equinox.

The 2013 Symbiosis Gathering will be held September 19-23 at the Woodward Reservoir Regional Park in California, about 90 minutes east of the Bay area. Like past Gatherings, it offers a dizzying array of attractions, including four stages packed with live bands and electronic producers, the Edwardian Ball Roadshow featuring an “immersive, magical world of theatrical entertainment with an eccentric assortment of music, aerial acrobatics, circus acts, offbeat fashion and ballroom dancing,” interactive art installations and thoughtfully-curated chill spaces, healing arts, healthy food vending, yoga, classes on topics including capoeira, improv, spoken word, permaculture, parenting and even mushroom science, artisanal crafts and clothing vending, presentations by Saul Williams, The Yes Men, Dennis McKenna, The Second City, Rainforest Action Network and others, and, when your brain is full, a lake for swimming and splashing.

As you can plainly see, Symbiosis is not just another music festival nor a laid-back West Coast hippie campout. Since its’ conception, the Gathering has been envisioned to be something unique, all-encompassing, a “multi-dimensional event” where the sum is greater than all of its diverse parts.

Symbiosis Gatherings, as their mission statement declares, “intend to facilitate peak experiences through a synaesthesia of art, music, transformational learning, and sustainable living integrated into an unparalleled extravaganza of fun beneath the starry skies."

Symbiosis Gathering... from Symbiosis Gathering on Vimeo.

Yes, the music, art and performances at Symbiosis will be mind-blowing, without any doubt. But there is a deeper level to this particular gathering that makes it intriguing, and binds it in to an underground network of other progressive events that seek to inspire, educate and transform: Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, The Great Convergence, Shambhala, Beloved, Photosynthesis, even Rainbow Gatherings and Grateful Dead shows of days gone by.

Reality Sandwich explains, “Based on ancient community gatherings, the modern festival serves a profound purpose in the turbulent landscape of our times.”

Jacob Devaney, founder of the Culture Collective,
furthers, explaining that “we need places to immerse ourselves in new ways of living together, think-tanks for symbiotic expression and understanding in order to cultivate…a living practice to benefit the broader web around us instead of merely exploiting it for financial gain.”

But perhaps Symbiosis co-founder Kevin KoChen, quoting Alan Kay, sums it up best: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

KoChen was recently profiled by Reality Sandwich, providing context to the motivations behind Symbiosis Gatherings:

Armed with a team of artists and dreamers, KoChen sees his life’s goal as assisting in the expansion of consciousness through event crafting. By creating these environments and allowing attendees to live in what he considers both a futuristic and an ancient society, he is supporting this community’s growth towards positive, universal purpose…

“Festivals represent a moment out of time for people where they can be free to live in a village of enjoyment,” said KoChen. “It provides a space for people to ask deeper questions or celebrate with good friends and being alive in a beautiful world. Festivals can inspire us that life is not simply about being busy and earning money, but it’s about experiencing ourselves, our community, and artistic beauty in our beautiful world.”

KoChen bases his interest in event crafting in the ancient societies he studied during his traditional education. By looking toward the examples from the past, and applying their practices to today’s technological culture, he has carved out a niche of meaningful connection in a world characterized by turbulence.

Another insightful exploration in to this emerging trend of Transformational Festival culture is The Bloom Series, a multi-part documentary web series that is well worth watching. Check out the first two episodes, featuring footage of past Symbiosis Gatherings, at http://thebloomseries.com.

Check back next week for Part Two of Destination Burning Man’s exploration of the 2013 Symbiosis Gathering, with a focus
on the music you’ll hear at the festival.

For more information and tickets, visit

5 Ways to Make Your Life More Like Burning Man

by Steve Bearman and Troy Dayton for Burner Love. Photo by Spenser Jones.

So you’ve been to the playa, and you’ve seen the promised land – the promise of freedom, of self-expression, of immediacy and creativity and community. The playa fed you, and it changed you. It provided you opportunities for growth, you took advantage of those opportunities, and you came out the other side more the person you’re here to be in the world.

But then Burning Man ended, as it must. It was burned down, dismantled, packed up into dusty vehicles and carted away. Now, you find yourself without the the steady flow of magic that helped you become more yourself. You’re “home” (in the traditional meaning of the word), and you’re probably wondering whether you can still be the person you liberated yourself to become at Burning Man.

You can be. All you need to do is to make use of these 5 principles:

1. There is no default world
2. Expect more from strangers
3. Form your camp
4. Be part of the generosity economy
5. Embrace impermanence (at least for now)

1. There is no default world

Burners have come to use an unfortunate term when referring to life after Burning Man. They call it the “default world”, as if magic only happens in the desert during one week of the year. This is particularly unfortunate because there is one great secret to bringing everything you love about Burning Man into the rest of your life and to making the rest of the world more like Burning Man. What secret, you ask? As it turns out, there is no default world.

We’ll say it again, because this really matters.
There is no default world.

If it helps, you can think about it this way. Some art installations are just too big to bring to the playa. They need to be left out in the rest of the world. In fact, really the whole world is just one, big, world-sized, interactive art installation. It’s all just a series of temporary encampments in which humans have, through their ingenuity and creativity, figured out how to interface with the wilderness and live together in clusters. Just like the street clock and the open playa, the rest of the world is available to explore and interact with and play with while wearing one costume or another, playing one role or another. There is no default world.

When you start to recognize the true, interactive nature of what we’ll call “the extended playa” (that is, the world-sized, extra-playa art installation), you’ll find that so much more is possible.

2. Expect more from strangers

In a community like Burning Man, you can assume, even assert, the right to approach any random person and have an interesting interaction. There’s room to transcend the ordinary superficial greetings and interviews. You can introduce yourself effervescently, or oddly, or launch right into the middle of the conversation you wish you were having with someone. You can overtly express interest and curiosity. You can play. You can do all this because you expect, more often than not, that your enthusiasm and curiosity will be met with the same. You expect people to be interesting and to be excited by your invitation to play with them.

It’s no different on the extended playa. If you give people a chance to be their more expressed, more playful, more connective selves, more often than not, they’ll take you up on your offer. Everyone everywhere wants deeper connections, more meaningful interactions, less seriousness and more play. If you expect this of the people you meet, you’ll be right more often than not.

Hugs and affection are a particularly important domain in which to expect more from strangers. We all need love, and hugs are one of the best ways to deliver it. Take the risk to go in for a hug. You’ll be surprised how many people reciprocate. Of course some people will be hesitant. They may not even know that hugging is an option! Or they may just be plain scared of hugs. That means it’s your job not to be scary. You can pull this off by hugging people in a way that demands nothing of the huggee. Practice being sensitive to where the other person is at while still expressing your affection and admiration. If you get it right, you may notice them releasing and relaxing. Hugs bring us together. You are just the right person to initiate them.

Not only is there no default world, but there are no normal people. There are, however, many people who have gotten good at projecting the appearance of normality. At Burning Man, the endless parade of people flaunting their unusualness brings joy and excitement. The unusual is both delightful and challenging, enticing and intimidating. Out here on the extended playa, people love the unusual just as much as you love it at Burning Man, but there is such a constant press to conform to social norms, that we sacrifice our wonderful weirdness, our playful impulses, and our freaky freedom just so we can fit in. Without even realizing it, you have probably come to participate in this system of socialization, subtly and continuously discouraging people from coloring themselves outside the lines.

It takes some deliberate effort to reverse that tendency. Part of expecting more from strangers is noticing the weirdness in others and encouraging it to express itself. When you encounter someone who is already weirder than you, instead of looking away or otherwise indicating disapproval, remember the courage it takes to break with norms, and you’ll realize just how valuable that smile or that nod can be. Say “yes” to the strangeness of strangers.

Remember, nearly everyone you know was once a stranger. Expecting more of strangers increases the likelihood that the people you meet will become a part of that sometimes elusive network of connections we call community.

3. Form your camp
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Trilo On Tickets: "The fundamental problem is not the lottery - it's scarcity."

Good perspective from the Burning Blog: “First, a bit of background information about me. I am the admin and lead moderator of Burning Man ePlaya, and work directly with the staff at Burning Man headquarters in both the ticketing and communications departments. I've been participating in Burning Man since 2004, and am the leader of a theme camp. Outside of Burning Man, I've got relevant experience in event production, system design, and logistics that dates back to the 1980's. The ideas and opinions expressed here are my own. I am not speaking for the organization, and I'm not toeing some company line - once I wrapped my head around the changes to the ticketing system I agreed with the need for change and think it's a pretty good system.

Setting The Stage
Prior to the 2011 event, Burning Man tickets was a fairly uncomplicated process. Just get a ticket at any point in the process of preparing yourself, your camp, or your art project. There were no scalpers, and face value was the most you'd ever have to pay. Then, on the 24th of July 2011, it got complicated for the very first time when tickets sold out. It seems a simple enough thing, but it's not. It put hundreds of camps and art projects at risk as they discovered that essential members of their group had not yet bought their ticket. Anecdotally, I think most who were determined to go were able to find a ticket. Some weren't, and others just made the decision to take the year off and not get caught up in the ticket madness.
It created a situation where it would be necessary to make big changes to the way tickets were sold in 2012. For starters, everyone who had gotten burned or had a close call vowed to buy tickets earlier next year. So did anyone who knew someone who'd gotten burned or had a close call. And a significant number of people decided that they should try and stock up on tickets for their art project or camp. And a sellout event put Burning Man on the radar of professional (as well as amateur) scalpers.
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Burning Man 2012 Tickets Part 3 frm Halcyon (aka "Crap or Cone?")

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ACT AS IF (or, Kant's Categorical Imperative and How Your Ticket Will Find You)

"Act as if the maxim of your action was to become through your will a universal law of nature." -- Immanuel Kant

You didn't get a ticket. You didn't get a ticket for your partner, friend, spouse or parent. After all these years of going to The Event In The Desert, you got that email. You know, the one that, more than possibly any and maybe all of your life's cumulative college application rejection letters, grad school rejection letters, breakups-via-email, post-interview-we're-gonna-pass letters, pink slips and denial of parole notifications came across as a rejection of you as a person.

How can this thing that has welcomed you when you were needing it most, transformed you into who you are now, been fertile field where your creativity has grown beyond measure...or been your hope and dream or best chance give you the middle finger....so callously, with such disregard to who you are and what it means to you?

I am not going to comment on the workings of the ticketing system, or if it is good or bad or evil, or what we should all do *instead* of burning man, now that "most of us" "didn't get" our ticket.

I will tell you, in four simple little words, how you will get your ticket. You ready?


You are going. You've got the time off work. You've submitted your art app, your theme camp is going full steam ahead. You've got $400 in cash or whatever in an envelope for your ticket. You tell everyone that you're going, you get the blinky stuff for your bike, you get a roof rack for the truck.

WORK YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK. You tell everyone that your ticket hasn't found you. But it will. You know it. No specific notion of how it will get to you, but it will find you. It wants you to find it.

DON'T PANIC This is Panic's high season, this is the time when it is the least likely that tickets will change hands. But between the STEP program and the open ticket sales coming up, a lot more people who sincerely believe that they're going to Burning Man will get tickets.

BE PATIENT. A week before the event, ticket prices will plunge. Most folks who need tickets will get them then. And damn near all of them will be people who believed that they were going, and acted as if they already had a ticket in hand.

So. Come to potluck. Act as if. Believe.

See you tonight.

Luckily yours,


Caveat: I might be full of shit. You might believe. You might not get a ticket. Your milage may vary. Items may not be as pictured. Measured by weight and not by volume. The camera adds ten pounds. Get your ass to potluck anyway.

more from Halcyon on the Burning Man ticket lottery fiasco

Halcyon on the Burning Man ticket lottery fiasco

To Burn or Not to Burn

We've gotten several queries about dBM and Get Found's plans for
Burning Man 2012: Fertility 2.0, as well as how our crew is negotiating the Great Ticket Meltdown. In short, the process of Getting Found is in flux. Most of our crew are making plans to return to the playa and hoping to get the portal passes all lined up. With that said, myself and my cohort Maketa/DJ Edubious have made a conscious effort not to go this year, to instead funnel the time, energy, money towards something different. The decision not to pursue the Burn the year feels good, especially with the ticket clusterfuck rippling thru the community and inspiring so much ire and stress.

After 3 consecutive life-changing Burns -- 5 Burns in 8 years -- that have fully charged my soul-batteries and helped set me on the new path I am currently following, I feel like taking a deep breath and seeing what other ways I can conjure up magic, adventure and community this year. I'm jonesin' bigtime for some international travel and Cascadian backpacking trips, and prepping for the Burn/maestro'ing Get Found tends to monopolize all my resources, physical, mental and spiritual, so….time to take a time-out.

With that said, I wouldn't rule out jumping in the rig with Tangerine, Maketa, Jessie Rey and our bikes & blinkies at the last minute and heading to the playa, but that isn't the plan. Every time we hear of another beloved friend that WILL be there, it makes it a harder decision....but it is the right call in the big picture.

Many other
Get Foundlings are hoping to Burn this year and we'll share details as they emerge this summer.

I've started planting the seed with Foundlings and friends that aren't going to Black Rock this year the possibility for holding our own backwoods
Pacific Northwest burn!

PEacE oUT!
moontroll/DJ Playadusterclick for more…

Get Found Got Found

Well, yes, we’re all back from Burning Man, safe, mostly sound, cleaning up the last of our dusty sundries. Get Found ended up getting found -- waaaaaayyyyyy found -- on the corner of 8:30 & Initiation. Fittingly. We erected our SynchroniciTEA House & Juju Parlor and served tea to the masses all week long. Did you find us? Did you enjoy some oolong or kumbacha or dreamtime tea with us? Sure hope so! All in all, our camp and our teahouse were so much more than even our grandest dreams. And so now, we clean, and we collect ourselves, and we communicate so as to help each other with the processing and reintegration.

We’ll have more to say about Rites of Passage soon, I’m sure, so stay tuned (or share with us your own stories via email or in the comments.) I’ll leave you with a few of our best group shots from the playa...

First pulse of Foundlings on-playa, Sunday 6:30 pm

Inside the SynchroniciTEA House

White Wednesday

Burn night 2011

Burn night, lit by the 11:11 activation fires

Getting Found in the Default World

It has been a busy couple of months in the Pacific Northwest for Camp Get Found as we prepare for our 3rd year together on the playa. We’ve always been a small camp with a population hovering around 20, and this year is no different: 11 Get Found alumni and 9 new Foundling initiates (with 7 playa virgins in the mix) -- you can read more about who is Getting Found this year in our ongoing camp registrations. This year, our campers come also exclusively from homebases in western Washington & Oregon -- our Colorado, California and New Mexico friends are either not going or camping in other configurations.

So last spring, as the deadline for theme camp application approached and we had not had any conversations about what we were going to do in 2011,
Hannah Tangerine (I think) came up with the idea of creating a tea house for the people. “We could call it SynchroniciTEA, serve brews and elixirs, and help cultivate meaningful coincidences,” she suggested. “How about throw ‘and JuJu Parlor” in there for good measure?” I added. A concept was born.

In the months and weeks since, we put out the word to alumni and new friends alike and, by July, had our camp roster pretty well finalized. This gave us nearly two months to get to know each other, to communicate, brainstorm, share ideas, host gatherings and begin to divvy up tasks -- the work that it would take to Get Found once more in Black Rock City -- this time with a teahouse in tow.

Maketa and
J-Rey threw themselves in to the SynchroniciTEA concept and began designing, buying materials and constructing the prototype. Tina took on teahouse interior visions, helping to imagine a soothing space full of intentionality and spirit by way of lights, colors, art. Rachel dove in to some playatech furniture building, Tangerine began organizing the group kitchen and Moontroll worked on herding cats, keeping communication and logistics flowing, painting signs, buying tea and teapots and getting the Boogie parachute ready for its 4th burn. Colby is building a sink and generator mufflers. Dana spraypainted bamboo designs on teahouse walls. Everybody shared surplus hugs and bacon.

emerged from his recent touring with March Fourth just in time to step in as our pragmatic camp foreman, and in short order busted out our greywater evaporation system, jigsawed a lightbox sign, worked on parachute repairs and rebar advisement and also helped think through systems like electrical, showers and transport.

Our first major gathering was in Bellingham over a weekend in July, and consisted of a Friday night meet-and-greet social, which led in to a dance party (of course) which led in to a slumber party which led in to a potluck brunch which led, finally, to a long and detailed meeting scoping out the details of camp, some of the logistics, some of the concerns/questions and figuring out who was doing what. A follow-up gathering was held in August in Seattle, in which the primary goal of raising the teahouse structure for the first time was accomplished (to great joy and excitement) along with several other small projects, all featuring the surprise guest appearance of GF alum Scotty G. fresh from Taos.

So we’re less than 2 weeks out before we all hit the road, eastward towards the Black Rock Desert.... with a few more things to finish up & tinker on before we go. Many have moved in to personal prep now and are living, breathing and dreaming the Burn round the clock. Without receiving official placement from BMorg, we don’t know exactly where we’ll end up in BRC,
but if yer meant to find us, it will be a meeting of great synchroniciTEA!

Here are a few scenes of Get Found pre-playa gatherings, work parties and funraising....

Our first official meeting, at the Purple Palace in Bellingham, WA -- we managed to get nearly 3/4 of the camp in the same place at the same time! After some chattering & swilling, we soon dudded up to head out for a birthday party complete with a treehouse, yummy keg & food, drum circle and DJ Grapenuts.

More photos by Tina and moontroll after the jump.....
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Playa Tips from Halycon

dBMcast feedback

One of the best parts of creating this website and the Burning Man content it features -- videos, dBMcasts, essays, photos, blog updates -- is receiving feedback from the community. Edubious and myself put a lot of time, energy, money and passion in to our dBM creations, and with the click of a button, send it out in to the world. We don’t know where our music or videos will end up, who will stumble upon them and how they get felt. But over the years, we’ve received quite a few moving stories from Burners around the world, people who have taken the time to send us a note of gratitude or tell their tale -- most heartwarming messages often include a description of how they ended up listening to one of our mixes, where and when, or most importantly, what it meant to them.

We’d love to hear from you and know what you get out of this site and its creative offerings:
[email protected]. And now’s as good a time as any to remind folks that we appreciate donations from the community, which we use to maintain destinationburningman.com and increase its offerings. Emails are one way to support us, and funds are another. There’s a Paypal link in the sidebar if you’re feeling generous. We’ll probably end up spending it on the SynchroniciTea House at Burning Man this month, so know your tithing is going to a worthy cause!

So here are a few of the awesomest emails we’ve received in the past few weeks. Thanks!
DJ Playaduster

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that some Burners really enjoyed your "Loveness Got Found Part 2" while watching the sunset over the Keys last night (Islamorada, to be exact). We loved the overlaid voices and the giggles that only come on the playa. Got us even more excited about this year.

downloaded the track from Soundcloud on a lark, did not listen to it before we popped it on, absolutely wonderful, the timing with the sunset made it absolutely magical.

Thanks again!
J. Trash
Monomythia 2011

I stumbled onto your podcasts after last years burn and I cant explain how much the music, videos and adventure y'all share have transformed and fueled my life. Im an illustration student here in SF, heres a link to some of  the artwork ive done while listening to your casts on repeat: http://misterambportfolio.blogspot.com. THANK YOU for all you’ve done and I eagerly await every new podcast. Im the volunteer coordinator for L--- so I'll see you out at the Burn.

L-- VC

DbM crew,

I stumbled across your podcast, then site, blog, related materiel and am hooked.  Your combination of amazing tracks with fun and insightful commentary is my brand of perfect!  I can't get enough.  This will be my second burn and want to visit the temple of tea and hopefully meet the masters.  Do you know where you'll be on the playa?  Looking forward to another amazing burn and hopefully connecting with you.  Keep up the perfect podcasts, they really set the tone as I prepare and plan.  Love it!

Hasta la pasta,

dBM – I am writing to let you know that your podcasts & videos fill me with so much joy. I am preparing for my 4th journey to the desert this year, and the soundtrack for my preparation has been your music and energy. Awesome stuff, my friends.
Thank you.


We are all to brink of crazy as the Opening day approaches!  I am returning a response to let you know that every day I'm not on the playa, you keep me there in SPIRIT because of the cool mixes that I enjoy ( and share and annoy friends) every other day of the year in anticipation of hardship, dust and  ultimate bliss for 7 days of the year.  Thank You for your continued efforts and I hope to one day cross paths there or at home area with you groovy cats!
Kevin and The Zappa Dust Tribe= usually around 3:30 & 4:00- in the first 5-8 layers.  We will be cruising the ZOOT Retro Rocketship this year!

My boyfriend introduced me to your podcast this past weekend.  Well done!!! They are my new favorite crush & the latest addition to the soundtrack of my life. Thanks for the inspiration!  See you on the playa!  : )

I am from Indianapolis, first-time burner and found your podcast in my quest get ideas of what the playa will be like, costumes I should plan, etc. I'm searching the Internets and absorbing all things Burning! :-)

Thanks for all the podcast and content, much love to you for putting that all together.

Halycon's Tips for the Playa v1

Get Found version 3.0!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. With less than 80 days to go before we all hit the road, the Get Found tribe is actively making plans for our next trip to Black Rock City. It will be the third year that the entity and spirit that is Get Found will be manifested on the playa and this year is looking like we’re going to reach a new level of awesomeness and magic. Right now we’ve got about 15 ticketed, committed and fired up, including two virgins. There is another half-dozen that we’re still waiting to hear from, and we expect to be around 20 in total, which is just about perfect. Here is a basic, nuts ’n bolts description we’ve been rallying around of what our playa plans are this year, though it is fair to say that most of the details are waiting to get filled in and the final shape of our camp this year is ultimately a mystery that fate/chance/destiny will decide:

Camp Get Found’s SynchroniciTEA House & Juju Parlor general outline: This year's sleeping shelter will be beneath the big green parachute, as in 2007 & 2009, which rises on a steel mast and supported by guy wires. We'll array our tents on the outer ring of the parachute and park our car's for windbreaks and support. Tent space is limited, with space prioritized for returning Foundlings. Our kitchen will be based on 2010, beneath the carport without a centralized plan but communal-style with shared stoves, prep areas & supplies.

Connected to our living space, facing the road, will be the
SynchroniciTEA House, also made from a mast and parachute but smaller. Inside of the tea house -- which is decorated with art & lighting, wired for sound and lounged out with pillows and rugs -- there will be a serving area from which we'll prepare and serve all kinds of various teas, both herbal infusions and the Camellia sinensis leaf, throughout the week. There will be special brews and brewing events,  music, meditation, massage and performance. The teahouse, and the steamy magic we create inside, is our gift to the community. (R. has a dome she wants to bring as a secondary chill space -- details TBD.)
It is envisioned that we'll procure a panel/moving van for transport of parachutes, masts, furniture, kitchen, sound and other infrastructure items from Washington State to BRC. Do you know of how we can get one for cheap? There may also be room for bikes, etc. A camp tithing will be collected from each Foundling to support parachute & truck rental, transportation and perhaps other shared resources. Also, be prepared to bring extra water, tea pots/cups and tea/herbs, loungey goodies and funky art/lighting to support our teahouse gift.
This year more than ever before, each Foundling is asked to make a substantial contribution to a shared resource, including leadership, costs, materials, time and/or energy. It is envisioned that everyone chooses a role and is pro-active on bringing motivation and resources to share. We want to encourage community and ritual through
active participation, and believe that the Burn begins long before we hit the playa. As always, the camp is a blend of communal gathering, resource sharing and radical self-reliance. Everyone is responsible, ultimately, for their own transportation, tent, food, water, bike, beverages, waste, blinky lights, wigs, etc.
We have applied for theme camp status, which would give us early arrival passes and a pre-chosen BRC address (we requested the 3 o'clock neighborhood). We'll know in early July if we get it or not.
Feel free to suggest any
theme days or nights we may want to play with, or to plan particular Get Found rituals to take place through the week, in and out of camp. Finally, we are hoping for one or more pre-playa gatherings and activations, including July/August camping in the Cascades.

That’s what we’re working with for now, and the next step is coming up with “project areas” and folks volunteering whatever their expertise may be to fill vital roles: power generation, kitchen, transport, shelter, tea house, sound, waste & greywater, vibesquad, etc.

Foundling Leah sums this stage of our journey up best:

I cannot wait to integrate these ideas that we all relate, the intentions of a given state for gathering and to celebrate, a platform of elevation, sensation, vibration, collaboration and divine nation we can create. It's a simple form of presence, defined with interdependence, it's what we bring to the table in whatever form we are able, it's creative and it's energy, it's a lot of you mixed well with me!

As Suzi Starpants sez, PEACE OUT!

Serving up a mug of SynchroniciTEA!

So Hannah Tangerine and Rose put together our theme camp application last week and, at the high noon deadline today, clicked
send. Nice work ladies!!! While we still have 100+ days to work out the details, this much we know: get ready for The Get Found SynchroniciTEA House and JuJu Parlor at Burning Man 2011!

Black Rock City 2010 Yearbook

The Black Rock City 2010 Yearbook is out -- hooray! This is such a lovely and heartfelt gift to the community each year, and having visited their photo camp for the first time last summer, I can tell you it is a lot of work.

Browse the gallery of all the freaky beautiful amazing Burners, or download a pdf version of the yearbook,
here. Here’s a small sampling of what goodness is in store for you.... <3

Of course, this awesome project reminds me of another awesome project that I have been working on since my first Burn in 2007:
The Playa Portrait Project!

Looking ahead & Temple 2011

Having just passed the Burnal Equinox, beginning our slow slippery slide down the slope towards Black Rock City 2001 and "Rites of Passage," Burning Man is increasingly on my mind. Daydreams of the desert, the dust, the nights full of flame and tribal family reunion that awaits me causes my pulse to rise and heart to pound. I sent out a message to the rest of Get Found today in an attempt to rally the troops and begin the envisioning and intentioning that will create our next generation camp, though it is still early to get much spark out of folks. Thoughts race through my brain: will we have the parachute or sleep tunnel again this year? will we team up with Chillville and the Glacial Facial again, as in 2010, or strike out on our, as in 2009? where's Hekter gonna end up? Highlove? Starpants? do I need to invest in a new tutu? can I show up several days early again, and stay late, to watch the city rise, shine and then disintegrate again?

Ah, patience young grasshopper. All will reveal itself in time, perfectly in sync with how things need to be.

For now, my burgeoning urges will need to be satiated with this crucial tidbit: the design for the 2011 Temple has been revealed!

It is called "The Temples" and looks to be a worthy successor to a long line of sacred architecture creating introspective spaces:

Check out more sketches, volunteer for build crew, donate money and more at

Here’s a cool pictogram that shows how it will match past temples, both architecturally and dimensionally:

And here’s some temple action from 2007 and 2009, videos by Moontroll:

Sunrise at the Temple of Forgiveness * Burning Man 2007 from moontroll on Vimeo.

Temple Burn at Burning Man 2009 from moontroll on Vimeo.