Get Found on playa 2012

A few of the men of Get Found /dBM/ Boogie Universal have banded together this year, and are joining forces with Buddha Lounge at 8:45 & Esplanade. See below for the roster of this manly mancamp full of mans and by all means, drop by our camp for yoga, shade and chill/bass sets during the day and stellar entertainment at night, including Emancipator, Pumpkin, Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, Chris B, Kalya Scintilla, Jobot, DubVirus, Sex Pixels and manymanymany more!

Scotty G

Pablo / DJ GrapeNuts

Moontroll / DJ Playaduster

Erik / Boogie Universal



Dusty kisses!

Seeking guidance from the universe

I have been actively reconsidering my earlier decision to not go to Burning Man this year. Ever since I left the playa last September, my mindset has been one of taking a break from my annual pilgrimage to Black Rock City, for a variety of different reasons. No hard feelings, BRC, I just got some other things I gotta attend to! Now, with less than 40 days before the gates to the city open to the masses, my outlook is shifting. Without getting in to details on the evolution of my summer plans, another trip to Burning Man — my fourth in a row, and sixth overall — is beginning to look inevitable, like it wouldn't make any sense for me not to go!

"All roads lead to the Burn," a fellow Burner quipped.

So I've been meditating these past two weeks on the ifs, whens, wheres, whys, hows and whos of it all. One crucial step for me is to turn to the I Ching for consultation and guidance. Here's the hexagram I drew this week:

Fire over Mountain

Travel is developmental when small; if travel is correct, it leads to good fortune.

Travel means passing through and not lingering. Fire is luminous, mountain is still. One stabilizes illumination and does not use it carelessly. One nurtures the fires and transcends the world. Understanding stillness and staying in the proper place, stabilizing illumination so that it is not damaged, when illumination and stillness are used together one can thereby transcend the world while in the world. Therefore travel is developmental when small, and travel leads to good fortune when correct.

Travel means passing through—you should not remain attached to the realm you passed through.

When illumination is called for, then be aware; but while aware still remain calm. When stillness is called for, be still; but when still, remain aware. When illumination and stability, awareness and stillness, are unified, how can there be failure to develop and prosper?

Do you have any pre-Burn rituals? How do you seek sage advice?

Introducing Moontroll's 2010 Burning Man/Get Found 2010 videos (double-feature!)

We're back....

We have succeeded in upgrading our website software and restoring the past 4 years of blog posts here on dBM. Hooray! Working on this fix, I realized how much good storytelling this dBM blog does of the past several burns: who we camped with, what projects we worked on, hurdles we faced and conquered and the larger Burner culture that informs and inspires us. Glad to have it working again, and with the new software, we’re going to be able to do some cool redesigning and adding new features over the coming months. Thanks for tuning in friends -- join us on our new group page on Facebook, drop us a line at [email protected] and feel free to make a donation to the ongoing development of dBM via Paypal in the sidebar.

Introducing Camp Get Found : version 2.0.2

Name (playa or otherwise): Moontroll, DJ Playaduster, DJ Fundi

Where is home right now?: Samish Island off the coast of the lower Skagit Valley; Bellingham too; all of the mossy westside of the Cascades feels like home.

Years burned: 2004, 2007, 2009

Favorite drinks: Mojitos, PBR & IPA, bourbon, Hekter's Nektarsauce with fresh fuckleberry sauce....

Favorite use/form of bacon: swizzle sticks and nipple lubrication

Favorite music/bands/styles of the moment: I dig a wide range of music, from whomp to world beat, bluegrass to jazz, Grateful Dead to classic funk and soul, and I post musical mixes featuring this kaleidoscope of sounds at
podcastcafe.org, destinationburningman.com/stuff/podcasts and soundcloud.com/moontrolling/tracks.

General outlook/philosophy on life: I choose love, value creativity and freedom of expression, and get high off of conscious community. I am also an advanced practitioner of
Bass Chakra Therapy.

Favorite memories from Burns past:
The Boogie Universal Pyramid Project experience from beginning to end, meditating during sunrises at the various Temples, DISORIENT microbeat dancing in deep playa, Torsten and the Zebracorn, "The Party Formerly Known as the Prince Party" and rolling Purple Palace with my boys, the double-rainbow, discovering Nectar and Glitch and the Crude Awakening madness of '07, Team Love in '09…..

Most looking forward to: taking it to the next level with Get Found, meeting new tribe with ChillVille, grooving to bone-rattling bass beneath the stars, solo explorations during the day, furthering the
Playa Portrait Project, Temple of Flux, loving on all the Burners!

Intentions for the burn: Fine-tuning the results of my hard work over the past year; practicing eye contact and deep listening; realizing the Pure Power of Potential; stepping out of my normal comfort zones to see what else is out there; letting go of the old and making room for the new.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Name (playa or otherwise): Carla, Carl, Bun-Bun, Carls, Carlsbad, Hot Carl

Where is home right now?: Currently Seattle, but gypsying it for the next 2-3 months in California after the Burn! Im on a quest to find my new home!

Years burned: this is the 4th

Favorite drinks: Yerba Matte, Iced Americano w/ toffee and cream, top-shelf bourbon, Heffiwiezens, Tripples, Apricot Beers

Favorite use/form of bacon: On a french toast/egg/american cheese sandwhich, or those random times on the Playa when you REALLy need it and it just shows up in your lap. How about a limp-bacon-over-strategic-places photo shoot!

Favorite music/bands/styles of the moment: Ok, I'll break it down...
Drums: dubstep or hiphop
Bass: layered, thick, swampy, nasty, wobbely, whompy,
Melodies: Beautiful, twinkly, harmonic, ethereal, haunting, intellegent
Vocals: Conscious
For more about my musical tastes, I have a soundcloud with some songs Ive made (Im learning how to produce on Ableton) and current favorites of other artists..

General outlook/philosophy on life: I am in process of writing a manifesto of sorts, a set of concepts that I feel are important...they are: Meaningful Work, Evolution of Consciousness, Embracing the Present Moment, Entheogenic Revolution, Healing the Gender Gap, Localizing and Community Building, and Sustainability and Permaculture.

Favorite memories from Burns past: Firedancing in conclave my first burn. Having a telepathic conversation with a stranger Sunday morning of my first burn. Watching smoke wizards come out of the burning Waffle in 2006. The first time I saw the Temple of Forgiveness up close. The talent show during the huge dust storm in the moving truck at Boogie Universal.

Most looking forward to:vSunday morning tears of joy. Rocking my new white leather UV led top/chaps outfit!!! FIYAH! Mo upgraded with my new Go-go girl pee funnel.

Intentions for the burn: Shedding old layers with ease. Releasing into my next ManifestinY with confidence and clarity. Strengthening connections with Family old and new..saying goodbye to the Pacific Northfresh and moving forward to where my heart is calling me... Following the flow. RAdiaTing love.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Breaking news....

On most days, visits from the mailman are very uneventful: bills, statements, catalogs, junk, every now and then a good Netflix movie. But yesterday's delivery was an entirely different story --

It's not often that something that reaches you by way of the post is life-changing, but in the case of receiving a ticket to Burning Man, accompanied by a spicy fireball candy, it is not exaggerating to call it that: life-changing. Who knows how the next 210 days will play out, what schemes will emerge, how my tribe will fragment and reconstitute in new and surprising combinations, what virgins might jump on board? Getting my Burning Man ticket in the mail -- my fourth one -- always reminds me of Willy Wonka's golden tickets -- I get to go to Wonkaland! I've just secured admittance to one of the greatest gatherings known to mankind! I just queued up for the most powerful soul-shakedown celebration-ritual that I've ever experienced! Thanks Mr. Postman. You have no idea what that nondescript white envelope
really contained: an express ticket on a journey that takes one to both the deepest reaches of outer space and the inner psyche.

As a Burner friend in Seattle commented on seeing the above photo, "And so it begins...."

Evolution II : Burning Man 2009, and a brief farewell

Moontroll has cooked up one more final video presentation featuring photographs, videos and music from Burning Man 2009 : Evolution. Soudtrack features tracks from Bassnectar, Bluetech, Mimosa & Collie Budz and Random Rab, and the photos are from over a dozen different sources found around the internets.

You can view the full collection of 2009 BM videos on
our video page or by visiting Moontroll's Vimeo album.

Hope you dig on it and it stirs up some personal excitement for Black Rock City 2010!

Another look at Burning Man 2009 from Moontroll, featuring photos from over a dozen sources found across the internets (see closing credits for full disclosure!) Music by Bassnectar, Bluetech, Mimosa & Collie Budz and Random Rab.

More videos, musical mixes, photos, stories and more at http://www.destinationburningman.com.

Viva la Black Rock City!

Things will be pretty quiet here on the dBM blog until the spring or early summer when we start gearing up for the next pilgrimage to the playa. We'll continue to regularly post musical mixes on our dBM podcast page, including a forthcoming serial from DJ Edubious, more installments in DJ Playaduster's Wobble Chronicles series designed to help listeners tap in to the raw power of their bass chakras and stellar sets from a wide variety of Guest DJs.

Y'all take care and thanks for the encouragement and support over the years. Drop us a line anytime at [email protected]

Love, the dBM crew

EVOLUTION & Camp Get Found : Burning Man 2009

This is a multimedia piece I made with photos, videos and music from several different sources, including the amazing time-lapse photography of Ben Wiggins and burn footage from Mr. Nightshade and John Chavez. It is intended as a scrapbook or time capsule to celebrate Burning Man 2009 and the beautiful people I camped and spent the week with (Go Team Love!!). Soundtrack is provided by Random Rab, ill.Gates, Welder, Nosaj Thing, Ezekiel Honig and Shpongle.

Feel free to download a copy (link below video on the right) and share it with others. Consider leaving a comment if you like this too. Spread the playa love!

Lots more videos, photos, podcasts and burning blogging at my website www.destinationburningman.com.

Moontroll has finished posting the last of his video shorts, and now offers this longer, more comprehensive half-hour-long epic that seeks to preserve and celebrate the people, places, sounds, sights and scenarios of Burning Man 2009. We recommend you download your own copy from the Vimeo page -- look for the link beneath the video on the right-hand side -- and play it on as big of a screen, with as loud of a soundsystem, as possible. It's long, so get comfy and make sure you are in the irght frame of mind to take this experience in! Hope you enjoy it -- leave a comment on Vimeo with your reactions. Peace, love and playa!

More Burning Man video shorts from Moontroll

Moontroll has spun out two more video shorts from photos and videos gathered on the playa at Burning Man 2009 by himself and co-conspirator Edubious. Both of them capture moments in time at the beautiful and evocative temple (does it have a name?) -- they are like short stories, little windows to look through to be transported, year-round, back to that special time and place. Comments on Vimeo are much appreciated.

Videos and photos celebrating the temple -- and its fiery demise -- at Burning Man 2009.

Another video short by Moontroll; original photos and videos by Moontroll and Edubious.

More at www.destinationburningman.com

A video short by Moontroll; photos and video by Moontroll, except for fire photos by Edubious. Music by Mickey Hart and Boxcutter.


View or download the previous video shorts by subscribing to dBMcasts or by visiting http://vimeo.com/album/53765.

Burning Man video shorts from Moontroll

Camp dBM registration #6

Registration for Camp dBM : 00.006
re: Burning Man 2009 : EVOLUTION

Name, playa or otherwise: Moontroll / DJ Playaduster

Default World livelihood: communications coordinator for environmental nonprofit org, freelance writer, educator

Hobbies: many! including blogging and podcasting, dragonfly studies, kite flying, long walks, continually improving my homefries preparations, sea kayaking, landscape gardening, doodling...


Favorite foods: french fries, thai noodles, wood-fired pizza, ben & jerry's, grilled cheese, crunchy things, salmon chowder

Favorite drinks: blueberry mojitos, Deschutes Brewery grogs, tequilla, coffee, jaegerbombs, smoothies, oolong tea from Taiwan

Favorite musics: freek folk, glitch, dub, ambient/downtempo, bluegrass, jazz, Dead, whomp, classical Indian, funk, soul, hip-hop, drone and most everything from Mali. (A musical mix of recent favorite sounds is
right here.)

Currently reading: Dale Pendell's The Gifts of Burning Man, Rick Bass' The Wild Marsh, Tove Jansson' s The Summer Book, Kabat-Zinn's Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness.

General outlook on life: Choose your own adventure! But take responsibility for what you manifest.

How many burns? (list years):
2004: The Vault of Heaven & 2007: The Green Man.

Favorite BRC memories: 2008 burns (the man + Crude Awakening) from the Jackson Junk with my brothers,
sunrises at the temple, The Party Formerly Known as the Prince Party in the Boogie Pyramid, deep-playa cruising on bike, dancing to DISORIENT DJs, discovering Bassnectar and the Glitch Mob for the first time, Hekter's dusty-chap playa side-shuffle and fuckleberry pickle sauce session!

Least-favorite BRC memories: my very first dust storm was rather surprising -- I remember frantically wondering "what the fuck am I doing here?!?"

Playa garb you feel most yourself in:
pig-tailed purple wig

What 3 items from your BRC funbox is most essential?
kite, soundstick and picture frames

If you had a superpower, what would it be? to soar above the land like a raven!

Top 3 favorite Michael Jackson songs?
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Arts & Crafts for the Playa

We've got it together...right?  The looks and verbal affirmations from Grapenutz and Playaduster say so, but I still wonder, "What am I/are we missing?"  

There is only 37 days
 until the Man burns.  Until he burns!  We will have been on playa for almost 8 days by that time.  I've got...no WE'VE got to get our shit together!

But I'm cool.  


Trusting in the our collective ability to harness and direct the Pure Power of Potential, I know we'll have more than we need when we are on the playa.  But who's gonna take care of.....

Camp dBM converged this week for a throw-back summer camp arts and crafts experience at Dancing Dog Clayworks to create some unique gifts for the playa. The 20 or so Burning Man Evolution pendants will be but one of our gifts for the BRC community (music, of course being another).

During our convergence we got crafty and did some planning for the upcoming journey to the Portal and beyond.

A few preliminary sketches and plaster to carve

DJ Playaduster is already sportin' his playa goggles

Grapenutz prepares his crafting surface.  Every piece he made was a one of a kind.

After our art barn session, we bolted to Lake Padden where we took a long awaited swim (it was over 90 degrees that day) and rendezvous'd with Lil Fox and Robin, the newest Camp dBM members.  The vibes were smooth, some plans were discussed, but mostly we shared our excitement about the fast approaching Burn. 

So, all of us here at Camp dBM are getting it together.  Yeah.  I'm starting to pack already.  Not so much to be sure that I have time to get everything that might be desired, but also because I'm am stoked  to step through the Portal.  Soon come.

I hope I can dance with you in Black Rock City!

Onward, towards the Burn.

~ Edubious

Airing out the Fun Boxxx

I made some progress on readying myself for Burning Man last weekend by exploring the totality of my fun boxxx: taking inventory, airing things out, making a list of what is lacking. It gave me a much-needed sense of accomplishment, albeit a tiny accomplishment. I enjoyed reconnecting with old bits of costumage, still slightly dusty, that brought back memories of Burns gone by -- the original magenta wig with pig tails and ripped-up sun dress from '04, the purple sari, sequined tuxedo shirt and fuzzy vest-hat combo from '07, the American Dream suspenders from the aborted '08 mission. Things were in pretty good shape overall, I have to say, though I think my favorite pair of aviator goggles are rusted out beyond repair and will have to fill a symbolic role in '09.

I like how the selection of wigs looks like a family of muppets ready for a night on the town.

I also uncovered some ephemera like unused glow sticks (do they go bad?), a map of Oregon and Nevada, past gift-swag, walkie-talkies (never used), earplugs, a What Where When BRC guide, batteries & film, etc. etc.

After taking stock of my fun boxxx status, I could see that I was going to need to work some freshness in to the mix, and so spent an entire day in Seattle visiting various thrift stores in the U-District. Most of what I picked up will need to remain confidential until I am on-playa transmorgifying in to DJ Playaduster. But you may enjoy a sneak peek of some of the new styles, such as my rasta rainbow of knee-high socks...

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The Fuse is Lit

With less than 100 days until the Burn -- 92 days, 1 hour and 43 minutes to be exact -- I wonder to myself how I am preparing myself for that explosion of madness, creativity and life-loving fun that awaits me.

Last weekend, one of my alter-egos was called upon to DJ a party up in the mountains, following up a concert that was the world-wide debut of a husband-wife musical duo known as The Raven and the Hawk (and they each performed solo too, as Violet Modestly and Alexander Beetroot). Since I was pretty tired from the work week, I couldn't make it, but my alter-ego showed up in fine form, even though DJ he had to borrow a wig.
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Towards Evolution

I've got my magic Willy Wonka-meets-Charles Darwin golden ticket that will allow me passage through the portal at the end of August. We are poised somewhere right around the Burnal Equinox, which means that we are sitting at the other end of the Gregorian calendar in relation to The Burn. Balanced, if you will. And I know you will. That means that all the Burners in all the different corners of the world have exactly six months to prepare for the journey and the gathering.

Six months doesn't seem like a lot of time to reach readiness status, depending on how you look at it, or more accurately, depending on how big your dreams and schemes are for 2009.

It also seems like a fucklong time to have to wait. Granted, I need plenty of time to physically, mentally and spiritually prepare for my trip to Burning Man -- this will be my third pilgrimage in six years -- but late August seems impossibly far away right now. Just last week, I woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground. Nothing is blooming, the Skagit flats are dull and muddy. Nights are cold. Big, dark clouds full of rain blow in off the Salish Sea. It is very difficult to daydream myself to a place of desert sun, dry winds and warm nights. Visualize sunburns -- it’s harder than you might think.

I have no choice but to patiently wait, and to savor the wait, the build-up, the gathering of energy.

As for how much time I need to get my project together, that is as undetermined as the project itself.

I haven’t had a chance to dig in to dreaming up a new experiment with Ramona Mayhem or Hekter McElliot -- haven’t seen much of either this past year as both have taken up temporary residences far away from Bellingham -- but with Edub, who lives just down the road in Seattle, I’ve had several chances to brainstorm, blowing on the embers, bringing up a little flame.
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special delivery!!!

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Boogie Universal Pyramid Project 2007 : World Premier of Moontroll's documentary video!

In 2007, Boogie Universal, a volunteer collective based in Bellingham, Washington dedicated to "building better community through music," decided to take their good music, good vibes and good peoples to Burning Man. The project that we organized around was the construction of the Boogie Pyramid, a 40 foot-tall performance/gathering space made of recycled billboard vinyl, rivets, grommets, cable and a galvanized steel mast. There was much amateur engineering and high school math skills involved as we tried to figure out how this prototype would work. Over 30 people pitched in with dozens of hours of labor, free welding work, generous use of a secret farm field construction site and good cheer.

But building the Boogie Pyramid was only one part of the story. Boogie Universal also met weekly to plan a myriad of camp logistics: food, Leave No Trace, transportation, camp theme, entertainment in the Pyramid, camping, furniture, costumage, generators and power production, booze, camp wellness, showers and grey water evaporation â the list goes on and on and then on some more. We hash through all this for hours -- impossible to say how many hours went in to this project, this dream, this folly â actually, we probably don't even want to know.

But many of us found an odd sense of satisfaction in focusing our free time on an endeavor that is ridiculous, a mission that that made no sense. I got a surprising jolt of inspiration in spending precious time, resources and energy on a project with aspirations that lie outside of normal boundaries: we won't make any money doing this. There is no fame and glory to be earned in all of this, no job promotion nor merit badge.

So why did we do it? Why work to set up an enormous 35,000 watt sound installation in a 3,600 square-foot pyramid a thousand miles away from home in the middle of a desiccated lake bed in Nevada? Hard to pin down the reasons, and I'm sure each member of the Boogie Universal collective would provide a different answer.

What is it that draws one to Burning Man anyways? An infinite amount of answers, all correct.

Anyways, this 19-minute movie documents much of the process, from backyard brainstorm to construction to transportation, erection and execution. Things didn't turn out exactly like we had planned, but that was part of the magic of our experience, and I hope this video succeeds in sharing the love we had for the Boogie Universal Pyramid Project at Burning Man 2007!

More videos from DJ Playaduster at www.destinationburningman.com. Feedback: [email protected]

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over & out

Edubious and I are getting ready to hit the road for 5 days -- we were planning on a long backpack trip out Copper Ridge in the North Cascades, but it is seriously rainy here, so we've decided to head towards Central Oregon sunshine. We have hot springs in mind, and getting in to the backcountry, but no clear plans. We're gonna be looking for the wave of inspiration emanating from Burning Man with our soul surfboards, ready to ride. To everybody on the playa, we'll be thinking of you constantly. For the rest of us, get out and bring the burning energy in to where you're at (and utilize the links in the previous post to stay in touch with what's goin' down in BRC). Looks marvelous down there. Miss it so much....click for more…

southward soul pull

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Hearts of Flame Trilogy : Burning Man tributecasts reposted

23 days.

In a little over three weeks, the Man will burn. Over 50,000 revelers, seekers and freaks will gather around the effigy on a remote, desolate, dry lake bed in a forgotten corner of Nevada to drum, dance with fire and lose their minds to the magic of the moment.

Though I've long decided that I won't be returning to participate in
The Event in the Desert in 2008, I have to admit that with the arrival of August, Black Rock City's invisible, inevitable gravitational pull is agitating my soul. I have other projects and efforts I am dedicated to this year, namely establishing a relationship and a new home with an amazing woman and very special 7 year-old boy, but that doesn't negate my natural affinity for ritual, for community gatherings in sacred spaces, for ecstatic release, for psychedelic sojourning, for intense life-reflection and inward reorientation and for creative pranksterism.

My Burn brother
Edubious and I have hatched alternative plans for the Burn weekend, and we plan on some deep-delving and freestyle soul-expression in the land above tree line in Washington's North Cascades. We'll be with all y'all, if not geographically, surely in spirit. More on that journey later...

As the days lean in closer to the gathering, I feel all kinds of emotions bubbling up, all kinds of personal needs I recognize as neglected, and an intense desire to create and share with friends. The most I can muster together for now is sharing music with the listeners dialed in to this dBM network. To that end, I'm reposting my Hearts of Flame, a Burning Man tribute-trilology in a podcast formulation.
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Re: )*( Your Center Camp Cafe Video

Hey Moontrolling,

I just wanted to say hey and thank you for
the Center Camp Cirumnambulation beautiful video (with some Bassnectar to boot!). My name is Heloise Ladyslipper and I'm the volunteer coordinator to decorate Center Camp Cafe. Your video was just what I needed today. I am a bit stressed out and behind on my Burning Man work but seeing this totally brought me back to why I volunteer for this position and spend a great portion of my free time on it. I love the sense of community that CCCafe brings and I really think you captured it in your video. I love the brightness of the color too. I love that you captured to flags because they are my (and the vols that sew them here at BMHQ at craft parties) babies and I was super proud of them last year! Plus the rags to flags pennant flags in the 3 rings and just seeing all the people in there having a blast. it made me heart happy. Love the smiles!!!click for more…

Praises from Wanobi of Ohmland

Hey Playaduster:
I’m was at a BBQ yesterday for a friend’s birthday. Suffice to say I had a few drunken conversations, the one I remember was about karma. I realized that there was this huge disconnect between some of oldest friends and a very small band of merry burners (all of whom don’t know it).
Anyway I woke up this morning, checked out of my friends place and got on the Docklands Light Railway back to Stratford, East London. This is a cool little above ground train that runs really slowly through the docks, the business districts and finally the post industrial heartland of London’s eastend.
I’ve had your Destination Burning Man Trilogy  on my pod for a while but just haven’t been at the time and place. But trust me this was perfect. I put on
Reintegration, as this train wound through equally beautiful business and residential districts. Most are deprived but on this sunny Sunday morning everything took on a new light. Particularly with the perfectly judged, wonderfully paced mix that you’ve created. I could go on about how I loved your choice of tracks (which I did) but that would be missing the main point. I got back from SF to London in Feb and I thought I had that playa feeling all the time. Yeah I was receptive but damn your mix has brought it all back. Not reintegration into the world but reintegration back into the fold. Back to feeling the power of potential. Good shit, my friend. Good shit. Keep it up.
Our camp this year is going that bit larger. Finally a theme camp. We’ll have a DJ rig with some decent soundpressure. It’d be a total pleasure if you could drop by, spin or just hang out.
Wanobi of Ohmland

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey Edubious:

All I can say is stupendous…
Damn. Your guys sound is fantastic. Right on the money. I just  sent some feedback to the destinationburningman address (about reintegration) but then listened to
East to West as well just after. In awe. Literally. And this is from someone with a fair chunk of worldy vibes and a long interest in electronica and organica.
Currently hailing from East London having just left SF but will be joining up with the merry crew this summer.  This year we’re going to haul a sound rig up there. Fairly small by soundcamp standard* but we promise to have more love. A set like this would banish inhibitions and just get it going. Get some organic beats going and anything could happen.
Nice one my friend. Nice one.
International vibes from sunny Landan Taaan,
Let me know what you think,
Wanobiclick for more…

The Green Man Trilogy and reflections at the Burnal Equinox

DJ Playaduster just posted the third and final installment in The Green Man Trilogy podcast series -- you can stream it over at the podcast page right this very moment!

The story starts with the mix entitled
DISORIENTATION, a sonic sound collage made up of DJ sets, conversations and weird late night soundings that were wild-harvested from Black Rock City and the open playa using a digital soundstick during Burning Man 2007. The piece represents the blissful confusion and spun-out enlightenment that can occur when one travels the city, on foot or bike, through the night until daybreak. It attempts to recreate the mad mash-up of noise that engulfs you everywhere you travel.

REORIENTATION follows, naturally, and it charts a musical course meant to symbolize the soul-navigation that must occur when one leaves the playa, with dust in one's pockets and new fire in one's heart, and begins to reassimilate back in to your daily life at home, work and in relationships. Featuring sporadic commentary from Hekter McElliott, as he attempts to explain his Yvonda version 2.0/Marsupial Thumbdrive theories, this mix also reflects the musical evolution that Playaduster underwent at Burning Man (to sample the range of influences, see DISORIENTATION!)

And so, finally, we arrive at the third chapter,
REINTEGRATION. While careful listening will reveal the musical landscape to be in kinship with the groove of REORIENTATION, the tone and tenor of the conversations and philosophizing takes a distinct turn as Playaduster and Edubious look back and reflect upon the crucible experiences of the Burn.click for more…

Podcast Cafe open for bidness!

Join DJ Playaduster's alter egos DJ Fundi & DJ Christafari at the new home of the Podcast Cafe, now featuring three different podcast channels with three different flavors for your listening pleasure: the Podcast Cafe, the Live Archive and Radio Free Fundi. The website just launched, and it'd be in your best interest to go have a look around and subscribe to all three streams of free-flowing intergalactic musical mixes:

(If you want a shortcut to subscribing to the Podcast Cafe via iTunes,
click right here.)

See you at the cafe!
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moontroll & ramona mayhem's 2007 reports now online

Check out the latest additions to the What is Burning Man page : Field reports from Burning Man 2007 as told by Ramona Mayhem and Moontroll. You can grok them right here...

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Burning Man 2007 : Film is Truth

Scene from "Center Camp Circumbulation" * photo by moontroll

Burning Man 2007 movies now showing at the dBM Films page!

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Saturday Sunrise at the Temple

Moontroll's second movie, built from video footage, photos and audio field recordings gathered on-playa at Burning Man 2007, is complete and ready for your eyeballs!

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Life's been a whirlwind for the Three Broke Dudes upon returning to the Default World. There was barely time to process our experiences in the desert before we got swooped up by the flow of our routines...

This blog is gonna be pretty quiet through the winter. This whole website is due for an overhaul to reflect the fact that we did indeed make it to Burning Man this year, along with Bellingham's kick-ass Boogie Universal crew and the ill-fated Boogie Pyramid. Did I mention that it collapsed in the first giant dust storm on Thursday? Turned out to be but a simple wrinkle in our plans: we rolled up the wreckage, set it to the side, dug some sand out of our ear holes and partied on. Took the Boogie out underneath the stars, and we're probably all the better for it.

Did I mention that the Three Broke Dudes became the Four? So many tales to tell...

While there might not be moment to moment updates and reports as during the months and weeks leading up to the Burn, we are working with the raw materials that we collected on the playa -- photos, audio field recordings, video, stories, sand, soulsauce reductions -- and plan on sharing what we craft with our friends, fellow Boogiers and Burners and random wanderers to this here website. In other words, Edubious, moontroll and Hekter will be writing stories, making movies and slideshows, mixing podcasts and the like over the dark nights of winter and posting them here and there across the digital spectrum at destinationburningman.com. This blog will make note as to when something is new, and tell you where to find it too (right now, there is a short docudrama film that moontroll made to give respects to the dust storms and double rainbow being hosted on
YouTube right here; he's hard at work on another film following the rise and fall of the Boogie Pyramid and Edubious is halfway done mixing up his musical response to his first Burn in podcast form...stay tuned.)

We also invite you to share your creations, memories and tall tales from the Green Man on this website. Contact us at [email protected] with your ideas, links to your Burning stuff, hallucinations, music mixes, whatever...

Stay in touch!

dust storms & rainbows

moontroll's short film celebrating the extreme weather events of Burning Man 2007 now showing!

This is the movie I made from scraps of film footage and fotos and playa field recordings from the Green Man. I just got a new video editing program and this was my first time playing around with it. Right now it is being hosted at YouTube, though I plan on posting a higher resolution version over on the Films section of this site soon -- it is much more impressive and enjoyable to watch it at full screen with decent res & sound.

If you like it, please share your feedback in the dBm comments feed.


Back Home

sweet photo by Ramona Mayhem

The Three Broke Dudes have each made it safely back from Burning Man!

As you might have noticed, we haven't updated the dBM blog much since getting back -- I've received a number of emails from readers following the journey asking, "Well, Three Broke Dudes, how did it go?!? What happened with the Boogie Pyramid? Did you see the Man burn early?" etc. etc.

Well, it has been a rough transition for each of us fitting back in to our lives here at home. We're still processing the experience & trying to integrate some of the lessons in to our day-to-day. So, be patient. The storytelling will come. But we're gonna need some time....

Moontroll's Return

Great to see everybody announcing their returns back home -- all safe & sound, if not whacked out, dusty and scrambling for a foothold in this default world...

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Imminent Intersections

I am superstoked to find out my long-lost soulbrother Eric "Hendy" Henderson of Driggs, Idaho fame is making his virgin voyage to the playa this year! Eric was one of my closet friends in Jackson Hole -- we met the first week I moved there at a potluck on Saddle Butte and were housemates out in lovely Kelly during the summer of '07 -- but we lost the commuication connection over the past few years and I was wondering when I'd ever catch up with him again. With Burning Man juju rolling thick and juicy in the planetary atmosphere, it is no surprise that I received a spontaneous email from him last week and the good word that he is bound for Black Rock City in a matter of days. Damn, I can't wait to roll with you H! See you soon--and get ready for the ride of your life!

I just now got a voicemail from Torsten, and though it was cryptic -- "I'm at Rim. I'm going in. OH MY GOD IT'S FULL OF STARS!" was all he said -- I believe the call was made just before he lost cell reception as he rolled on to the playa outside of Gerlach, Nevada...(here he is in full glory in '04)--

Torsten, Edub and I haven't hung out together since maybe 2001 or 2002, as seen in this photo from the archives. All of that will change in a few days....

And here's a photo from 2003 of the Jackson Hole man-crew, featuring the soon-to-be playa-reunited Torsten (middle), Scotty/Hekter (far right) and me/moontroll/DJ Playaduster (singing)--wish Andy & Ben were onboard the Black Rock City Express too--

I'm also giddy to get my dirty hands on Troy -- 40 spankings on his 40th birthday next Monday night in the Boogie Pyramid!-- he's traveling all the way from Thailand to be a part of the glorious madness. Here we are in Bellingham a few years back when we first met after he won a Tom Robbins contest at the newspaper I was editing --

But will there be also be a sighting of The Maestro and his magikal selection of bikes? Only the playa knows....

Travelers. Gatherings. Family. Playa. Magic!

I'm screwed

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Burning Boogie Rising : Update (32 days, 1 hour, 1 minute & 17 seconds until the Burn)

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chatter on the road to the Green Man

On May 8, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Hekter wrote:

I've looked into rv's from the reno area and they are really expensive... seems like the cheapest ones are 2,500 - 3,000 for the week.  Here is a good link.  Sounds too expensive for me ($1,000 each) but I'll look into renting from other areas, although then the gas price is a big factor.
The other option is to try and rent my bro's rv from him although I'm not sure how road worthy it is.  Sure would suck to be broken down before even getting to the burn.  Any family members of yours have RV's?  Maybe we need to put a little tidbit on our site asking for rv donations or borrowments?
Chris- what is the link so I can upload bm photos?  I would like to put some time into the site this week :)
Hekter Updater

Thanks for the update Hekter!  I hear you, bro.  I figured the price for an RV would be pretty steep, but I think we can get it for cheaper.  I'm trying to connect with a private party to see if we can get a better deal.  Check out your brother's rig and find out if its road worthy.  If it is, that's probably the best deal we'll find - no doubt!  I want to put the RV on the wish list on our site.

I think that we can fall back on the dome option it an RV doesn't come through.  We should have the money and the resources to pimp one of those out pretty well.  If we don't have an RV (or if we do) I can get a box trailer from 
Gary that is lockable and sealed so we have some extra hauling capacity.

I haven't sent out a link to the site to my contacts yet.  I feel like we need to give it a little infusion of some fresh musings and give it a "Grand Re-Launching."  If we all send out shout at the same time, we can create bigger cosmic ripples and wash some new people to our cause.  You feel me?

I will try to write a little something on the DJ Fundi / Sunnyland meltdown and send a few pics from the Cottage Groove mix session.  Outside of that, I'll get to work a new podcast for the peeps.  Maybe re-visit one of the mixes from the Cottage Groove session...

Christian, I need to get those dates for Pyramid construction ASAP.  My calendar is filling up waaaaay too fast.  Lemme know so I can show.  Hope you had a soul-filling excursion into the North Cascade wilds.  Pics?

"It's all about the Burn now, from here on out..."
~ Edub 

Here we go

Greetings and salutations. Today is the first day of our website and blog that will track the adventures of three broke dudes with a dream and a desire to burn. We are talking about Burning Man, of course, and our burning desire to make it to the cosmic gathering this summer in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.