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"Burning Man 2013"

"How I Got F*cked by Burning Man, and Other Sacred Ceremonies"

"Radical Inclusion vs. Radical Self-Reliance at Burning Man"

"An Emotional Survival Guide to Burning Man: Be open. Be intimate. Be human."

"Sixteen signs you’re still in Playa mode after Burning Man"

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(above) "10 things i learnt at burning man. {2013: the sexy, crazy, transcendental… and everything in between}"

"24 Hours at Burning Man"

"It was the biggest Burning Man ever, and this is what I saw there"

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Raising the Man

More photo-love from John Curley, documenting the building of the 2013 Man base and raising of the Man! Since I'm not going this year, I planned on tuning the whole thing out. Can't do it. Can't look away. Thanks for bringing us there John!

(Hint: you might want to look at these
and Curley's other photos while listening to BMIR Radio, live & direct from the playa!)








and finally, this one from this morning, by @loganmirto!!!


Building Black Rock City 2013

John Curley is at it again, documenting the building of our fair Black Rock City, from the dust on up. Here are a few of his early shots from the pas two weeks, as things are just starting to take shape. You can follow his documentation — beware of FOMO! — on the Burning Blog and his Instagram feed. Good work everybody!








Memories of Black Rock

I’ve been having some fun going through old favorite playa pics -- some by me, some by others -- and repurposing them via a collage app on my iPhone. Here they are!

Black Rock City 2010 Yearbook

The Black Rock City 2010 Yearbook is out -- hooray! This is such a lovely and heartfelt gift to the community each year, and having visited their photo camp for the first time last summer, I can tell you it is a lot of work.

Browse the gallery of all the freaky beautiful amazing Burners, or download a pdf version of the yearbook,
here. Here’s a small sampling of what goodness is in store for you.... <3

Of course, this awesome project reminds me of another awesome project that I have been working on since my first Burn in 2007:
The Playa Portrait Project!

more Building BRC 2010

More phenomenal photos from
John Curley on the Burning Blog, documenting the building of our Black Rock City over the past month and the kick-ass DPW folks who bust ass for us. We heart you! Thank you for creating the space for all of us....blood, sweat and beers fo'sho'!!!

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Black Rock City rising, like a mirage in the desert

Photos from John Curley via the Burning Blog. I'm still packing, streaming BMIR, trying to stay calm and collected (for a few more hours at least)....

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Hot Links for BRC '09

Photo by John Curley; Center Camp 2009.

Required reading: The 2009 Survival Guide. The Evolution theme. First-time's Guide. FAQ. The Ten Principles. 2009 Honorarium Art Installations. An audio art tour of the playa.

Building Black Rock City, including Center Camp and Temple construction and the landing of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. An awesome interactive map to this year's theme camps.

The Arctic Monkey's
Completely Unofficial Burning Man Guide & Packing List. Matt's guide to photography at Burning Man. Stoke-enhancing playa videos. Downloadable soundtracks for playa explorations. Da'Bomb's Best of Burncast reports and BurncastTV episodes on Vimeo, including an emotional tribute to Burners Who Have Passed On. The "Go Bag."

Rideshare. Driving directions. Black Rock City weather forecast. 24-7 Live Gerlach webcam. And BMIR 94.5 FM should start broadcasting any day now.

3G cell phone service on the playa?

on-playa WHOMP schedule. Disorient's new Art Car Wash (and the return of Dex!). Unverified Sound Camp DJ programmes at Root Society and Opulent Temple, Simpler Times (The Do-Lab + Cirque Bezerk=SICKNESS), Basscamp, Bootie, False Profit, Rock Bottom, Space Cowboys, Shift Camp and Disorient. PleasureSean's Playa Party Guide. Or, skip all the preceding links and take it straight to Rockstar Librarian's essential 4-page schedule of DJs and dance parties at Burning Man 2009.

The Onion is reporting that nobody made it to Burning Man this year.

Love and dust, moontroll --
see you in a few days!

PS. Apparently, some people take drugs at Burning Man. That what
some blogger claims anyway:

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Building BRC

Black Rock City is springing to life from the prehistoric sands of Lake Lahontan right now in anticipation of Burning Man 2009: Evolution!!! Here is a photograph of the Man's platform, constructed in a style similar to 2008's "Belgian Waffle." John Curley is on the scene, posting stories and photos about building BRC. Shit is blowing up!!!
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18 days

Camp dBM gathered last weekend at the Samish Island Zendo, halfway between Bellingham and Seattle, to set up some of our camp infrastructure and go over all kinds of details for establishing our encampment on the outer perimeter of Black Rock City in less than two weeks-- we went over our plans for travel and BRC rendezvous, food and booze, rebar and tennis balls and nuts and bolts, furniture and soundsystem, medicinal potions and lotions and other essentials. (Ramona, we need a hoop infusion!!!)

Most gratifyingly, we obtained and then set up a structure destined to become our dBM dome -- the Stereo Sauna -- which took the most work. We also sussed out the giant center pole and army parachute that we intend to cover the entire camp with beneath a balmy shade-- we didn't erect it entirely -- that shit is
heavy -- but we confirmed the missing structural elements we need to obtain to make that happen (Update: G'nutz took care of it today!). We also put together several Playatech furniture pieces that will ultralounge out our dBM dome and envisioned what else we would need -- lighting, DJ station, bar, hammocks, furriness -- to make the space very inviting and chilltastic.

Grapenuts drew us a map of where we'll be located at
2:15 and Lineage (perimeter), an address determined by our loose partnership with the Get Lost temple-builders camp (we're drawing power from them -- literally). So, we're about as far in the boonies as one can be, and all of us are pretty excited about it. For me, having spent one year near Center Camp and another on the Esplanade, I'm curious about the going-ons out there on the fringes of the experimental city, not to mention the opportunities to commune with the natural forces of the Black Rock Desert that I've only dabbled in. Make a note of it -- 2:15 and Lineage (perimeter)-- and come visit us on the playa! Bring some beer and bacon, and let us massage your inner earhole sanctums with delectable musical selections. (If we're not in that location, who knows what happened, but we'll register our location at the Center Camp computer registry thingamajig and you can find us that way.)

So far, so good. No emergencies or crises or panics or even concerns, really-- maybe that will come later, but maybe not. Things are feeling smooooooth and many pieces have fallen in to place over the past week, including new campmates (see the rest of the
dBM blog for official camp registrations -- more are in queue.) Getting all our shit down to the remote northwestern corner of Nevada is proving to be the most complicated as we're all on different timelines and coming from various angles -- Seattle, Taos, San Francisco -- but I think we've got it worked out. We're a faith-based oranization. Believe!

Lil' Fox believes

Of course, some aspects of Camp dBM, as humble and simple as it is, will go awry -- the unexpected will grace us with unknown challenges and unforeseen possibilities -- so we cultivate a posture of flexibility and spontaneity, and are ready to laugh at ourselves too, sticking together and enjoying the ride, wherever it takes us...

Click below for many more photos of Camp dBM preparations at the Zendo...

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Burning Man iPhone app

I found a very cool new iPhone app featuring sumptuous photos from the playa, plus a how-to playa photography guide, links collection and other swag, made by Seattle's own Matt Freedman and available at www.monkfishlabs.com. It'll costya $3.99, but then you'll have the playa in your pocket for any time you need a quick escape!

not just knee deep...

Edubious and I are back from a week of wandering Oregon backroads in search of hot springs, starry night skies, riverside campsites and peace of mind -- we had our alternative burn on Burn Night on the banks of the Metolious River. Ramona Mayhem is back in Seattle from Black Rock City. Hekter McElliott is back in Humboldt from Black Rock City. All is well. Destination Burning Man awaits the stories, photos and videos of Burning Man 2008 from Ms. Mayhem and Mr. McElliott and will post them as they start floating in, so stay in touch.

In the meantime, we really like these photos from
The Blight.

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more views from BRC 08

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Playa Panoramas

This video does a good job of capturing some of the inexplicable and disorienting playa vision I experienced during my 10 days in BRC. Thanks Zoyous!

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