Sacred Bass Sessions + tea = LOVE


Reposting this from our friends over at Sacred Bass Sessions:

The Sacred Bass Sessions crew is thrilled to be partnering with the
SynchroniciTEA House to help facilitate some informal ambient/downtempo sets at Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival! We've got some of our favorite producers and bass wizards dropping in to conjure up some vibes ~ these sessions will be spontaneous and the musicians are encouraged to jam with the mood of the teahouse, getting as experimental / chill / weird as they want to (you can catch their more "traditional sets" on stages throughout the weekend)!

If you've attended a Sacred Bass Session before, you likely enjoyed some delicious tea and loving, grounding vibes at the SynchroniciTEA House ~ they're excited to be a part of Cascadia for the second year in a row, offering a communiTEA space for relaxation and inspiration, daily yoga and playshop offerings, lighting design by Acorn Productions and most importantly, FREE TEA FOR THE PEOPLE!

This 3-minute video tells the story of the SynchroniciTEA House, from Burning Man to SBS to Photosynthesis, and hopefully will inspire you to make a tithing towards their efforts of serving enlightened infusions for festival-goers at gatherings around the NW this summer: http://www.gofundme.com/synchronicitea

Here's a new mix from DJ Playaduster + Kaya Rainfall of
Destination Burning Man created for SynchroniciTEA House, featuring exquisite sacred bass music from Subaqueous, Erothyme, GUDA, The Polish Ambassador, BioLumigen, Soulacybin, David Starfire, Goopsteppa, Beatfarmer & ancient oolong codes from teamasters around the planet (free download) :

Hope to see you at Cascadia!

SynchroniciTEA House & JuJu Parlor rising!

Well, with less than 50 days until the Man burns, production is just getting underway on the Get Found SyncroniciTEA House and JuJu Parlor. What? You haven't heard about his yet?!! Well, let me fill you in.

The centerpiece of this year's Camp Get Found will be a beautiful and welcoming tea house and ju ju parlor. It will be a place for all things creative, reverent and irreverent! We shall be serving thirsty city dwellers a plethora of different teas - each accompanied by it's own unique ritual. Among our tribe are tea connoisseurs of many styles. We currently awaiting a shipment of the finest oolong from a secret source in Taiwan. We also have an insider relationship with Zen Dog, a local Seattle tea master and importer. We will also be serving up chai teas, special blended herbal teas, medicinal teas and more! You will be able to sip your tea in the comfort and sereniTEA of the SyncroniciTEA house.

The tea house will be an octagonal space that is about 365 square feet. It will be capped with a easy to spot, baby blue parachute and protected from the wind by white tarpaulin walls. The tea house design is based on the tried and true shade structure design that dBM has used every year on the playa. The parachute will be supported by a center mast and pulled out over the guy wires that are used to hold it upright. The walls will be supported by posts that are sunk into the play and layed out in an octagonal shape.

The teahouse interior will be beautifully created by the "vibesquad" - a crew of divine ladies from our tribe who have a vision for a sacred and restful space that will encourage connection, reflection, cuddle puddles and ritual. Picture plush carpets, massive piles of cozy pillows, low tables, exquisite art, lanterns, draping fabric in reds and golds, red LED lighting and of course MUSIC! Live music from one of our many tribal troubadours and your favorite dBM casts spinning throughout the day and night. This is the place you want to be!

The garage here at Cottage Groove is beginning to pile of with materials: cables, ratchet straps, rebar, parachutes, rolls of tarp and carpet, rope, posts.....  The build is not far out now, just a few more items to go. The mast heads to the welders to be fabricated within the next week and then it's on! Stay tuned for more updates on the build.  

We hope to be able to serve you.


~ Edubious, SyncroniciTEA House Architect