Torsten's playa bike

Bay Area-based honorary Get Founder Torsten was recently featured in an online article about playa bikes:

TORSTEN HASSELMANN (12 years at Burning Man)
Origin of bike:
I built and welded it and myself out of the town dump when I lived in Wyoming. Among other things the handlebars used to be a shopping cart frame.
Accessories: Minimal, just the bike here, though I used to enjoy EL (electroluminescent) wire so I put some on the bars for lighting back in 2004 and still use it to not get run over.
Advice for last minute bike builders: Start earlier next time and make it fun for everybody.
Tips for riding on the Playa: Keep it upright.
Most important in a Burner bike: Hopefully it’s not just fun for you, but brightens other peoples’ experience as well.

More profiles at http://www.7x7.com/fitness-outdoors/burner-bike-diy-tips-playa-pros