Burning Man Closed for Rain!

Here's an amazing image from the Burning Man webcam taken this morning, showing the playa somewhat underwater and Black Rock City more or less shutdown. No people, no art cars, no bikes, no nothing but mud puddles and dark clouds! Wowsa. We've been through a couple small rainstorms on the playa over the years, but don't think we've ever seen a scene like this before — hard to recognize this place as the sunbaked, dusty city we know and love.

As a result, Burning Man has officially "closed" for now, which means shutting down the gates and turning everybody waiting in their cars around for....not sure where.


The BRC webcam feed went down in the storm, and then BMIR radio followed soon after; they wrote on Facebook: "BMIR tower just struck by lightning but due to our ace engineer Mark Chang we are properly grounded and the charge safely discharged into the ground. We are still standing!"

Update from the BORG at noon PST:


Black Rock City, August 25, 2014 — Organizers of the annual Burning Man event are asking any participants traveling to the event now to postpone their arrival until at least Tuesday morning. Black Rock City has shut down following rainstorms that left standing water on the playa, leaving it un-drivable.

Nevada Highway Patrol will be directing traffic away from Highway 447 at Wadsworth. Local law enforcement have also begun turning around traffic at the event entrance on Highway 34 northeast of Gerlach. Drivers are being instructed to find a safe location to park until the expected re-opening of the event on Tuesday.

Organizers expect the rain to dissipate and the playa surface to dry out by midday Tuesday and participants will be allowed to enter the event again.


Gone to Burning Man

Thursday, August 26, 8:02 am...leaving for Black Rock City: Bend, OR tonight, Gerlach, NV tomorrow and on through the portal Friday afternoon....excited to see my Get Found tribe and all the beautiful Burners.....over & out!

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Hot Links for BRC '09

Photo by John Curley; Center Camp 2009.

Required reading: The 2009 Survival Guide. The Evolution theme. First-time's Guide. FAQ. The Ten Principles. 2009 Honorarium Art Installations. An audio art tour of the playa.

Building Black Rock City, including Center Camp and Temple construction and the landing of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. An awesome interactive map to this year's theme camps.

The Arctic Monkey's
Completely Unofficial Burning Man Guide & Packing List. Matt's guide to photography at Burning Man. Stoke-enhancing playa videos. Downloadable soundtracks for playa explorations. Da'Bomb's Best of Burncast reports and BurncastTV episodes on Vimeo, including an emotional tribute to Burners Who Have Passed On. The "Go Bag."

Rideshare. Driving directions. Black Rock City weather forecast. 24-7 Live Gerlach webcam. And BMIR 94.5 FM should start broadcasting any day now.

3G cell phone service on the playa?

on-playa WHOMP schedule. Disorient's new Art Car Wash (and the return of Dex!). Unverified Sound Camp DJ programmes at Root Society and Opulent Temple, Simpler Times (The Do-Lab + Cirque Bezerk=SICKNESS), Basscamp, Bootie, False Profit, Rock Bottom, Space Cowboys, Shift Camp and Disorient. PleasureSean's Playa Party Guide. Or, skip all the preceding links and take it straight to Rockstar Librarian's essential 4-page schedule of DJs and dance parties at Burning Man 2009.

The Onion is reporting that nobody made it to Burning Man this year.

Love and dust, moontroll --
see you in a few days!

PS. Apparently, some people take drugs at Burning Man. That what
some blogger claims anyway:

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I'm screwed

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Glowtus Lounge

All right kids... our visions are solidifying right in front of our eyes.  I've been battering my brain about trying to figure out how to create the pedal powered lotus lounge art bike (you know, this year is all about keeping it green) and look at what craigslist delivered to my cyberstep...

...a golden ray of light, with wheels, steering wheel and the best part - there is a trailer that attaches to the mothership with room for two more pedalers..... hee hhe he eh....can you see it now...smell the scorched playa wind....crunchy grit in the molars..... pedaling around BRC with DJ Playaduster and Edubious flowing out of the elevated sound fort and flabbergasting the masses.  This is beautiful!   The frame for the glotus lounge (glowing cause it will be black light powered my friends) has already been built for us... all we have to do is "accessorize" the unit.

This is where all you cyberfriends enter.... you know your parents/kids/grandparents/friends garages are full of much needed "accessories" for our mobile sound system.  Even if we could borrow, with oaths of solemn integrity, some of these items (especially the **    ** items) for a week it would sure help keep our tires inflated.  We have agents from Whitehorn to Selkirk.... oops sorry about the code there.... all over western Washington and a few undercovers hiding out in the Spokompton/Panhandle of Idaho.  If your in Washington, Idaho or Western Montana then dig it out and we'll come pick it up if we can use it :)  Keep posted for updates on the Glotus Lounge and it's destination to burning man.  The bike/trailer combo is costing $500 (after much barter debauchery) so if you just feel like dropping a dime in our piggy bank then that is always relished too!  Gotta go..... gotta find a welder!
Scotty "Hekter" Gonzallass
List of materials needed/wanted for Glotus Lounge:

**Stereo System/ I-Pod compatible**
**Golf cart sized trailer**
**Generator (1,500 - 2,000 watt)**  borrow one?? Honda is best.
Black lights (2-4) with ballasts
Primer/Paint - black light reflective
Deep cycle battery/cable to lights/stereo
El wire

Materials for lotusing it out:
White fabric
Shapeable poles
Someone who can sew
and an RV to take it all in... just kidding... well
not really.

Contact us if you can help out with any of these items: [email protected]

Things We Need: Hekter prepares the first list

Large black plastic and 2x4's for gray water pit. (10X10' should be sufficient for 3ish folks)
Large squeegee for moving graywater around (maximize evaporation) Tie long stick to squeegee.
Crate for standing on in shower.
Solar shower (2 would be nice)
50 gallon drum to hold shower/dish/misc water.
Personal containers for drinking water (around 2 gallons per person per day)
How many cases of Schmidt?
Outfits - look for fauz fir on ebay or craigslist so we can make fuzzy bunny outfits.
Try to find animal ears that are on a headpiece (like the bunny ears in the ski photos) cause if we could give out ears with picture frames.... ooh la la!!
Picture Frames - Think of a easy and cheap way to find materials (driftwood for you coasters and river wood for my inland self) to make our own frames. (they are expensive to buy!)
Stilts - would like to make tree outfits and walk around on stilts (Entish I know)  Maybe I can find some birch bark to make it work.
Generator - I'm on it but look for a Honda 2000i generator. (retail for $1,000 so look for better deals).
Body Lotions - I know vinegar helps to neutralize the playa and fine ladies would give lil' squirtdowns of pure freshness last year.
Material for covering domes. Parachute or something cheaper.
Solar fans?? would help keep domes from stagnating.
Long boards and ski ropes. (so much fun to hook onto an art car and surf the long board!)
I do have some leftover windsurf sails if we wanted to integrate them somehow.
Home stereo system for mobile sound system (great finds on craigslist) ie-(http://spokane.craigslist.org/ele/301444322.html cheap good speakers?
Rethinking Milk of Amnesia cause anything dairy or soy based may rot quickly. Another drink we could make?
Brewin' ideas ;)

blueprints for the Lotus Lounge

Hashing out some ideas for the mobile soundsystem, sketchin' out some dream designs...

I tried to flesh out some early designs for the Lotus Lounge, a bicycle-powered mobile soundsystem that we intend to build and then bring to Black Rock City in '07. IF skills and money were no option, we'd build something beautiful, an 8 foot-tall lotus flower, heavy with bass nectar, who's petals could unfold at random points across the playa and deliver sweet music.

These plans clearly show a bird's-eye perspective as well as two views from the side. You can see the three-bike pyramidal-platform design, and the mighty lotus sprouting up the middle. The front of the vehicle has an large oversize tire and is steered by the Mad Hatter. There is an insulated under-compartment beneath the lotus designed to hold and keep cold hundreds of cans of ice-cold Schmidtties. Whent he flower is open, speakers rise above the desert floor and play downward towards the people, creating a "sound cone," an audial effect scientifically explained in the sketch on the far right.

Also of interest is the note expressing a wish to have the whole sound rig powered by the sun.

Let's bear in mind that the three broke dudes have little to no engineering experience between the three of them, nor do they have any money. So what are thh chances of the Lotus Lounge ever actually roaming the dark, techno-filled nights of BM, bringing juicy music, real music, to the masses? Much of it depends on how this blog performs, if we can shake a few dollars out of the heavens...

solar golf carts & more

MicroMoog Laboratories of Portland, Oregon are serving the three broke dudes as a consultant in the early stages of playa transportation-visualization. Their motto is "Keep the Dream Alive" and the hypervisionary dRF has got some fine ideas on how we might go mobile with our desert soundsystem....click for more…