Celebrating the bass music of What the Festival?! with two-part What the Mixtape?! from DJ Playaduster

I’m just back from the first-ever What the Festival?! in the White River Canyon of Oregon and am so incredibly inspired by what went down there: an eclectic roster of top-shelf DJ talent dropping their jams through Function One soundsystems, the gorgeous landscape accentuated by art and light installations, lots of chill spaces full of kind and creative people, good food, minimal security and hilarious pool parties during the heat of the day — I can’t say enough good things about this gathering and the team that put it on. Big ups to the WTF?! crew for pulling this off so flawlessly, and to my own Pacific Northwest Get Found tribe for representing the love.

The rush of inspiration we felt in the White River Canyon has carried over and DJ Playaduster quickly spun out a a 2-sided music mixtape project to commemorate the weekend of music, art, nature and community.

Side one of What the Mixxtape?! features some of the artists I saw and danced my ass off to through the dark of the night, with a focus on the glitch-hop, dubstep, whomp and other soundz from the heavier end of the Bass Chakra spectrum, including Bonobo, Beats Antique, GRiZ, Gladkill, Ana Sia, MartyParty, Sugarpill, EPROM and Paper Diamond.

Side Two goes deep with more experimental bass frequencies from What the Festival?!, including Sepalcure, Scuba and Sinjin Hawke, some acid crunk from Low Ryderz, a long soothing set from Emancipator and forward-leaning low-end wavelengths from Gladkill, Bluetech, PhuturePrimitive and Sugarpill.

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Bonobo’s excellent Sunday night DJ set…seen from the hillside:

From the environment to the art to the people to the lighting to the vibes to the splash pool and ESPECIALLY to the expertly curated schedule of to-notch DJs, the organizers did it right. We can't thank them enough for all the special touches, large and small.

Photos of MiMOSA, Beats Antique, Ana Sia, Emancipator and more — including scenes from the WTF?! environment — after the jump…..
Photos by Daniel Zetterstrom, Alex Nawrocky, Kyer Wiltshire, Get Found and others.

Ana Sia


MiMOSA owning it

MiMOSA & Patron rockin so hard it knocked his hat off!

MiMOSA in control

Low Ryderz

Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique

Claude von Stroke



Paper Diamond

Zoe Jakes


Get Found getdown!!