Nova Eclipse Photon 7


dBMcast #119: Nova Eclipse Photon 7
Mixed by DJs
Playaduster & Kaya Rainface, January 2013

A gentle ambient space journey facilitated by DJs Playaduster & Kaya Rainface, anchored by the mystical string textures of The Earth Harp but with plenty of intergalactic bass transmissions from distant galaxies. Includes brand new tracks from Nosaj Thing, Pantha du Prince, Emancipator and Bonobo. Headphones highly recommended!

* Update from DJ Playaduster: the original mix I uploaded on 1/25 had some problems with the bass levels being blown out, so I remixed it and uploaded a new version on 3/1. You can grab it via the M4A link at bottom of page, or else 1.) delete it from your iTunes 2.) unsubscribe from dBM, then subscribe again 3.) manually download "Nova Eclipse" again by clicking the download arrow next to it.

Interstellar transmissions from:
Earth Harp "Shackled" + Ursprung "Ohne Worte > Chruezegg"
Earth Harp + The Human Experience "Into the Mothership"
The Human Experience "The Bull Elk" (live)
Tor "Aperture"
Nicolas Jaar "Why Didn't You Save Me > Don't Break My Love"
Eskmo "I Just Want"
To Rococo Rot "He Loves Me" (Four Tet Remix)
Burial + Four Tet "Nova"
Four Tet "Lion" (Jamie xx remix)
Andy Stott "Luxury Problems"
Shackleton "Dipping"
Nosaj Thing "Distance > Eclipse"
Pantha Du Prince "Photon"
ChrisB + JOBOT "Sevens on the Outside"
Shipwrek "End Transmission"
Earth Harp + The Human Experience "Mothership" + Andy Stott "Leaving"
Emancipator "Minor  Cause > The Longest Night of the Year"
Bonobo "Cirrus"

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