dBMcast #133 : Aequinoctium
Mixed by DJ Playduster, Purple Palace, June-Sept 2013

Our latest addition to the dBMcast canon is an interesting sound project that we have been building and tinkering with for four months, off and on as the wandering focus allows. Instead of our usual fare of
whomp, sacred bass, funky disco breaks, glitch-hop, Headtron and other forms of Bass Chakra Therapy, Aequinoctium is a more quiet, introspective journey, full of abstract sidetrips but always adhering to a barely-perceptible pulse that runs through it all. We release it here at the autumnal equinox, a period when we begin to leave behind the excesses of summer and turn towards the inward, the quietude, that which will ground us after a season of soul-spinning flow of travel, festivals, friends, music, outdoor adventures, long days and raucous nights.

For me, the hinge of the seasons is a perfect time to ease the ride back down to Planet Earth, collect and sort our dusty mementos and tattered scraps, and begin to process, to alchemize, what we have gathered over the recent months: starlight, new friends, fire, subwoofers, camp food, eye contact & hugs, downward dogs, climbable art, swims, PBRs & IPAs, legal herb, hot springs, visionary stages & inspired domes, tutus, trails, third eye downloads, full moons, kisses, whispered spells and secret messages and sacred symbols……
sift it. What's left behind has a place in the mandala of your summer, and it's crucial to take the time to try and make some sense of it all, sifting out the nuggets of inspiration and wisdom that could prove to be crucial towards your next steps down the path.

So, yeah, the music in this mix is designed to induce these states of re-grounding, decoding, processing, finding your renewed alignment for the coming months….. the groove continually falls apart and then comes back together, degrading and reconstituting, drifting in and out of your attention field, working its abstract magic on you in the background channels.

The 2013 release of a live
Four Tet performance from Copenhagen on 3/30/04 serves as the initial inspiration for both the sounds and the aesthetic of Aequinoctium. Without putting too many preconceptions in your head, DJ Playaduster goes deep in search of soundscapes that are abstract and slightly broken, shambly, glitched and interpolatinging alien transmissions amongst lush melodic beauty. The voices rarely come together in speech, yet there are many people you will meet along the way, many places you'll visit for too-short a stay. The groove will not abandon you, don't worry!

With Four Tet setting these tone and serving as the lodestone, other producers fall comfortably in to place with the vibe: Mount Kimbie, James Blake, DJ Koze, Clark, Brain Eno, Nicholas Jaar, Ezekiel Honig, Jon Hopkins and others. Of Four Tet's live
Copenhagen release, Pitchfork writes that "Four Tet showed a new generation of listeners that much like 60s jazz before him-- which could embody soul, gospel, blues and primal howls while still sounding like “The New Thing”-- 21st century laptop music could be as serious as your life, too."

Hope you enjoy listening to it, hope it takes you to places far away, and brings you back ready to face what's next with confidence & a love-filled heart.

track list // Four Tet "She Moves She" (Live in Copehagen)/ DJ Koze "Nices Wolkchen (feat Apparat) > Royal Asscher Cut" / Ezekiel Honig "Past Tense Kitchen Movement"/ James Blake "Life Round Here" / Clark "Soft Eruptor"/ Mount Kimbie "Made to Stray > Fall Out" / Nicolas Jaar "Colomb" / Brian Eno "Lux" (Nicolas Jaar remix) / Four Tet "Rn9 > Glue of the World > My Angel"
/ Clark "Guy Fawkes > Night Night" / DJ Koze "Amygdala" (feat Milosh) / James Blake "Every Day I Ran"/ Ezekiel Honig "More Human Than Human" / Claude VonStroke "Oakland Rope"/ Jon Hopkins "Immunity" // fini

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