RainTribe : Bass Medicine V


dBMcast #175 / DJ Playaduster + Kaya Rainface / manifested on Winter Solstice 2016 //

As we lean in to the dark tunnel of winter, here's a selection of super-fresh Bass Medicine offerings from Gyro, Bonobo, The Polish Ambassador, Wildlight, Goopsteppa, Soulular, Dirtwire, EurthmY, Soulacybin ~ and Plantrae (!) from his soon-to-released 2017 album. Each song contains its own pure little creative journey through sound + emotion, and this mix winds all over the map in pursuit of the low-end zeitgeist. Put on your headphones, get lit, lie back & take the ride ~ with love from DJ Playaduster, Kaya Rainface and the whole crew at Destination Burning Man.

track list: Erothyme "Drippinkloud" + Wildlight "Rain (CloZee Remix)" / Gyro "I Want to Get High With You" / Bonobo "Kerala" / The Polish Ambassador "You Girl" (feat Lafa Taylor) / Wildlight "From The Ground Up (Kaminanda Remix)" / Goopsteppa "Being > Gangsta" / BioLumigen "Waterfall" / Soulular "Wanji" / Soulacybin "Sweet Water" / Dirtwire "Viento" (feat. Maria Del Pilar) / Plantrae "Invisible Forest" / Four Tet "The Reservoir > Field" / emancipator "Father King" (Catching Flies remix) / Wildlight "From The Ground Up" (Drumspyder Remix) / Somatoast & Zonra "Unraveling" / Eurythmy "Breathing Under Audio" / Sacred Sound "The Color of Water" (feat. Black Fox) \\

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