dBMcast #174: SLRKN / DJ Playaduster / Winter Solstice 2016

a playful exploration of Playadusta’s stash of psychedelic, mood-altering, multidimensional bass compositions discovered over the past few moons ~ this journey has a swervin’ & slurkin’ feeling, slippery tempos for late night patrolling vibes, on the prowl, in your flow… Bass Chakra Therapy at its stealthiest & sexiest, watch out!

Living Light "Geminid" / Somatoast "Goop > Robot Rain Drops" / Bogtrotter "Circustep" / SaQi ""Aspiration Prayer" / Medicine Fox "Peyote Dream" / Hakuu "Off We Go" / Little People "Aldgate Pattern" (Marley Carroll remix) / Thriftworks "Crosby's Big Cat > Siblings de Emmetito" / Soulacybin "ShapeShifter" / kLL sMTH "Cosmic Juicy feat. The Digital Connection" / Soulular "Gnomies" / Sol Rising "Too the Sun" / emancipator "Father King" + Catching Flies Remix / AtYya "Pura" / Hedflux "Mystic Physics" //

Original artwork by Andy Gilmore. Burning Man interview from The American Radio Show with Bear Kittay, 2016.

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Thanks so much!


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