string theory_summer soulstice


// dBMcast #177: string_theory ~ summer soulstice 2017 ~ mixed by DJ Playaduster \\

It’s been a couple months since our last dBMcast mix was launched in to the cosmos and this one has been slowly marinating for several moons, grooves gestating beneath the waning and waxing moon. The last mix “Balanced Light” was made under the influence of spring equinox energies, as winter gave way to spring, from darkness towards the emergent light. DJ Playaduster offers this medicine now as spring ripens in to summer, and the summer solstice is nigh. This musical exploration has a theme of stringed instruments blended with the electronic grooves & dub, the organic dancing with the synthetic, ancient & future intertwined: violin, guitar, sitar, cello, oud, fingers dancing on strings… enjoy and we’ll be servin’ up live sacred bass mixes + oolong tea this summer at Cascadia / Oregon Eclipse / Imagine ~ hope to connect with you barefoot under the moon!

track list // Hibernation "Dream of Asgaard" / Stratus "The Diver" feat Lapa / Adam Hurst "Vessel" / Plantrae "Invisible Forest / Erothyme "Eery Moth" / The Polish Ambassador "All Night Long" / Wildlight "Get Up Out Your Way" (Ryan Herr remix) / Hedflux "Soul of Man" / Bonobo "Walk in the Sky" Feat Bajka > "Ketto" / Beatfarmer "Jade" + Alan Watts / Tor "Aeris" / kLL sMTH "Éqüîvøqûę" / emancipator "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough" (Aligning Minds remix) / Ayla Nereo "Gracefully" (Erothyme remix) / SaQi "Explode" feat. Worth / Beats Antique "Vespers" feat. Alam Khan + Tilak mantra + Alan Watts / Sadhna Sargam & Ravindra Sathe "Ganehshay Smaran" / Erothyme "Forbidden Rice + ze Perfekt Sine Vave” / Thriftworks "Siblings de Emmetito" / Giyo "Earthbound" + AW / Random Rab "Collony Collapse" feat. Cello Joe \\

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Thanks so much!


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