Subconscious Shapeshifter Swarm

A subsonic sacred bass exploration with
DJ Playaduster channeling a night at Burning Man. Imagine traveling between several different soundscapes late one night in Black Rock City: your first stop features whomp-fusion, glitch-hop and luscious low-end bass jamz to start the party. But then you wander a couple doors down the Esplanade to discover a camp spinning psychedelic progressive house and you get lost there for what seems like an eternity of booty-shaking. Robot Heart rolls by and draws you deeper out in to the open playa for a serving of dark and dubby disco-trance music. Mmmmmmm, feels so good! Right about the moment you suspect that you are going to turn in to a puddle of goo from dancing to such elastic, nerfy beats, a random art car -- perhaps a golf cart made up as a glowfish, or a pulsating fuzzy UFO -- drives by blaring Hendrix and the rawness and realness of his guitar pulls you back to corporeal form. Out at the trash fence, you stumble upon Tipper spinning an early morning set full of neuron-splintering sounds and feel your DNA literally being reprogrammed…. almost sunrise!

All of these various styles and genre-mutations sound s
o good to your ears -- they move your body hypnotically, swarm your subsconscious with shapeshifters and create an epic night of dancing beneath the broad dome of stars with the beautiful freaks of BRC!

Featuring Kaminanda / David Starfire / Beats Antique / ill.gates / Glitch Mob / R/D / Bassnecter / Osunlande / Tanner Ross / Round Three / Kassem Mosse / Behrouz / Jimi Hendrix (?!?) / Tipper/ more...

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