The Midnight Harvest // Bass Medicine 4


Some fresh toonz from our favorite producers that have been kickin around our boombox these past weeks wanting to be set free ~ DJ Playaduster done mixed 'em up for you for your summertime rolllllllll ~ enjoy and travel well in this festie/Burn season frenz!

trackz // Stratus "Is There" / Frameworks "Carry On" / emancipator "Valhalla" (NKLA remix) / Sol Rising "Spirit Got Swag" / GUDA "Rind" / Glitch Mob "Lelly" / Tor "Days Gone" / Eliott Lipp "Up" / Dirtwire "Bridge of Suns" / BioLumiGen "Philosopher Stoned" >"Bees Trees Whales Snails" / Beatfarmer "The Midnight Harvest" / Four Tet "A Lost Track..." / DJ Drez "Out There > Alpine Swift" / Bassnectar "Reaching Out" / Osiris Indriya "Macrocosmic" / Stratus "Papillon" / Tor "Two Suns" / Tipper "Out of Here" /

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Temple of Transition 2011 photo by Michael Holden.

Prince & Friends: SEX GOD COME YES (Purple Reign VI(

I have been channeling my confusion and grief over the passing of the Purple One by diving deep in to my Prince archives and mixing up favorite, lesser-known tracks from Prince and his Purple Posse. No greatest hits here; this is a selection for Prince connoisseurs of live tracks, B-sides, stuff he produced for friends and special edition covers!

Purple Reign VI // track list: Sheila E. + Prince "Koo Koo" / Pink Cashmere / Sex / Ol' School Company / Cloreen Baconskin (with Morris Day) / When Doves Cry (Be Good Tanyas cover) / Condition of the Heart interlude > Mellow / 17 Days (solo piano) / Thieves in the Temple (+ Herbie Hancock cover) / Soft & Wet / Purple Music (demo + Chrissle & Kid Fury) / When Doves Cry (Ani DiFranco cover) / The Family "Yes" / Sheila E. "Strawberry Shortcake" / Come / The Question of U (live) / Morning Papers / Feel For You (+ Chaka Khan) / D'Angelo "Sometimes It Snows in April" (with Princess) / "Purple Rain / Beautiful Ones" (final performance on the "Piano and a Microphone" tour) / God \\ RIP PRN xo xo xo

More free "Purple Reign" Prince Tribute Mixes at www.podcastcafe.org and www.mixcloud.com/moontroll.