Prince & Friends: SEX GOD COME YES (Purple Reign VI(

I have been channeling my confusion and grief over the passing of the Purple One by diving deep in to my Prince archives and mixing up favorite, lesser-known tracks from Prince and his Purple Posse. No greatest hits here; this is a selection for Prince connoisseurs of live tracks, B-sides, stuff he produced for friends and special edition covers!

Purple Reign VI // track list: Sheila E. + Prince "Koo Koo" / Pink Cashmere / Sex / Ol' School Company / Cloreen Baconskin (with Morris Day) / When Doves Cry (Be Good Tanyas cover) / Condition of the Heart interlude > Mellow / 17 Days (solo piano) / Thieves in the Temple (+ Herbie Hancock cover) / Soft & Wet / Purple Music (demo + Chrissle & Kid Fury) / When Doves Cry (Ani DiFranco cover) / The Family "Yes" / Sheila E. "Strawberry Shortcake" / Come / The Question of U (live) / Morning Papers / Feel For You (+ Chaka Khan) / D'Angelo "Sometimes It Snows in April" (with Princess) / "Purple Rain / Beautiful Ones" (final performance on the "Piano and a Microphone" tour) / God \\ RIP PRN xo xo xo

More free "Purple Reign" Prince Tribute Mixes at www.podcastcafe.org and www.mixcloud.com/moontroll.

Starman Songs: A Tribute to David Bowie


Mixed by DJ Playaduster and DJ Fundi / January 2016

We attempted to honor the life, music and creative legacy of David Bowie after his sudden departure from Planet Earth. We collaborated on this mix that features Bowie's songs (in somewhat chronological order), interviews, news reels, a few choice covers and a handful of remixes. When choosing tracks, we had studio cuts, live versions, remixes and sometimes Bowie's reinterpretations of them re-recorded 20+ years later ~ we often blend several sources in to one track, so listen carefully! So much gratitude for this magical human being and all that he left behind.

Travel well, Spaceman. We'll miss you.

aladdin sane photo shoot

track list :: Ziggy Stardust / Starman (original studio mix + live at the BBC 1972) / Rebel Rebel / All The Young Dudes / The Man Who Sold the World (studio + live at the BBC 2000) / Changes / Rock n Roll Suicide / Jean Genie / Fame (live at the BBC 2000 + studio + Luke Mandala remix) / Young Americans (2007 mix) / Modern Love / Under Pressure (acapella with Freddy Mercury) / Golden Years (single version + Jeremy Sole remix) / Ashes to Ashes / China Girl / I'm Afraid of Americans / Never Let Me Down (Britt Daniels cover) / Heroes / David Bowie retrospective / Lazarus / I Can't Give Everything Away / Life On Mars? / Suffragette City (Seu Jorge) / Space Oddity (Choir! Choir! Choir! ) / ...outro :: \\

Artwork by Kelly Bjork

bowie proofs
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