Thank You Water!

dBMcast #173 / Curated by DJ Playaduster + Kaya Rainface / November 2016

Thank You Water! Thank you for my life.

musical offerings // invocation: Chenoa Egawa & Alex Turtle "The Water Song" + Baka Forest People "Water Drums" / Hedflux "Peyote Dawn" /  Subaqueous "Tidal Spell" (feat. [email protected]) / Yaima "Written in the Wind" / Erothyme "Shortcut (This Way)" / Drumspyder "Weofold (Altar)" / Desert Dwellers "Our Dream World" (Drumspyder remix) / AtYya "Illuminate" / CloZee "Sankar's Lake"/ bioLuMigen "Seed" / Salish Sea field recording + "The Water Song" / KLL sMTH "Auriferious" / Ayla Nereo "Wild Burn" / Erothyme "Post Sample Out Post" + Mary Oliver "At Blackwater Pond" / Erothyme "Ghost Note" / Subaqueous  "Ink Drip" (feat. Halfred) / CloZee "Revolution" / Erothyme "Lemur Dreams" / Return of The Bird Tribes "Prayer of the Spheres" / Airto "The Underwater People" / Thriftworks "Neck Butter March" + Salish Cleansing Ceremony" / Yaima...from the Water Ceremony, Seattle, 10/8/16 / VibeSquaD "Hue Knows" / Rising Appalachia "When Your Well Runs Dry" /  Kalya Scintilla "Madrona" / Hedflux "Meatsuit Maintenance" / Beats Antique "The Fader" (feat. Gaudi) / outro //

...with contributions from
Grandma Aggie, Prince Ea, Deva Pramal, Hekter McElliott & moontroll, Paul Cheoketen Wagner of the Salish tribe, voices from Iŋyaŋ Wakháŋagapi Othí / Sacred Stone Camp, Yaima's Water Ceremony in Seattle and Chenoa Egawa & Alex Turtle.

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Thanks so much!


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